Four Hurt in Suspected Street Car Race in Reseda

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RESEDA, Calif. (KTLA) — Four people were hurt, two of them critically, in a suspected street racing crash in Reseda.

Three cars were heading north on Balboa Boulevard at about 70 miles per hour and appeared to be racing, according to witnesses.

A fourth car heading south on Balboa Boulevard was struck while trying to make a left turn.

One of the cars slammed into a power pole and was torn in half.

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    • Mark

      Are you really this stupid? So "all of the legal drag strips" were closed, that gives these Darwin Award candidates the right to race on city streets? Are you out of your ***ing mind?

      • ghostofreportingpast

        No one stated that closing the drag strips gave people permission to race on the streets. "Concerned's" comment merely states that if people who want to race had a place to go, it might decrease the number of street races. However, no matter how many drag strips we have or laws against street racing we create, it will never stop "stupid."

        • Mark

          And you have spelling issues. OK, I withdraw my comment. He's not stupid, but those idiots that were racing on city streets clearly ARE.

  • real and true

    To bad the racers didn't die in the wreck. So many innocent people die because some teens want to get off by racing their acura or honda top speed on a city street.

  • Soonie

    Concerned, no that's what happens when people going over the speed limit, make bad choices and are most likely inexperienced drivers. That remark is stupid. Blame it on the drivers NOT the drag strips from closing.

  • stephan390

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  • sau sage

    Problem with the young ones … they think that their honda, toyota, scion, or any cheap car that they own is a porsche or ferrari, and that they all can drive like Ayrton Senna. Kids, you are driving 4-cylinder economy cars. Your only experience in racing is playstation or xbox. Crashing hard in a video game does not even result in a virtual fender damage. Get real. Go to school , get a good job, be a doctor or something, and then you can afford a porsche and racetrack fees.

    If you can't do that… then just drive your car slowly and safely like an economy car that it is.

  • Knows Too Much

    Dumbthiness abounds.

    Balboa isn't in Reseda.

    "completely destroyed" is a pre-Journalism School error– there is no such thing as "partially" destroyed. Something is either destroyed or it isn't.

    • 9280whatever

      THANK YOU! You are SO right!

      Here's another one that bugs the crap outta me: "…It occured at 6AM in the morning…" "AM" IS the morning! Funny, people only do this with 'AM' & 'morning'. I've never heard anyone say "6PM in the evening" *shrug*

  • brooklasner

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