18 Human Heads Found at Chicago Airport

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — A shipment of 18 human heads stopped by customs officials at O’Hare International Airport was sent here from Rome to be cremated after being used in medical research, officials said today.

Customs held up the shipment in late December because accompanying paperwork was incomplete, according to Mary Paleologos, a spokeswoman for the Cook County medical examiner’s office. Other officials said it was not clear where the shipment was to be delivered.

After news of the shipment broke today, a company in Schiller Park came forward with what appears to be proper paperwork to accept the shipment, she said.

The heads had been embalmed and were packaged in three blue coolers shipped from Rome on a Lufthansa Airlines flight about a week before Christmas, said Tony Brucci, chief of investigations for the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The items were tagged as human specimens, officials said. The containers holding the specimens arrived as a regular cargo shipment, according to Paleologos.

“The embalmed heads are anatomical specimens used for research and were properly preserved, wrapped and labeled when they arrived at the airport from a medical research facility in Rome,” she said in a statement.

“The three sealed containers holding the specimens arrived as a regular cargo shipment,” Paleologos said.

“The heads were detected when the containers were routinely X-rayed as they passed through U.S. Customs.”

Customs officials at O’Hare held up the shipment because the final destination was not clearly indicated on the accompanying paperwork, Brucci said.

The coolers were X-rayed and customs officials saw 18 human heads inside, Brucci said. They were delivered to the medical examiner’s office on Monday so they could be properly stored while officials investigated the shipment. One of the coolers was opened for a preliminary inspection, Brucci said.

Photographs and X-rays will be taken of the specimens before they are released, according to Paleologos and Brucci.

Brucci said that when the office was first notified of the shipment, his first thought was, “Oh, boy. Here we go.” But officials said the heads appear to be human specimens for research and that is how they have been logged by the office.

Due to privacy laws, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is prohibited from discussing specific cases, said Spokeswoman Cherise Miles.


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  • GhostofReportingPast

    This is typical cheap sensationalism that KTLA spits out now. Human body parts are often shipped to medical schools. This is a headline with no story.

  • mark

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    • jenleigh6

      Oh my God, you're so right. I was just telling my husband Billy John (also my cousin) that I haven't heard of a whitey killing anyone in about 20 years.
      You are an idiot.

      • freeda

        My my if I aint rolled in the soil of this here continent that has had quite some bloodshed of many races all in the name of freedom. I'd have to say most races have it in for the white man for some reason and it aint cuz they brought tea.

    • maria

      OMG. chill out. That is not the story. You are part of the minority that is ruining this country. I'll bet you have an arsenal in your home, too.

  • mark

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  • Anthony

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  • native AMERICAN

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    • Hopi Indian

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  • Michelle

    Relax guys why are people complaining about blacks and Mexicans when the shipment came from Rome!! Relax its just a story mention to turn heads (couldn't help it) lol

  • Floyd Void

    Now now Mr. Sioux. Your vulgar word in defense of yourself are actually exposing your fear. Why would anyone say something like that to anyone, much less a female? I would venture to say that you are carrying a lot of anger around with you. I would like to see you say something nice to Michelle, or to anyone for that matter. Or does the idea of that bring up too much fear?