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Family Claims Racism by Disneyland Character

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KTLA) — A trip to the Happiest Place on Earth turned into anything but happy for one Southern California family.

rabbitThey’re suing Disneyland because of actions by a cast member that they claim were racist.

“I was going to hug him, but he turned his back,” 6-year-old Jason Black recalled, talking about the rabbit character from “Alice in Wonderland.

“Jason said that made him feel sad “because I wanted to really hug him.”

“The rabbit was turning his back on me,” 9-year-old Elijah Black echoed. “Then I went up to try to hold his hand, but he kept on flicking my hand off.”

The family claims that the person playing the character of the rabbit discriminated against their children because they are black.

“Our first instinct was okay, maybe they have new policies, maybe they aren’t supposed to touch the kids,” Jason Black Sr. said.

“So then, you know, we stood by and we just watched,” he added.

According to the family, the rabbit was happy to interact with white children.

“There was two other kids that came up, and the rabbit showered them… hugged them, kissed them, posed with them and took pictures. Meanwhile, that made my kids feel horrible.”

The incident happened last August, and the family says they immediately went to the management office to complain.

They filed an official complaint and were offered VIP passes, which they declined because the children were so upset.

Instead, they are asking Disney to make a public apology and terminate the employee in the rabbit suit.

“They’re not trying to get something they don’t deserve,” said attorney Daniel Gilleon. “All they’ve asked for is a little bit of recognition that this should not have happened.”

“It’s about the principle, and what are you going to do to make the situation better so this doesn’t happen to another family?” Black Sr. said.

After months of correspondence with Disney asking them to sign a waiver in exchange for more tickets, they’ve hired a lawyer.

They’re now asking for surveillance video to prove or disprove their claims.

Disney has not yet responded to the family’s demands for video. They released a statement saying they carefully review all claims by guests.

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  • msdisneydoc

    I have been to Disneyland and Walt Disney World once to twice a year ( literally several hundred days in the parks) in my 47 years and to Disneyland Paris for several days. I have stood in many lines to see characters with my children and eaten many overpriced character meals. These characters are on a schedule and take breaks, many breaks as their union contract calls for. Even if you are the next in line and just want a hug they willturn their back on you to go to that break. But they will return and hug, kiss and sign your book. Some characters act out as their charcter might.
    I agree none of us were there, but there definitely could be other reasons for what seemed like a
    cold shoulder from White Rabbit to the boy.
    Voice your complaint while you are at the park and they will try to make things right I'm sure.
    But sue???? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your child will be paranoid and everything that doesn't go his way will be due racism.

    • Amazed!

      The children didnt look unhappy looked happy to me but yes I know things go on in kids heads but when you plant the seed rasism in there head you create rasism . That child wasnt thinking oh im black he wouldnt hold my hand I bet he was like god lets go ride rides or gimmie goodies . But note to the parents on this you try being in that hot costume and having a ton of kids tugging on you they are not allowed to let them sit on there laps cause guess what next comes out white rabbit was a perve I mean really.

  • dogman15

    I am literally the only person here with an icon, I've seen some odd misspellings in these comments, and I think the cast member in the White Rabbit suit (an individual person who made his own choices) was ignoring the kids.

  • Mike

    If all white people got on a spaceship, and left the planet, there would still be black Americans claiming racism.
    Black people are some of the most racist people in America. They are often very racist towards Jews, Orientals, white people, Hispanics, and EACH OTHER.
    But SOME HOW, with ALL THE RACES ON THE PLANET, they cry more than everyone else put together. I call that being whiny…

  • Nichalye

    3. Although there are people in the world that want something for nothing and will do whatever to get it. Not everyone black or white is like that. Some of us actually have our own jobs, education and financial security in which we worked for.

    4. I can honestly say that I have never pulled the race card in all my years. However if I truly felt that I was or especially my child you better believe that I would faster then you could blink your eye.

    5. Lastly I did not see any mention of $ in the original story. Only when we the people placed our two cents in did it become an issue. When I read the story and all of the comments all I kept thinking is WOW what about the kids. My son adores Mickey Mouse if he were shunned away I know that would crush and devastate him. As a parent aren't we supposed to feel pain when our children do???????

  • Babbett Goss

    I saw this on the news and was appalled how that rabbit at Disneyland treated those black children. My heart goes out to them and there family. I'm the mother of a biracial child who is highly gifted and trust me Disneyland would have gotten an earful from me. I'm writting this comment under my boyfriends Yahoo. Please fire that employee, I won't be going to Disneyland any time soon, it put a bad taste in my mouth.

  • maria

    Kids are happy because they are in DISNEYLAND "the happiest place on earth" The parent's are the ones that feel the pain of rejection. The same thing happened to my granddaughter Aliyah, of mixed culture. I am Mexican and her mom is mixed, but looks totally black. I raised my kids to accept both cultures. I have received many compliments on my kids for being polite…Aliyah was trying to get an autograph from Mickey, and he did the same thing. Totally ignored her then showered other "white" children with hugs, who really were more into their coloring book. My daughter felt the pain and cried when telling me. Aliyah just happily went to find other autographs. This was in November, my daughter just asked for an apology and discharge of the "racist Mickey" (maybe same person as White Rabbit?) so far they are still investigating. She was not after $$$. Recently they just sent a signed picture of Mickey Mouse. This was past November

  • Debbie

    Oh my God be done already here we go again,why!,,,,,, God what people do to get on T.V. Soooooo sick of it always being a black issue it will never change thank god I have taught my children so they do understand and thank God they have taught there kids that we are all one!,,,,So why in the hell do Black do not see it this way Da What do you think they are teaching there kids!!!!!!!!! Unreal! Come on people focus on more important things in life

  • missalyss28

    I worked for disney, and I wore many character suits in the parades and while greeting guests in the park. You can't see very well and it's often uncomfortable. I'd get harrassed by people daily because I didn't see their kid wave at me or stop to give them all hugs. I feel bad for this poor employee, there are always 2 sides to every story.

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