Medical Miracles: Bone Marrow Transplants Save Lives

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

cancer-cureIn the U.S., more than 18 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes, over one million are living with HIV, and every year, 7.6 million lives are lost to cancer world wide.

They are considered the biggest of killers but could there be cures on the horizon?

Today is world cancer day.

The Empire State Building  lit up in blue and orange to mark the global event. Here locally, we are one-on-one with one woman’s brave story of fight and survival.

“I had acute Mytocitic Leukemia — AML. Now, hopefully I’m cancer free forever,” says Anita Finnegan.

Cancer free — the two words Anita Finnegan never thought she would live to say, because seven years ago, Anita was knocking at death’s door.

“They told me I was 98% leukemic, that I had maybe 12 or 24 hours left of life,” Finnegan says.

It was a frightening final countdown that came out of the blue for this local artist who considered herself the picture of good health.

Flu-like symptoms led Anita to believe she was just under the weather, but her doctor’s diagnosis was far worse than she could ever imagine.

Anita immediately began grueling, around-the-clock chemotherapy, before putting her life and hope in a special Southern California medical center with cutting edge research facilities and the highest survival rates for bone marrow transplant patients in the country.

City of Hope helped turn Anita’s terminal timeline around.

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