Church Preschool Embroiled in Child Sex Scandal Closed

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CARSON, Calif. (KTLA) — A preschool rocked by a sex scandal, involving children have sex with each other, has been ordered by the state to shut its doors.

Church Preschool Embroiled in Child Sex Scandal Closed by StateThe First Lutheran Child Development Center was already set to close on Friday.

At least six families say their young children were affected by allegations of sexual abuse at the school, dating back to September.

Parents allege that sexual activity among children as young as four-years-old took place during nap time, on the playground and in the outside bathroom.

“Man that just gets my gut that they ruined my son,” parent Richard McCarthy said.

“Four years old… His life hasn’t even begun. It’s crazy,” he said, breaking down while speaking about his son.

Another father, who did not want to be identified, said he’s also outraged by the school’s lack of action.

He told KTLA that school officials apparently knew about the alleged sex acts since last September.

But, he says, they covered it up and didn’t alert parents, and the lewd behavior then continued for months.

It’s unclear at this point how many kids were involved in the sexual activity. Also unknown is which child introduced the sex act to the others.

“It seems like pretty much every child in that class either participated or witnessed it,” said attorney Greg Owen.

He’s representing four boys and two girls who were allegedly involved in or witnessed the encounters.

Their families will be filing a lawsuit against the school on Tuesday.

“We have talked to a parent whose child just witnessed this many, many times. The parent old us that the child was scared, sick,” Owen said.

The California Department of Social Services investigated the preschool over the past few months.

It cited the school for sexual contact and inappropriate touching between children because of lack of supervision.

The Lutheran preschool will be closing its doors on Friday.

The pastor said in a statement that it was because the school’s director resigned for personal reasons, and had nothing to do with the sexual allegations.

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  • Russ

    I don't think the church is to blame as much as the girl's mom and the girl's mom's boyfriend. No five-year-old should know how to do that.

    Reporter: "There's a four year old boy who's been coming here for daycare."

    In the words of Archer, "Phrasing!"

    • Cece

      Clearly there are issues outside of the preschool for this little girl. That being said, I believe the school is still at fault. No children in a preschool should be left unsupervised ever, much less for as long as it would have taken for this event to occur. There are reasons why the state has teacher/student ratios for childcare centers, one of which is so that children have adequate supervision and attention to prevent injuries and accidents.

    • Julia

      Yes, the girl's parent, but if the school take care of the kids this won't happen for long time! my son was also at different Lutheran School and I pull him out because everytime I pick him up little girls was in the bathroom without supervision, my son was left with other in 'nap' by themselves, pay more than $500 a month for this irresponsable people is really stupid!

  • Guest

    Is the church to blame? Do we blame the girl's mother or father or another adult in the home or the church? I am sure there is much more to this "story" than has been shared. How in the heck did a young girl know how to do what she "allegedly" did?

    • helen

      The children were left in the care of the church….yes they are responsible for what happens the the children that's in their care.

      • sherri

        What she did is a clear sign that she is being molested. Yes, the school should have some responsiblity since she was in their care. They should know where all the children are at all times. Clearly, this time they didn't. ALso, the school should have informed the parents of what happened, not leave it up to DCS to inform them.

  • julie231

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    • Darling

      Lets hope you are never in need of job retraining…you would need a teacher…lets hope you are never in mortal danger….you might need a police officer and I sincerely hope that you and your family members are given the healing power of the gods, because if not…you will need a doctor. And if that doctor cannot work miracles, you will be on your knees begging God….. As an ER nurse, I have seen many like you cry and beg when placed in this situation. You are correct, politicians should be avoided. They AND you, no longer have my empathy. It appears you are above the rest of us and don't need it….

  • Robert

    Oh brother! Why is this the schools fault. It's obvious this 'little lady' saw mommy 'doing a guy'.
    How else would she know how to give head at five years old ??
    Good gosh, it's 'Carson', for crying out loud !!!

  • Original OG

    When you let your children watch these television programs and music videos and use the internet this is what you get. Perverted children.

  • Paul

    So these kids do something sexual and now the parents become millionaires? No wonder the school is closing, parents are always trying trying to extort the school for money. O' my kid got a B on her math test. sue the school. Two kids hold hands, sue the school.

    • Julia

      the parents are paying lots of money, parents should always supervise what the instructores from preeschol does, I did my good job with my son, and discover in a different private Lutheran school the kids were unsupervised too, kids left by themselves at 'nap' time, I check in different times and day and end taking my son at home, but I was bless than have a husband to support me, what about single moms? parents are responsables yes, but lazy schools should do their good job if they don't want to pay the price.

  • lynnredgrave

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  • George R. McCasland

    In today's society, we are pushing children to learn earlier, and mature faster, is this really unexpected? I remember when it was uncommon for teens to be involved in sexual activity. Can we really expect a child not to take the next step in the progression of learning to do things at an earlier age? Studies have shown that 20% of girls over the age of12 want to be teen mothers, and that as much as 47% of teen pregnancies are planned. Not even a parent supervises their small children at all times. Preschools are not prisons, and are not sitters, though parents treat them as such. Is it not time to let children be children, and to encourage that at least one parent be home for the children. It does not matter which. In India, children do not even start school until age 7. We are seeing the result of our poor choices here as regards families and children. We are all to blame for this.

  • roxsand

    i trust in god but don't trust people just because they are in church my kid is 14 years old and never would i leave her alone at church or day care or camp this make me sick and there is more to this for sure not one of them watched the kids the poor parents and kids my hart hurts for them they need to hang the people to did nothing to watch the kids

  • stephan938

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