Man Shot by officers at Car Dealership

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MONTEBELLO, Calif. (KTLA)Panic and chaos when shots ring out near a Ford dealership.

Police officers chasing a suspect open fire, wounding the man.

Stefan Chase has the latest on this developing story.

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    • orimisac

      Far be it from me to say that we, as Mexicans, are perfect. Neither are "negros" as Mark calls them. It seems like white people aren't perfect either. All "races," or origins (as LarryLobster correctly stated), produce people that committ awful acts of violence. Would it be ok, in your eyes Mark, if anytime there was a mass murder, people assumed it was a white person that did it? I think it would probably bother you a little if white folks were stereotyped as mass murderers. All I can say is try not to bite your tongue when you make stupid remarks such as this. If you're still keeping score and you still want to know who's winning, here's a couple of numbers to get your tally started. James Huberty 21, George Hennard 23, Howard Unruh 13, James Holmes 12, Michael McLendon 10, the team of Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate 10. All white perpetrators.

  • Kevin Williams

    Why don't you show who you are, COWARD! Always got something Racist to say against Black & Mexican People. You're what is known as a ***Cell Soldier***. (someone who talks a lot of trash only when they know the people they're referring to don't have access to them).

  • mark

    a coward goes to other races for their needs and livelyhood and groceries…..and then says he doesnt like that race of people…….thats what your people do…and thats what you do………we call you an uncle tom………..wonder why a negro didnt invent the internet or nothing else you are using kevin?…….i am sorry if the truth hurts you……….and by the way kevin,,,,,,the word losing is not spelled loosing,as you spelled it……..and the word racist,is a modern word,that does not exist in any old books……….and by the way,,i've noticed everyones racist…….and so are you…………and can't you talk on the issues instead of resorting to violence just like a common negro?

  • badboy

    mark has obsessive compulsive disorder. Look at how he uses 8 periods to end a sentence.

    LOL and he tries to correct others. wow what a moron!

  • Just an observer

    Wow! I am amazed, not only is the spelling bad but, if you listen to people talk and read the ads on craigslist, you will be amazed too. Here are some fine examples:
    Trailor for sale (Trailer might be a better word)
    Looking to sale/sail my car (good luck with that…might try to sell it)
    Pitchers available (why? A picture would be better for selling an item)
    Well trade for…(I don't think that can be traded)
    So I guess what it really amounts to is… Ware you was learnt to spoke is rilly importint an when saling a item it's best to use speel checkar.

  • Eddie

    Should have shot to kill, welcome to the "dumbing" of America!!! Waiting until every complains "he was a victim of society" what a load. Why not make the parents responsible? They raised an ignorant child !!!