Community Rallies to Help Boy Battling Cancer

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A two-year-old old Dana Point boy is in a fight for his life.

He’s battling an autoimmune disease that affects about one in 10-million people- and the treatment— very expense.

Many gathered tonight to try to raise money to help with his pricey medical costs.

This 2-year-old little blond haired, blue eyed cutie started out his young life as a happy normal baby– running, jumping, playing– but then last February– his life took a dramatic turn.

Valentino Ricciotti could no longer crawl, sit and began having seizures. It took several weeks of testing before doctors could determine the cause.

His mom tells us it’s triggered by a type of cancer called neuroblastoma.

Now he’s in a fight for his life.

She says he’s been a trooper through it all.

However it’s taken a toll on mom and dad.

They say big sister– 6 year old Cora gets the fact that her brother is sick– but doesn’t realize the full magnitude of what’s happening.

The disease has also hit this Dana Point family hard financially.

Last year Valentino’s out of pocket medical expenses cost 30-thousand dollars.

To help ease this financial stress- their community held a fundraiser at a Laguna Nigel church Friday night.

Many were people the Ricciotti family had never even met.

If you’d like to help visit:

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    Would be nice if one of the local venues could donate a stage for a night and some good musical bands who wanted to donate some entertainment would be sweet. Go bigger I think, that's a great and Important cause for people to chip in to.
    Hang in there Valentino we're pulling for You. = )

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