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Lohan Pleads Not Guilty in Lying to Cops Case

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DEL AIRE, Calif. (KTLA) — Attorney Shawn Holley appeared on behalf of Lindsay Lohan at an arraignment Tuesday, despite being fired by the actress on Monday.

Holley entered a not guilty plea for the actress, 26, who did not attend the hearing.

Lohan is accused of lying to police in connection with a car crash on Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica last summer.

She had been on probation from a 2011 shoplifting case, but it was revoked last month after the new charges came down.

The starlet allegedly told police that she was not behind the wheel of her Porsche when it slammed into the back of a truck.

The Santa Monica district attorney’s office slapped her with misdemeanor charges of reckless driving, lying to police and obstructing police from performing their duties.

On Tuesday, Holley told the judge that she was continuing to represent Lohan “at this point.”

“The representation issue will be nailed down,” Holley promised the judge.

A pretrial hearing, which Lohan must attend, was set for January 30. A hearing date will also be set then on the probation violation.

The judge set a trial date of February 27 in the car crash case.

There had been some question as to who would represent Lohan in court on Tuesday.

On Monday, TMZ revealed that Lohan’s New York lawyer Mark Heller — who is not licensed in California — fired off a letter of termination to Holley.

Holley had reportedly been in the process of working out a plea deal for Lohan that involved agreeing to attend rehab.

If no one had appeared on Lohan’s behalf, a bench warrant could have been issued for her arrest.

The case is just one in a long list of legal trouble for the actress, who has been in and out of court 20 times and to rehab facilities five times since 2007.

In November, she was charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching a woman at a Manhattan nightclub. Heller is representing her in that case.

Earlier this month, prosecutors in New York said they weren’t ready to bring charges against Lohan in connection with the incident, which is still under investigation.

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  • Earl Taylor

    Why do you waste your space on the druggie and drunkard???/ This person has had so many chances to turn her life around….She is nothing but a loser….

    • Kev

      I tell you why people waste their time on her…because whether or not she is a druggie…drunkard….bad actress…whatever you may call her…the bottom line is that she is still very hot and has a nice rack. I love looking at Lindsay!

      • Knarf55

        I also think a little time behind bars will open her eyes. It worked for Robert Downey Jr. Now look what he has accomplished….Put this wacko in jail so she can learn and respect life. She is lucky that she is white, has a pair of tits and thinks she is a scareltt. She has no respect for the law or anyone much less herself….

  • Guest

    The reason people follow her activities is because it is like watching a ship wreck or a ship sinking. She is a disaster and makes her own problems but takes neither responsibility nor real rehability. Her flaunting of her bad behavior hopefully end after she spends some time in lockup (she has already had too many unsuccessful rehabs. Hopefully her new attorney will keep her in line for court (like making sure she doesn't write "Fu k" on her fingernails and show them to the television cameras like she did last time.

  • robski

    Th coddling and enabling of Miss Lohan's maladaptive and self-centered behaviors will eventually, and unfortunately, result in the accidental or pre-meditative death of another person or herself. The legal system is failling us all on this one. I have no ill feeling or bias toward anyone involved in any of Miss Lohan's criminal hearings….my opinion is based on past on intuition!

    • Marilyn

      Agree-I've been saying for years now, that I hope she doesn't take some innocent person with her when she finally bottoms out for the last time.