Police Identify Body Found in Trunk of Car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) —  A body found in the trunk of a rental car in the Harbor Gateway area of Los Angeles was identified Monday as that of a 44-year-old North Hollywood man.

A dog walker found the body of Dion Michael Shivers around 9:15 a.m. Friday in the 500 block of W. 146th Street.


Residents say the gray Nissan Altima had been parked in the 500 block of 146th Street for days.

Shivers’ body was found wrapped in a blanket.

His cause of death has not been determined.

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  • Cbeezy

    That's too close for comfort 4me smh,js blocks away. I knew there was some crazies near by but smh…man! First a serial Killer across the street now folks are stuffing people in the trunk of cars. Too many mob movies and shows….soprano's etc.

  • mark

    Need to ban this city from being part of the usa!……this place has become a f****ng freakshow!……i'll bet you there's only 20% of the people in LA now that's not a common criminal…….20%!!!!!!!!!!!………the tax dollars are going to start drying up,because the good lawabiding citizens will start leaving in droves real soon!!!!!!!………..WONDER WHY THE GOV'T OF CA & THE CITY OF LA REFUSES TO ABIDE BY THE IMMIGRATION LAWS OF THE USA?…….WHY IS IT THE ONLY MAJOR CITY IN AMERICA THAT WILL NOT COMPLY WITH THE NEW E-VERIFY LAWS?……..WTFFFFFFFFFFFF?????

    • Naw Cho Cheesy

      Because they want more people to enslave and tax the crap out of.They can't get half the citizens off public assistance payroll of one form or another.So they got to tax somebody and the illegals are coming WILLINGLY. It's perfect for the government at all levels.That's why they are bending over backward & Showering these illegals with gifts Like Drivers licence's so they can drive to work ,open bank account,.or the government sold or gave California to Mexico where E-verify laws don't apply.

  • Debbie

    My son and I garden right across the street from where the body was found, at the community garden. This crime scene area is isolate from the rest of the neighborhood and there are no homes located because of a nursery, at least on that section of the street. I have witnessed people doing drugs, prostitution, and public drinking of alcoholic beverages. Stolen cars have been abandoned and burned on several occasions; it is common to find old furniture and refuse left by people outside of the neighborhood. For the most part, the people here are hardworking, from various backgrounds and cultures. I hope that police efforts will focus on keeping criminal elements from our neighborhood.

  • Kristi H. Reyes

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  • mark

    deez negroes have been watching too many of the white mans movies & tv shows……..and drugs does alota damage to the negro brain, it's like giving an animal drugs,it does not work right in their brain…….have you noticed there wasn't any problem with negroes until cable tv & drugs?…..and when they all weren't on govt handouts and foodstamps they weren't so lazy & violent……..

  • ketimano

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  • m. gordon

    a young man was murdered…..this is a heartless acted….im sure he didnt deserve to die. ……one thing about killers, they usually make a mistake.

  • yoli

    i knew him too. this is is so sad. he was full of good vibes and a great smile – this was a big mistake. i wish his family well

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