PIT Maneuver Used To Stop OC Pursuit Suspect

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ORANGE, Calif. (KTLA) — A suspect led officers on a slow speed pursuit Friday in what started as a failure to yield violation.

The chase began just before 11 a.m., according to a CHP spokesperson.

The driver appeared to give up after leading authorities through the streets of Orange, Brea and Yorba Linda in a gray Honda CR-V.

However, when officers attempted to surround the car, the suspect drove off through a gap in the patrol cars.

A short time later the suspect finally did pull over, but sped off again when authorities approached.

Officers eventually used a PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle at Prospect Street and Walnut Avenue in the city of Orange.

The unidentified suspect was taken into custody just before noon.

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  • Jeffrey

    First off I have to say your news caster so obviously trying to lead some nut to interfere with this chase is just sad.
    That being said I have to say that the performance of the police was like watching a scene for the keysone cops.
    These guys are suposed to put themselves between the public and these idiots. This is why a cop in every school will not make our kids any safer. When something does go down they will hunker in until an overwhelming force arrives and by then it is over.
    For christ sake do something other than writing tickets

    • Jeff T.

      Before you criticize the cops for doing "What you think should be done" there are many factors to there reasons. Officer safety and suspect safety as well as the public are always on there minds. These cops have no idea why this person did what he did, what his/her intentions are or were. The more officers present to control and handle the situation is better for everyone around, The suspect may think the lone officer is a more easy target and thus possible the suspect if armed may take his chances if armed to open fire thus sparking a gun battle. Where is most suspects when confronted with overwhelming numbers just give up eventually. Ask yourself if you were a cop would you play Johnny rambo? if so you would not last long on the streets, you would be reprimanded, sued or dead. It is easy to quarter back any situation form the comfort of ones own home etc. Every department has rules/policies that deal with safety for all, there is no rush to bring someone to jail unless a deadly force situation is called for. Law Enforcement has noting but time to wait out until the suspect runs out of gas or gives up etc. Everyday these guys as you call them put themselves in harms way for the general public with very little thanks or gratitude but always a lot of what Johnny come lately would do. If you think that all a cop does is right tickets by all means go on a ride along with your local police department a couple times, I think you will be shocked at home much more there is to just writing tickets.
      As far as a cop in every school you are correct nothing will make anyone anyone any safer! a person bent on harm and destruction will accomplish this whether there is a armed cop there or not, just like a person will still break into your home or auto whether it is alarmed or not alarms are a deterrent for the less motivated criminals, the only difference a cop on every corner or in every school does is it will deter the less determined idiots, and will minimize the amount of victims the truly evil among society can impose. It is okay if you are against guns, just know that if you ever need help and call 911 a brave person who has sworn to protect the public will arrive with a gun.

  • Legal Citizen

    Unless we quit being so nice to these idiots, will this sort of thing stop. Granted he wasn't a real threat to anyone. They could have stopped him much sooner but didn't. We wont talk about the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on this, and wasting the time of the officers involved. I respect all our law enforcement personal and thank them for upholding the law. But we need to get tougher on these people who disrespect others. If this guy would have injured or killed one of your family members, You'd be up in arms as to why they didn't do something sooner. Same goes for all other criminals! Citizens deserve better.

  • kinniemiki

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  • Dreamer

    My school had to go on lock down but before that happened everyone could hear police cars and there where at least 6 helicopters in the sky. It was pretty crazy

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