Lance Armstrong to Son: ‘Don’t Defend Me Any More’

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Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong became emotional during the second part of his exclusive two-part interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired Friday night (Jan 18).

The seven-time Tour de France winner said that he still wants to compete, and he confirmed that he has been undergoing therapy to deal with what he calls his ‘demons.’

But Armstrong said the most painful thing he’s had to do recently is admit the truth to his children, especially his 13-year-old son.

“When this all started,” Armstrong told Oprah Winfrey, “I saw (my son) defending me, and saying ‘That’s not true. What you’re saying about my Dad isn’t true.’  And I told him…”

At this juncture in the interview, Armstrong broke down, choking back tears, visibly wracked by pain and embarrassment.

Then he continued.  “I said to him, ‘Don’t defend me any more.'”

Despite Armstrong’s confessions to Oprah, officials with a world anti-doping agency say they believe Armstrong is still lying about the extent of his  drug use.

They say there is significant evidence that that he also took performance-enhancing drugs during his Tour de France comeback in 2009 and 2010, something that Armstrong continues to deny.

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  • joseph

    omg…who cares!! bottom line is that its just a sport and it has no real significants except for people who need something to cheer for….i dont real care if he used drugs to make himself better it doesnt hurt anyone but himself and these big sponsors dont deserve to get their money back since they were stupid enough to throw millions of dollars at one person to ride a bike….i enjoy watching sporting events the same as anyone else but we need to concentrate our efforts on real world problems that make a difference in the world and stop wasting our time condemming someone who was smart enough to get stupid people to pay him a bunch of money to ride a bike and then they act like they have no clue that athletes for years have been using ped"s….im so sick of hearing about this subject…just get rid of sports and we wont have this problem(like thats gonna happen…because its all about the all mighty dollar!!!) not ped"s

  • Fitilj

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  • Jana

    I don't feel the least bit sorry for this lying piece of shit. I feel VERY bad for his INNOCENT children who happen to have a sleezeball for a father. THEY will suffer through their lives, not Lance. If Lance had actually given a shit about his kids, and others, all this bullshit wouldn't have happened in the first place.

    He deserves what's coming to him, and NOOOO, HE DOES NOT deserve to race again. In ANY race.

  • ALLumen

    SO when is Lance going to pay back the money he got suing people for libel and slader because they said he was doping. He had the balls to sue them for slander because they said he used drugs. And he won! He took the money! When you going to pay it back Lance? Another interview with Oprah? Get out of our lives scumbag!

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