Fired Cop Posts Manifesto Threatening Revenge on Officers — Carolyn Costello Reports

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A former police officer sought in the revenge murders of a young Irvine couple, posted a manifesto outline his reasons for killing, just days before the slayings. Carolyn Costello has more.

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    • michelle miller

      I'm sorry you feel that way, but regardless of who the person may be, white,african american, asian,etc you kill a cop or a family member of a cop you better believe they will hunt you down…don't turn this into a racial issue. The fact is he killed people and should be brought down…

    • Krystle

      stop trying to make it about race your ignorant. If he was white the samething would happen get over yourself our president is black i think it is really about time to get over it.

      • TRUTH IS

        Its unfair, if you read his manifesto he is sad,hurt and feel wronged. the cops do absolutely nothing until blood is shed and that's exactly what he did. You may think its ignorant for it to be racist but truth is it is and its time to accept it. i still exist

  • fanofdorner

    God Bless ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, as he restores the integrity of his name. Be safe Chris. Travel at night. You will last longer.

    • fanofdorner

      not being racist ya'll…its just a proven fact that when someone travels under the cover of night, there is a much higher rate of elusion success.

    • Bob

      Restores "Integrity" To his Name??? Are you for Real? Or That FN'G Stupid? Restores "Integrity" To his Name….. You must be Kidding NOBODY can Really be STUPID ENOUGH to say that and Mean It Can They? Wow!

    • Dave

      I agree the laps has proved many times that they are very crooked and ruthless it's about time someone took on the people who have done so many so wrong like rampart this man just wants to clear his good name amen Chris make those liers pay hope they come clean before u kill them all good luck in yer venture

  • guest

    Racial hunt?!!!! I believe they are looking for him because he has killed how many people?! Last time I checked the people he has killed did nothing to him. Please I urge to go talk to the families of his victims and see what they have to say to you.

  • Tammy

    How tragic that innocent lives have to be taken for the truth to be told. We have known and heard for years of the corruption in the political and law enforcement professions, it's been going on since it all began. Remember people there are two forces at work good vs evil! What can we do as a society to preserve the good and listen to the real truths going on in Law Enforcement. This man is going about it the wrong way, but nobody listened to him so he feels justified in his actions. Law Enforcement Agencies need to be held accountable for their evil actions as well! The problem is the layers of corruption are so deep the real truth is seldom heard…it takes a tragedy like this!

  • Dick Diamond

    He could be blond hair blue eyed, black, asian…..You kill 3 people and call it 'justice' you will be hunted down like a wild dog. This isn't a racial hunt by any means

  • Daniella

    as usual when people speak their minds, stick up for themselves, and ftry to do the right thing….you are usually the only one to do so because everyone else are butt kissers, are followers and are scared… you alone look and sound, crazy……anyways yes he has gone overboard (although as we have seen 100% in recent tragedies……we were forewarned somehow some way but money, power, politics bullys prevail) but I wonder if any journalist (who are number one in the everyone else list) will investigate as he suggests….Imagine if what he wrote is true?….oh and to reiterate the "everyone else", it is noted and confirmed on news that the names of cops he accuses of atrocious acts have not been included! Hmm? decided bu the journalists or the owners of the news channel? wow the power these people have!

    so if the officer (who's daughter was killed in Irvine) lied, as Dorner states about all related officers, isn't he partly guilty for the death of his daughter?….we all know the karma, what goes around…, that's what you get.., paybacks a b…, you get what you give, etc. would be and is a usual response (and death is extreme in this case) but would we even be concerned or would we make sure of officers being reprimanded for such things that Dorner is accusing them of….well I didn't hear of any national outrage let alone city-wide citizen reaction to the previous L.A. scandals….and hate to put this out there but until 9-11 we all, nationwide, were not fans (put lightly) of the NYPD!

    • G.B


  • Backatya

    No excuse for killing at all, but I would bet that the officer he told on did, in fact, abuse that arrestee!! The police department has very corrupt officers.

  • revengefordorner

    This should make a good movie tho….plus I agree with what hes doing, killing is the last solution to how hard it is to make light of police corruption. The Force shall reep what they sow… hes sacrificing for future law enforcement officers that they arent corrupted as well. We are worried about our economy but were not worried about the officers that give faulty tickets and cause people to have to pay a ticket insted of there rent, the officers that get paid off by mafia drug dealers, officers that shoot or beat people in ecessive force, so by all means the presedent shoukd get involved to find out whos really in the wrong here.

  • place ur bets

    The corrupt system has led one of their own to this, yes he is wrong for what he has done and I am quite sure his brevraen will see to it that he gets a few nice warm bullets so that he’ll never speak again (if he doesn’t get to them first) this is going to be interesting, but what about the story behind it of kicking this perp in the face and chest which led up to the events we have going today, this really needs to be investigated and not by more cops!! finally L.A. ‘s biggest gang is waring with each other. Like I said this will be and interesting one!!!

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