Fitness Fight Over Use of Parks in Santa Monica

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KTLA) — A fight is brewing in Santa Monica over a city plan to charge fitness trainers for holding workout sessions in public parks.

samo-fitnessOn any given day, there are yoga classes, boot camps, hula hoopers — you name it — in the public parks or on the beach in Santa Monica.

However, the city has received complaints from people who argue that parks are not outdoor gyms and should not be used for commercial purposes.

They say that they want to protect the public spaces in their beautiful city from excessive wear and tear.

In response, Santa Monica is now considering making some controversial changes.

Some of the possibilities include charging fitness trainers $100 per year for a permit and taking 15 percent of the profits from the classes.

But the trainers don’t like that idea, and they are flexing for a fight.

They have formed a group called the Santa Monica Outdoor Fitness Coalition.

It consists of seven personal trainers who represent about 450 clients that work out in Santa Monica.

The proposal is expected to go to the Santa Monica City Council in late March. Until then, expect quite a back-and-forth battle on the issue.

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  • Concerned

    Yep, agree, someone on their own is one thing, for commercial use-NO! Stop being greedy, freaking people, nothing but ME ME ME ME !

  • roman

    just let the people be, if it gets people off the couch and to the park to get fit, some people just need this to keep them motivated. If trainers have to pay, then you know some will stop doing it, and then people will go back to sitting on the couch and watch the biggest loser while eating a bowl of ice cream.

  • Rockina2

    Public parks are paid for with your taxes. My guess is every one of these trainers and their clients already pay property taxes, sales tax and all the rest. This would amount to double taxation. Sounds like a bunch of busy bodies from the PRofSM got their panties in a bunch! Probably people who never even set foor in the parks to begin with!

  • Marco Inches

    What's next? Charging surf instructors in Malibu a fee for teaching kids how to surf? The commissioner of parks and recreation in Santa Monica is a greedy moron. For him to go on the news and say that people are causing the trees to break down faster and announcing that personal trainers are causing structural damage is preposterous. For a city that made in 2005, 477 million dollars in revenue this is ridiculous. The average city employee in Santa Monica makes over 60k a year, which is well over many other cities in California. As OVERPAID as the city of Santa Monica's employees are, maybe they should try to nickel and dime in other ways to get the extra income.

  • Whateva

    Get over yourself Santa Monica! Why don't you just ticket the people doin illegal u-turns all over Ocean Ave and actually do something about your world famous homeless issues.

  • faztyu

    If you think Bradley`s story is surprising…, last pay-cheque my boyfriend basically also recieved a check for $5680 just sitting there eleven hours a week from home and there co-worker's sister-in-law`s neighbour done this for seven months and brought in over $5680 in there spare time from there mac. apply the instructions on this site…

  • pastry

    I see these people “working out” on my way to school. I always wondered if they had a job or just go in late or something. Idk.

  • Ben

    No illegaly run businesses in the parks, period ,..the city always wants to make money at our expense so if these trainers pay, the city will look the other way.

  • Greg

    Lets no call it a permit, lets call it a business license. You must have a license to run a business; some of the funds from the license can be used to help maintain the parks.

  • SaMoFit

    Hey….KTLA….why didn't you reach out to us for comment to balance out your story? Your news desk has an email from us laying out our proposals. We look forward to hearing from you. There are two sides to this debate. Thanks. Santa Monica Outdoor Fitness Coalition.

  • SaMoFit

    Trainers pay taxes, lisence fees, police permits AND have insurance. We want to partner with the city to find solutions that are fair and equitable to all, make personal training outdoors accesible and affordable, all while protecting our beautiful outdoor spaces. We can do that if we PARTNER TOGETHER!

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