EXCLUSIVE: Local Schoolgirl Attacked by 2 Grown Women

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SAN PEDRO , Calif. (KTLA) — A mother is looking for justice, after she says her daughter was jumped outside her middle school by three people, and it was all caught on video.

The alleged assault took place outside Dana Middle School in San Pedro.

The 12-year-old daughter admits she was planning to fight a fellow student after school, but when she got to the meeting place, two adult women were waiting for her along with the other student.

The girl’s mother says her daughter was attacked by all three of the others, including the two adults.

The video shows two adult women and a young girl taking part in the beating.

It’s unclear who was holding the video camera during the attack, and why they didn’t help stop it.

The LAPD has seen the video, and officials say they plan to investigate the incident on Monday morning (Jan. 21) when school is back in session.

KTLA 5’s Rick Chambers has more, in this KTLA Exclusive.


  • Saoi

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  • Megumi Kudo

    Ever notice these days how girls will brawl with a serious fistfight and guys run and get knives and guns?

    I think now girls are braver than boys when it comes to settling conflicts. Seems to be same with all the races too.

  • jay

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    Aleesa, you and your kind own the city where this incident happened? Attacks like these can be excused in YOUR city because of skin color? What a shame that you would find it necessary to post such a low-class, ignorant comment after a child was attacked.

  • monica

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  • One man one voice

    These are Mexicans living on welfare and section 8, in perhaps a stolen vehicle. Sue them for what, their monthly food stamp? They should be jailed, their children should be removed from their homes.

  • One man one voice

    I wonder why KTLA did not press this with the police! Monday, really? What if this girl was police chief's daughter?

  • Pissed off cousin

    Alesha you should get your ass kick for this comment. That's my cousin your talking about you stupid bitch. No 12 year old should be jumped by any adult no matter the skin color. What does tagging have to do with the fight. I'm glad your from Pedro. I don't mind seeing you face to face!

  • Your Daddy

    Your a coward Blanca. If somebody bullies your kid, you teach your kid to whoop they ass. You don't do it for them. I can see if it was multiple girls, but it was one. Cowards. They essentially taught their daughter to have someone else fight their battle.

  • No name

    Really messed up what they did to that girl and what's funny is that it took two of them to bring this 12 year old girl down because the fat pig in the blue was getting her behind kick. Messed up for the LAPD to take this long to investigate and if they do get prosecuted, I hope they get what's coming to them for being a bunch of overly obese fat whales.

  • Boodget

    I'm a white girl and, "Wait until Monday," is the most racist thing I've ever heard!!!!!! If it were 3 African American people beating up a 12-year-old white girl, they would have been arrested on the spot and beaten by the cops! That is not justice. Arrest those failure-at-life adults and expel that little racist 12 year old girl then throw her in juvy too!

  • Blanca

    Nope not a coward, but a realistic individual, obviousely you don't have kids or haven't been in a situation to judge.
    I teach my kids to fend for themselves, but if there is a bullie that doesn't stop believe you me it will stop.
    Like I said there is two sides to every story!
    I don't condone hitting kids, but bullies get away with a lot!
    Everyone is quick to judge without ever being there.
    Just make sure your kids don't ever bully anyone and you'll be ok!!

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