Man Accused of Luring Girls With Drugs, Free Tattoo

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KTLA) — Deputies have arrested a 29-year-old man accused of luring two young girls to his home by offering free drugs, alcohol and a tattoo.

Edder Giovani Nieves-Vera was taken into custody Tuesday at the Dana Point Harbor, where he had arranged to meet one of the teenagers, according to Orange County Sheriff spokesman Jim Amormino.

Nieves-Vera worked at a tattoo shop near Fourth and Bush Streets in Santa Ana.

He is accused of “highly inappropriate contact and sexual advances” toward the teen and her friend, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

tattoo-molesterNieves-Vera also started a tattoo on at least one of the underage girls, according to officials.

The girls told investigators they met Nieves-Vera through Facebook.

In 2004, Nieves was sentenced to three years in prison and then deported after being convicted of child annoyance in Murrieta.

Investigators do not know when Nieves-Vera re-entered the United States.

Nieves-Vera is currently being held at Men’s Central Jail in Santa Ana.

Investigators are asking for the public’s help in case there are more victims.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 714-647-7000.

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  • ronaldo60

    Wow, surprise, a previously -deported criminal illegal-alien came back to further his studies. But this report barely mentions his being illegal, and of course no sense of outrage here or follow-up investigation on our broken "border." In other border-rat crime-news, 16 year-old high school student Eric Sargeant was brutally stabbed to death in Hemet by Latino thugs yesterday, and try finding THIS story (with police-description) here at KTLA. The Southland continues its downward spiral into third-world status, while the media and our leaders just ignore it.

  • mark


  • ScottyBoy

    I say cut off his head with a dull axe, and throw his rotting carcass back over across the border. I assure you he won't be "re-entering" the United States.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously, he likes the USA over his own Mexico. Maybe they've had enough of his antics there. Here there are so many people to violate again, and again. Deporting him isn't working either. Perhaps castration is in order?

  • Concerned

    Liberals must be displeased, one of their best busted. But at least the Liberals have the California Hotel system to take good care of him. Free medical with no copay, free warm meals, free dental, fre room and board, free internet, free library, free gym, free clothing. You know what, in California, it does pay to be a child rapist. LIberals want you to be.

    • Guest

      Yeah, I forgot about the dental and gym other freebies he will get. :(
      I wish these creeps would just get taken to a field and put out of everyone's misery.

  • Guest

    Man..they be calling this FUGLY creep a man? Hell no he nothing but a coward and too FUGLY to get a real woman so has to try and lure girls.

    Should just put a bullet in his head and put him out of society's misery. Now he will get free meals, a warm room with bed, likely free education and medical and even some mental therapy all at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE!!!

    • Guest

      Sambo, really, is that not a racist name itself. You simply presumme or assume this idiot is a Mexican and call him a wetback. Granted yes he should be locked up somewhere away from here but really, wetback?

      • Sambo

        It's not a Raciest name (Wetback) besides hiding inside a gas tank in a car to cross the border (Illegally) they had to cross the Rio Grande. Take a look at his picture. Notice how it's a close up? And he is wearing one of those stupid idiotic mariachi Band costumes? That's right, he is then a Wetback! Let me give you just one (1) example how these Aliens have F!@$%^ up this country. 99% of WETBACKs do all the tagging in the USA. Which costs Millions and Millions of dollars to clean up so they can retag it again over and over. We should just cut off their hands and catapult them back over to that shit hole Mexico!!!!

        • Racial Trigger Words


          Derogatory term and drawn caricature against black people. The illustratory represenation, made famous by minstrel shows and Stepin Fetchit, is a black person with bugged eyes and pouty red or beige lips pronounced to the point of absurdity.Many Japanese still think of blacks in terms of the sambo image due to the influence of American cartoonists during the occupation of Japan and the way white soldiers treated black soldiers. The sambo caricature is also the illustration of choice for racist depictions of black people since the 1930s. You sir are a Liar!!!!

          • mmart19633

            hmmm that's ok, i would rather be a "wetback" than be soaked from crossing the atlantic ocean. so tell me Sambo, who's the illegal alien Pilgrim?

