Young Woman Shot to Death in Laguna Niguel

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. (KTLA) — Police are investigating the shooting death of a 24-year-old woman at an apartment complex in Laguna Niguel.

It happened around 1:25 a.m. at the Niguel Summit Apartment Homes in the 30000 block of Pacific Island Drive.laguna-victim

A 25-year-old man called 911 to report that his wife had been shot, according to Orange County sheriff’s officials.

“The subject stated that he had shot his wife,” said Lt. Joel Balicki.

“As far as the cause of why, that’s all under investigation.”

A neighbor said the husband worked in a gun store.

The woman, identified as Johanah Wade, a dental assistant, was transported to Mission Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Wade was shot once in the torso, according to sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

The husband was questioned by sheriff’s investigators and released.

He is still a “person of interest,” according to Amormino

Amormino said there was no history of domestic violence calls to the residence.

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    • Sal_Stomper

      People shoot each other daily using their own free will before it's reported on the media to us.
      Your frantic search for an agenda or conspiracy is pathetic.

  • guest

    It is all about gun control! Once they take people's guns, only criminals will have access to them and crime will rise. If there is no way to defend ourselves anymore, it will be easier for thieves to break into our home and terrorize.

    • Sam

      That is such an old, worn out argument. Most of us just want a ban on assault-style weapons. Why should I have to face a thief with an ak47 that was stolen from you?

      • hamburger

        The criminals can get them smuggled in like they do with drugs pea brain. Imagine what a smuggled ak 47 will cost on the streets (aka black market) when you can't get one here legally or stealing it from someone who got it legally.

    • Mike D

      How many break ins do we have in OC ? and how many were averted recourse the home owners had a gun…I definitely do not want to have a neighbor like the idiot who shot his wife….

  • sane guest

    Except the odds are it's much likely she was shot by somebody she knows. Having guns in the house means you are MORE likely to be shot. it's a fact and no matter how many times the gun nuts repeat the tired false argument cited above, it will stay true.

    • saner guest

      Yea I guess having pills in the house means you are more likely to die of an overdose and having pest control products means you are more likely to get poisoned, and having a pool means you are more likely to drown, owning a car means you are more likely to die in an auto accident, etc.,etc.,

    • Factsaredeceiving
      "* "In homes with guns, the homicide of a household member is almost 3 times more likely to occur than in homes without guns."
      * Reasons for elimination: This statistic is based on a three-county study comparing households in which a homicide occurred to demographically similar households in which a homicide did not occur. After controlling for several variables, the study found that gun ownership was associated with a 2.7 times increase in the odds of homicide.[14] This study does not meet Just Facts' Standards of Credibility because:
      1) The study blurs cause and effect. As explained in a comprehensive analysis of firearm research conducted by the National Research Council, gun control studies such as this (known as "case-control" studies) "fail to address the primary inferential problems that arise because ownership is not a random decision. … Homicide victims may possess firearms precisely because they are likely to be victimized."
      2) The study's results are highly sensitive to uncertainties in the underlying data. For example, minor variations in firearm ownership rates (which are determined by interview and are thus dependent upon interviewees' honesty) can negate the results.
      3) The results are arrived at by subjecting the raw data to statistical analyses instead of letting the data speak for itself. (For reference, the raw data of this study shows that households in which a homicide occurred had a firearm ownership rate of 45% as compared to 36% for non-homicide households. Also, households in which a homicide occurred were twice as likely have a household member who was previously arrested (53% vs. 23%), five times more likely to have a household member who used illicit drugs (31% vs. 6%), and five times more likely to have a household member who was previously hit or hurt during a fight in the home (32% vs. 6%).)"

  • guest

    It's a double edge sword! Nut jobs will find a way to kill if they want to wether it be a gun or a knife, we still should have the right to bear arms in case we may need to protect ourselves from people who will gain access to the guns illegally.

    • unguest

      Thank you for repeating your NRA propaganda, as if something new. Just remember to unload your gun before having sex with it or you might be a singer in the choir.

  • clementine26

    The questions is: how can a spouse (or significant other) be so hearless as to KILL. There's no reason – you don't have the right to take someone's life. NOW – you'll get your justice.

  • Peacetrain

    "…The subject stated that he had shot his wife,”…

    "…The husband was questioned by sheriff’s investigators and released…"

    What? Confession to a crime not good enough to arrest?

    • Jennifer

      That's what I say…Peacetrain, What's the matter with them?. Why didn't they hold him in custody? What? They want him to flee and then spend thousands of hours and money looking for him. Jezzz, give me a break.

  • JUST MI T.R.M.

    must be nice to be white (not ) thank GOD im not, kill your wife for sucking someone elses' d**k (probly a black or mexicans')don't go to jail ,pass go, and collect 200 thoushand what a f*****N system

  • mark


  • Angelina

    I wonder if it was an accidental discharge. Why else would they let him go? Of course they would have to investigate that but that's my only guess

  • Lana

    What the hell is going on with all these gun shot killings… our world that stupid??? Same story, if you dont like yor spouse, divorce is much cheaper. I dont know that i could believe he shot by mistake. As usual, another idiot on the loose!!!!

  • Guest

    There was an attack of a store clerk by some thug. Apparently the creep beat the clerk with a hammer.

    I have read several news stories over time regarding hammers being used as weapons.

    Perhaps hammers should be listed as weapons and as controlled items only for use by construction people or those who need them for their jobs. Also, require individuals to be 18 and require a license to own…

    • oldwhiteguy

      Its OC & they love their guns! Same area where an OC sheriff shot & killed a decorated marine sgt in front of his kids as he exited his car to do his morning jog and they determined that was ok. Love their guns more than ANYTHING! Must be those small holes.

  • backatya

    Why would you have a gun out at 1 a.m. in the morning? Maybe they had just gotten in from an outting or something, but if not, I would definitely find that suspicious. Or maybe he was going to put it under his pillow? I've never shot a gun, but doesn't it need a little finger power to pull the trigger? Is the trigger that light that if you accidentally touch it it discharges? How does this happen so easily to be used as an excuse? And why would you be pointing it at someone, even unintentionally? How about holding it downward? I just don't get it.