Deadly Big Rig Crash Snarls 60 Freeway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MONTEBELLO, Calif. (KTLA) — A deadly chain-reaction crash involving two big rigs snarled traffic on the westbound 60 Freeway in Montebello early Thursday.

The accident happened just before 3 a.m. 60-fwynear Garfield Ave., according to the California Highway Patrol.

“We do believe that there were two separate collisions. One, a passenger vehicle collided into the rear of a big rig,” explained CHP Off. Bill Preciado.

“Shortly thereafter, a subsequent big rig collided into that passenger vehicle, thus crushing that vehicle with the initial big rig,” he said.

A man in his 30s who was driving the sedan was killed in the crash. His identity was not immediately released.

The cause of the crash is now under investigation. Authorities said that speed may have been a factor.

All lanes of the westbound 60 were closed for a time.

One lane re-opened around 5:45 a.m., and the remaining lanes were expected to open shortly after 6 a.m.

As an alternate to the 60, you can take the 10 Freeway if you are heading toward downtown Los Angeles.

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    • CarmaDogma

      You apparently don't drive on the road @ 3:00 am. With CalTrans shutting down freeways or taking them down to one or two lanes for overnight construction, it's not uncommon to be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on a lot of the freeways.

  • Central Cal Mom

    @jazzieisaOG- the car rear-ended the big rig…following too close, speeding and my guess will be under the influence. Dont always look at the big rig as the fault. Sit back and think about how goods are delivered all around you, its not by a donkey you jackass

  • Rogue1

    They drive slow because they're heavy and their speed is limited in CA to 55 mph. I can't speak to, or defend, anyone driving aggressively.

  • #1Dispatch

    JB Hunt have some of the best safety records and as well some of the leading safety training as far as keeping drivers safe as well as the motoring public safe. If you read, and do some research, you will find that 70% of Truck (Big Rig) accidents are caused by cars (4 wheelers). Cars dont seem to understand the contraints that the drivers in the industry face and there should be more awareness for what drivers go thru when it comes to delivering goods safely. They driver slow especially in California becase their speed limit is 55mph and the car speed limit is 65mph and you bump that up to people that drive 75-90mph there is bound to be an accident somewhere. Now I know that there are some bad apples in the bunch of truck drivers, but to classify all truck drivers into one category is unfair.

  • thom

    its not that they drive slow people want to quickly go around them and not leave room between their car and the rig so the cause the accidents the trucks dont slow down as fast as regular cars do remember their is over 40 tons behind the driver and its not that easy to slow that weight down

  • thom

    we are on a time limit to get things to where it needs to go most people get paid by the hour we get paid by the mile and some times you need to finish in a small amount of time to get your paper work in to get paid

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