Foul Play Feared in Disappearance of Female Tourist

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Detectives are asking for the public’s help in their search for a 21-year-old Canadian tourist who vanished from a downtown hotel under what they believe to be suspicious circumstances.

Elisa-LamElisa Lam of Vancouver, British Columbia arrived in Los Angeles nearly two weeks ago on January 26.

She was last seen on January 31 in the lobby of The Cecil Hotel on 640 S. Main Street where he was staying.

She was reportedly due to check out the following day.

Lam was traveling alone, but had been in contact with her parents daily until her disappearance.

Records show the college student spent a few days in San Diego before coming to L.A..

Lam traveled by public transportation like Amtrak and local buses. Her final destination was apparently in Santa Cruz, California.

The LAPD said in a news release that details in the case “may suggest foul play.”

Lam is described as an Asian woman of Chinese descent. She has black hair, brown eyes and stands 5 feet 4 inches tall.  She weighs about 115 pounds.

Lam is fluent in English and also speaks Cantonese.

The FBI and LAPD are asking anyone with information in the case to contact them.

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  • kimbasinger123

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  • mark

    the CECIL HOTEL says it all……..most of this city is not a tourist attraction anymore!……it's a filthy crime ridden 3rd world mexican f*****g ghetto!……..wonder if obama & mccain even know what these burrito eatin common criminal mongrols have done to this city?……..they must be out of their f*****g minds thinking these freaks are citizens!…….lets vote on it mr obama…..i don't think theres anybody that wants these 3rd worlders in our city or our country!!!!!!!!

  • mark

    who we lookin for now a negro or a mexican?………just imagine how nice this city would be without these animals here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sau sage

    "She was last seen on January 31 in the lobby of The Cecil Hotel on 640 S. Main Street where HE was staying."

    Who's HE? Maybe HE has something to do with her disappearance. Anyway I hope she's found safe and sound.

  • Concerned

    NEVER visit Los Angeles, there is absolutely NOTHING of interest there but the hood and those that occupy it Fear everyone there. And then a bus and Amtrak, OMG, what was she thinking, poor girl.
    Prayers to her family and for her safety.

  • James

    I sure hope she is all right, but its very doubtful. The Cecil Hotel is right in the heart of skid row with all kinds of blood thirsty people and the worst societal misfits in the Los Angeles area. A very stupid or naive woman to get anywhere that place alone.

  • Jorge

    I am sorry to hear this.LAPD are well trained and professionals, they will be able to figure it out. The family must stay strong and keep the faith. I live in Victoria,British Columbia and have visited LA and had a wonderful time. I believe that this uncertainty will be clarified sooner rather than later, keep the strength .

  • stephan938

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    • Cecil sucks

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  • Original OG

    That's because they let these travel agencies do there tickets and they probally let them know there budget. Asians would rather come live in a rat hole so they came by the name brands here in the states.

  • Just Me

    First off. Instead of down grading Mexicans or blacks why, don't we see first if there was foul play here with this poor girl… and pray she is ok! Second off who's to say it wasn't a white Man or Asian.. Some people just need to hold the rude comments of been so damn racist to there self instead of talking $#!t!! Oh and just so you know I am Mexican/Latina…. My prayers go out to the family and hope for her to be found safe.

  • marlowpowell

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  • dont matter

    she picked the worst hotel in the city, cecil, right next to blood thristy crack heads of skid row, i wouldnt doubt if this girl is found dead with obvious signs of rape but i pray that they find her safe and sound.

  • Madge

    The Cecil is a transitional hotel/SRO and is probably the worst place on earth for a young, foreign female tourist to stay. Sad.

  • DatHapaGirl

    Poor thing…The Cecil s a $hithole. My uncle (Asian) lived there 25+ years ago and it was nasty and dangerous back then. One of those flop house hotels liked with parolees, perverts and degenerates. My mom finally convinced my uncle to move out, he was a tight wad and hated to spend money. I pray this little girl is found safe, but the is just so dangerous.

  • bambam

    I recall staying @ the Cecil hotel once years ago. It is not the most friendly or safe place to stay.
    I'm out of L.A. now and don't care if I never return at all! There was more bad then good memories. I pray Elisa is found safe.

  • robert rully

    I pray for the young lady and certainly hope that she ISn't a victim of violent crime. It's really too sad that cowardly people, hiding behind pseudonyms, express their hateful racist souls here, and I'll pray for them too. As for those of you who took the occasion to bash Los Angeles: first I'd suggest that you probably don't KNOW our city very well, and finally, if you find yourself living here and don't have anything positive to say about it, the Constitution of the United States guarantees your right to move interstate !

  • actionjackson

    What is really sad about this case, is that the Cecil is a dump.

    I have driven by Main. St. and Los Angeles St. in LA and thought the Cecil was a homeless shelter.
    Pity anyone who rents the room, based on the Cecil website.
    The rooms looks quite nice on the Cecil website.

    Guest is trying to use an elevator (which seems to be in service mode).
    Guest is found on a roof, which is generally access limited.
    Survalence camera only sees portion of victim.
    Sounds like someone knew the ins/outs of the Cecil.

    See how the LAPD works with the RCMP on resolving the case.

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