Parents Say Teacher Forced Son to Eat from Trash — Wendy Burch Reports

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ORANGE, Calif. (KTLA) — The parents of a 7-year-old boy are angry after they say a teacher at his school forced him to eat his lunch out of a garbage can.

armando-picRenee Medrano says she was forced to pull her son Armando out of his second-grade class at Orange Fletcher Elementary School.

She says that a teacher there — who was actually Armando’s kindergarten teacher — forced her son to eat his food out of a garbage can.

“It made me feel sad becasue I didn’t know if it would make me sick or anything,” Armando told KTLA.

Renee says that Armando is a picky eater. He didn’t like his cafeteria fajitas on January 25, so he threw them away.

According to Renee, a teacher there then took Armando’s food out of the trash and ordered him to eat it.

“At the end I still just threw it away,” Armando said.

Renee says she met with the teacher, who admitted what she had done.

“She was real defensive,” Renee recalled. “She said she just worried about, you know, that he wasn’t going to eat enough.”

“She said that because the trash can had a clean liner that she didn’t think it was a big deal.”

The embarrassment from the incident now has Armando at a new school and a bit further from his friends.

KTLA’s calls to the school district, the school’s principal and the teacher were not answered on Tuesday.

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  • Jennifer

    I am so disappointed that this was chosen as "news" this morning. I applaud the teacher and think the parents need to teach their child not to throw his food away.

  • Sara

    If he is such a picky eater then why wouldn't this mother be making his lunch for him instead of having him eat the school lunches….. But I do think the child needs to know he needs to eat his lunch when it is time to eat then can play when he is finished since he probably just wanted to go play instead of eat.

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