VIDEO: LAPD Officer Tickets Cyclist for “Arguing”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VENICE, Calif. (KTLA) — An LAPD officer is under investigation after a YouTube video went viral showing him ticketing a bicyclist with little cause on a Venice Beach bike path.

The cyclist turned on his helmet camera and record the incident. The video was posted after Thanksgiving weekend.

The bicyclist, who identifies himself at 34-year-old Chris Jackson of Venice, tells the motorcycle officer that he is blocking the popular bike-only path.

They argue back and forth for several minutes about how Jackson didn’t break any laws by crossing the path’s dotted yellow line.

Jackson points out other cyclists riding on the wrong side, as well as people who are illegally walking on the bike path.

The officer then issues Jackson a ticket under California Vehicle Code 22350, the Basic Speed Law.

The officer says, “Listen to me, sir. The reason why I’m going to write you for unsafe speed is because you are arguing with me.”

The ticket was eventually dismissed and a spokesman for the LAPD now says the department is conducting a personnel investigation into the officer’s conduct.


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  • Cujo

    The guy on the bike got what he deserved you act like an idiot then get ready to accept the consequences…….you ever hear of picking and choosing your battles? Never argue with a cop no matter what you will never win, just move on or fight it in court.

  • Mike Grier

    Really? A majority? And you get this from where? You meet 5 cops and that's a majority? Out the the times you've come in contact with cops, how many we're things you brought upon yourself? Were you mellow or a jacka**? How do you respond to people who talk to you like an assh***? Are you Mr. Cool and objective when people talk crap to you doing your job?
    Yep cops are held to a higher standard, for sure, but you will not catch a break with any if you are an idiot. And if you don't get a break, then you judge everyone else and not yourself and complain. Why me- you all suck and I'm a victim. Look in the mirror be honest and then decide if you have any guts to realize where the scumbag really resides.

  • Walt

    It probably makes more sense if you watch the full video here:

    The officer was blocking the bike path, so the cyclist went around him, and was ticketed for the offense. The officer is creating a more dangerous situation than is necessary by blocking traffic in the first place. Police are often helpful in preventing crime, but sometimes they don't seem to have any sense of why they are employed. The officer was wasting our time and money in having an oversized vehicle in the area (downtown L.A. is patrolled by many officers on bicycles, so why not Venice?) and harassing a man who was posing no danger to others around him.

    Yes he could have gotten out of a ticket by kissing up to the officer instead of arguing. Should he have had to?

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