Woman, 84, Attacked by Pit Bulls While Walking to Mailbox

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

JURUPA VALLEY, Calif. (KTLA) — An 84-year-old woman was hospitalized after being attacked by two pit bulls Thursday morning.

The woman was walking to her mailbox when she was attacked around 11 a.m.pit-bulls

The dogs were inside a neighbor’s fenced yard, but they were able to dig their way out.

A neighbor heard the woman’s screams and came to her aid. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

The male and female pit bulls were euthanized with the permission of the owner.

That man, Juan Ortiz, said he’s never seen his dogs be so aggressive.

“My dogs were not for fighting,” he said. “They were family dogs, indoor dogs.”

“I have a 2-year-old daughter, 5-year-old son, 6-year-old son and a 13-year-old son that play with them, they’ve been with them since they were puppies,” he insisted.

“It really kind of blew my mind what happened,” he remarked.

The dogs were not registered or licensed. Ortiz was issued multiple citations, including violating the county’s leash law.

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  • Rick

    Here we go again. Same story, same debate, same outcome. These and other similar breeds are so inbred that they can not be trusted. Look at the photo-this was another breeding pair. Yes as puppies they are cute, adorable and loving..Once they gow past the cute controllable stage and that inbred mental disorder kicks in, you see these stories. I was around a Pitbull for many years. She was very sweet, but I never trusted her. I would have been just as happy with another breed and wouldn't have to worry about it going crazy. Ban them, fine the owners, euthanize them and be happy with another breed. I would be ok to keep these as Military or Police K9 and let them live thier lives professionally controlled and care for.

  • eye instein

    Pitbulls attack every day. Since I was educated by pitbull attack personally, I've read hundreds of pitbull attack news stories and I have met nearly 100 pitbull victims personally whose faces, bodies and souls are forever damaged by the breed so many heartless people defend without compassion for human lives. Ban the breed. Without pitbulls, the very very few dog attacks with any serious injury will speak to the volume responsible by pitbulls prior to banning them. Pitbulls do not fit into normal dog populations but should be considered in the category of lions, tigers, bears, bobcats, alligators who may live in a human environment without attacking until they die of old age, yet when they attack, the injuries are horrific or deadly. We, the educated victims of pitbull attack, are not standing down on this deadly subject. The people who blindly defend and excuse pitbull attack should be ignored as the ignorant in any serious, public safety debate.

  • Mel

    All of you are Right…. They can be the Best Dogs Ever.. I had one that lived to be 11 and never even growled at anyone..BUT.. when they snap and turn aggressive…They Kill… you can not Ever have them where they can get loose and attack… We had one in our county Kill a Grandmother, Baby Sitting her Grand kids in their home.. The dog was 6 years old and had Never been aggressive..But the Grandmother is DEAD….

  • Venustar23

    Very sad to read, as I am the owner of a female rescue pitbull myself. Odds are these 2 dogs never had any socialization outside of the immediate family, what are the odds that they were walked regularly and got to experience a variety of people and places? Probably none. And then the irresponsible owner obviously allowed the 2 dogs to breed, note the females belly. Unneutered male dogs are the most likely to bite, and if the owner had done the right thing in the first place and fixed these dogs, the likelihood of this happening would have decreased. I don't believe pits are dogs for everyone, but they are not all ticking bombs waiting to go off. This is another clueless owner making a bad name for all the good pits out there.

  • Anne Peebles

    Pit Bull dogs and mixes are sweet, loving, affectionate and very loyal dogs .. you couldn’t ask for a better companion. But, and it’s a big but, they are ticking time bombs and there is no way whatsoever to know when they will go off and when they do go off, the results are always catastrophic and can lead to death!

    A large majority of America Pit Bull and Pit Bull dog owners and aficionados are clearly deluding themselves and living in a fantasy world. “They are just big babies” “They play with the children” “They are not mean dogs” “My Pit is a sweety, he’ll lick you to death”.

    Pit owners are famous for making excuses rather than admit that these dogs can and will cause catastrophic harm because of the way they attack. There really isn’t a single breed of Pitt Bull. Pitt Bull is actually a class of dogs which include American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog and any other pure bred or mixed breed dog that is a combination of these dogs.

    The main point which people and most uniformed owners don’t realize is that the genetic makeup of these dogs is such that it is impossible to tell when or if they ever will attack. The majority will go through their lives without attacking anything .. but then again, there are many well known attacks where death occurred by dogs who were raised in loving homes from puppies. One of the most well known was one where a 6 month pregnant woman was mauled to death by her male Pitt Bull type dog. When this happened there were people actually blaming the victim for her own death .. “she must have done this or must have done that” to cause him to attack. Babies, toddlers, seniors and small animals are the most vulnerable because of their erratic movement and behavior which can trigger the prey instinct in the most docile of dogs. Nurture, how the dog was raised, plays only a very small part in the nature of this class of dogs.

    When Pit Bulls attack the results are usually catastrophic. What makes them so dangerous is their style of attack, which is to grab on to muscle, lock their jaws and shake. One thing a Pit owner will not tell you is that a lot of times you need a “break stick” to unlock their jaws. Once they are in attack mode, about the only thing that will stop a Pit Bull attack is a gun.

    One of the scarier things about this class of dog are the legitimate breeders. They breed for “gameness”. The ability to keep fighting no matter how injured the dog is .. they actually test for this and if the dog doesn’t have sufficient “gameness” they are out of the gene pool.

    Pitt Bull dogs really are sweet and affectionate dogs and great companions – it’s their darker side and ignorant owners and breeders who refuse to acknowledge that this class of dog can pose a very real danger and insist on breeding in what I think is the most dangerous trait of all, gameness.

    Owners need to stop being defensive and making excuses and act like responsible people in admitting that their dogs are capable of horrific harm and take whatever precautions necessary to avert a disaster. Those thinking “my dog would never attack someone” are the last people who should be owning a Pitt Bull type dog.

  • Bex

    What people don't take into consideration is that the majority of pitbull attacks comes when you have two or more of the breed together. It is fairly rare that you hear of an attack by just one pit. They have a pack mentality. If you are going to own one, raise it right, and own JUST one. Seriously… check out the statistics if you don't believe it. PACK MENTALITY.

  • Dan

    There are two reasons for owning this breed of dog. One: fighting. Two: The cool factor because of their reputation. There is nothing else. Further, the owner should be charged the same as if his gun had accidentally fired and hurt the woman. I only wish it was him the dogs attacked.

  • All Dogs lover

    For those of you that say ban the breed of Pit Bulls… then you need to ban the ankle biter dogs too!. I am seeing more and more of those little dogs biting people and not make the "NEWS" more than the pits attacking. The Chiuaua needs to go. I did a good deed the other day, a man dropped his wallet as he was getting into his truck, i picked it up and handed it to the man, and his little kick me dog reached out the window and bit me. I wanted to yank the dog from the owners hands and punt it in the parking lot.

  • beachliving

    it has nothing to do with being raised correctly. I am a single mother and got a blue pit for protection when the little guy was 6 weeks. The dog was very sweet extremely passive and hardly ever barked. When my son was 9 months he was bitten in the face. So all your stupidity and assumptions about the owner is just ignorance. The owner should be held liable for their actions of course, but not the owner's fault.

  • concerned citizen