EXCLUSIVE: Local Schoolgirl Attacked by 2 Grown Women

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SAN PEDRO , Calif. (KTLA) — A mother is looking for justice, after she says her daughter was jumped outside her middle school by three people, and it was all caught on video.

The alleged assault took place outside Dana Middle School in San Pedro.

The 12-year-old daughter admits she was planning to fight a fellow student after school, but when she got to the meeting place, two adult women were waiting for her along with the other student.

The girl’s mother says her daughter was attacked by all three of the others, including the two adults.

The video shows two adult women and a young girl taking part in the beating.

It’s unclear who was holding the video camera during the attack, and why they didn’t help stop it.

The LAPD has seen the video, and officials say they plan to investigate the incident on Monday morning (Jan. 21) when school is back in session.

KTLA 5’s Rick Chambers has more, in this KTLA Exclusive.


  • backatya

    Tia obviously did not tell her parent what was going on and the other kid did. This should have been reported to the school and the school should have called the parents in to discuss it with the parents and the students. Yet, still, the two adults should be arrested for assault, not sued for money. Tia is way bigger than the other girl, but they both agreed to fight. Those two adults should have just told Tia to go home, even should have contacted her mother, not assault the little girl. Arrests definitely should be made.

  • who cares

    that little girl is fine, if anything she provoked it also!! she seems perfectly happy talking about fighting the lady back give me abreak i would feel bad if these dumb ass little girls didnt think its sooo cool to meet up and fight! they are all wrong, shame on these parent for going so low but shame on them all!!

  • Tony

    Turn it around the black girl beating the white girl she be sitting in jail that day hell lets all go to Pedro and beat down some white trash since l.a.p.d don't do ther jobs . Harbor div police you suck big balls that's y I move out of the area

  • San pedro

    Well pay up! The little girl in the blue is the bully. She is known to start fights and have her mom at every fight. Know your fact before you speak

  • Lala

    I wanna fight both them big fat bchs who beat the black child, bring it on fat mamas, ur tuff enuff to beat on a 12 yr old, now a 50 yr old man wants to beat the farkin mole outta yo face an ass! Bchs are marked, lets hunt em down

  • Pink

    Why Monday why not today? Those girls are cowards hitting on a kid . Tia held her own and beat they ass .
    Don't worry Tia when they go to jail the same thing will happen to them 7 times worse and it won't be on film Bitches!!!!!

  • Realdeal

    I know Teah is not the bully! The other girl is the bully. Just because Teah has size on the girl doesn't make her a bully. The little girl goes around school picking on people to fight. Then when it comes to the fight, the little girl's mom is ALWAYS there. So who is the bully now. You are just as dirty as these two bitches in the video if you would a 12 year old. Teach your kids to fight their own battles. Why don't you ask her mom if she beats her ass! I beat the mom will lay your dumbass out. Her mom taught her to handle her own no matter what. Because there are dumbass bitches like you and these two that get big chested to fight kids. I beat you don't fight know one your age. Someone needs to captain save stupid bitches like you


      who you calling trolls? every troll I've seen reen was a little short white man, so tell me who you calling a troll?

  • Kyle

    Dude, Get a life. WTF? Nobody read any of whatever you just said. Damn. Go outside and try and shed some weight. It's good for you.

  • Jess

    The girl that got attacked shouldn't have been there in the first place. She should have not agreed to the fight in the first place regardless of peer pressure because now a days anything could happen. That girl is lucky these women didn't have guns and left her for dead.

  • Fitilj

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  • PedroGirl

    regardless of who is or isn't a bully 2 grown ass adults stepped in and beat that girl. im sure both girls ran their mouths to each other and both claimed to be big and bad like all teenagers do and thats why this fight was suppose to go down. But then it should have been handled between them two and only those two. This other girl and her family stepping in just shows that she cant back up her stuff, thats a coward way to have 3 on 1. I went to Dana middle school 15 years ago and same shit meeting in the alleys always went down and we handled it one on one. That family showed a bitch ass move on their part and her part and now they will be humiliated on national television for their actions.


    you go little girl Tia fightin three people at one time they was to scared to see YOU the 12 old one on one thank GOD YOU GOT HANDZ you whoop that old lady in the Blue shirt up! I WISH I WAS THERE IT WOULD OF CRACCCCEDD!




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  • KJKJ

    IS there a good reason for two adults to beat on someone else's 12 year old child? Doesn't have to be a racial issue, just two dumb adults acting like children.


      but it is when there calling you NIGGER!!BITCH!! and causing you harm HATECRIME that's what it isKKKK

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