          • Sambo

            To: mmart19633

            I bet you are proud to be a Wetback. You type of foreigners are the only ones who bring Crack, Meth, Heroin, Cocaine and marijuana to the USA. All these drugs have ruined this country from the pits of shit of Mexico. Coming over from the Atlantic did not have things like that happen did they? Now go fold some more taco's at Del Taco you stupid piece of shit that came out of my ass TJ…..

          • mmart19633

            im not a wetback, im native american. but i speak spanish very fluently. baboso! you whites ruined the country. and yes i love fry bread!!

          • mmart19633

            yea when u whites crossed the atlantic, you didnt bring drugs, you brought diseases and genocidel. how is that any better??

          • sambo

            Whites ruined this country? Can you imagine what it would be like today if we (White people) HAD NOT STOLD IT FROM MEXICO? It would be like TJ. Just remember this mmart199633. When you take a shit in your toilet in your apartment in East LA, flush 2 times so Mexico has something to eat.

          • mmart19633

            Honey, i live no where near L.A. i live in Ventura County. but i'll think of you every time i take a shit!

            You may want to go back to school though, it's "stole" not "stold" no such word!!

  • ohsnap14

    While we are deporting all the mexicans back to mexico, we should also deport all the white kids back to england cuz all they do here is shoot up schools and kill our kids! Every single school shooting is some stupid white kid they didnt get enough hugs when he was young! BACK TO ENGLAND!!!!

    • Sambo

      You must be a Porch Monkey to say that about Mexicans and Whites. You could be a Asian. but in your comment you wrote "Cuz" So you must be a N!#@!@% OMG Can you just picture the USA with nothing but Monkeys running around? You would run out of Bananas, Watermelons, Popeye's Fried Chicken, Orange Crush and Kool Aid before you knew it!

  • voiceofreason

    I don't understand… Dana Point Harbor is a 'Child Safety Zone', per the County of Orange. It is designed to keep our children safe. He is alleged to have intended to meet the girl there. Does that possibly mean 'Child Safety Zones' do not work??? If they do not prevent crimes, what is the point?

  • mmart19633

    wow, they should cut his private parts before deporting him back to whatever country he came from!! since it doesnt say he's from Mexico. duh! pendejos!

  • CommonSense

    All u idiotic racist muthrfukers need to stop hating on Mexicans if it wasn't for us all u lazy as white ,Asian etc people wouldn't have your houses clean, lawns done and children taken care of cuz god knows u can't do it urself . All these white bitches cant handle shit if theyre not stressed out about turning on the dishwasher theyre mad they missed thier botox appt!!!!!!And where does it say u have to be a Mexican to be an illegal alien as far as I'm concerned if Ur from another country and don't have papers Ur here illegally.its not only mexicans committing crimes white bous are shouting up school killing children and they're getting free meals in jail to so let's be fair Ur race has nothing to do with the crimes being committed its stupidity !!!!!

    • sambo


      That is all you Wetbacks are good for. To clean my house, mow my lawns. Do you really see yourself in any kind of high paying job? NO! How many CEO's do you see running big business? ZERO…..If and when you get off Welfare and food stamps.

  • Anonomys

    I have gotten various tattoos by him. HE NEVER OFFERED ME DRUGS NOR ALCOHOL. WHY??? because girls have to respect them self. Who ever where the girls that were "14" they were just doing it to get attention and look cool that is so STUPID. GIO is a great guy and great friend and the girls should get accused of something too. because they reached our to him not the other way around FREEE GIOOOO!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    For all of you leaving your racist comments…. Grow up and investigate. Did u know that most men accused of child molestation are white. Also read police reports they use terms such as “accused” “allege”… Which is a claim or assert someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof that this is the case. So all of you need to do your research. Also dont be using the words all you illegal aliens are the same… You are stereotyping us all the same. When actualy most of us are hard workers. We do jobs that others of you wouldnt. You also accuse us of bringing drugs to the US… Okay maybe your right. But guess who’s our biggest consumer the US and all you white people. All of u always blame the guy… Where were those parents when there “14” year old daughters were getting tattoos? Exactly !!! Gio I a great guy and a great tattoo artist. My whole family and myself have gotten tattoos by him never once did he disrespect us. In fact it was girls that would throw themselfs at him.

    • mmart19633

      i downloaded the offenders app on my iphone, and i was shocked!! well.. not really. 9 out of the 10 child predators were white. only a few were black or hispanic..

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