Extra Security for Local Cops After Suspected Revenge Murders — Doug Kolk Reports

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The LAPD has ordered extra security for local officers and their families. This, after a fired officer allegedly killed another officer’s daughter and her fiance in an act of revenge. Doug Kolk has more.

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  • Jada

    I hope the extra security doesn't involve guns,Maybe they can get some of those security aids from the schools with their vests and radios to protect the officers families.If its good enough for our kids should be good enough for theirs.

  • metetron

    Has anyone checked to see if his truck has g.p.s. or onstar in order to locate the truck? He may not be in it but at least it could be a lead. His military Id also has a locator chip in it if he still has it on him.

  • LAG

    If the police, those originally involved in 2007-2008, had had the integrity to admit the errors they made, what is happening today would never have been a thought in this man's mind. I blame them for the murders of these innocent people and the blood is on their hands even though Chris may have been the one to actually pull the trigger. The American people have lost the ability to take ownership of their errors and subcomb to the consequences of their actions. There doesn't appear to be much "honor" left and as such, our country will continue to decline and more violence will transpire. I, for one, am very concerned and admittedly, afraid of the future for us. I pray that everyone's suffering and sadness will be comforted by the Hand of GOD. May GOD bless all the fine men and women who serve honorably both in the military and in our Police Force and may GOD help those who do not….they will answer to either someone here on Earth or to their Maker.

  • Daniella

    as usual when people speak their minds, stick up for themselves, and ftry to do the right thing….you are usually the only one to do so because everyone else are butt kissers, are followers and are scared…..so you alone look and sound, crazy……anyways yes he has gone overboard (although as we have seen 100% in recent tragedies……we were forewarned somehow some way but money, power, politics bullys prevail) but I wonder if any journalist (who are number one in the everyone else list) will investigate as he suggests….Imagine if what he wrote is true?….oh and to reiterate the "everyone else", it is noted and confirmed on news that the names of cops he accuses of atrocious acts have not been included! Hmm? decided bu the journalists or the owners of the news channel? wow the power these people have!

    so if the officer (who's daughter was killed in Irvine) lied, as Dorner states about all related officers, isn't he partly guilty for the death of his daughter?….we all know the karma, what goes around…, that's what you get.., paybacks a b…, you get what you give, etc. would be and is a usual response (and death is extreme in this case) but would we even be concerned or would we make sure of officers being reprimanded for such things that Dorner is accusing them of….well I didn't hear of any national outrage let alone city-wide citizen reaction to the previous L.A. scandals….and hate to put this out there but until 9-11 we all, nationwide, were not fans (put lightly) of the NYPD!

    • WHS Alum

      The officer who's daughter was killed had nothing to do with the alleged lies. He had been Dorner's attorney who lost the case he was representing Dorner on, which subsequently lead to Dorner's dismissal from the force. So, no, Quan was not in anyway partly guilty for the death of his daughter, as he had no wrongdoing.

  • Mrs. Samantha Powers

    I think the answer to all this is weaponized drones. More efficiency for LE and we need extra police to protect the police.

  • sigourneyqs

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