Teen Jailed After Flipping Off Judge

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MIAMI, Fl. — A Miami teenager has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after flipping off a judge during her court hearing.

Penelope Soto, 18, was in court for a bail hearing on a drug possession charge.

Soto repeatedly laughed at the judge during the hearing, clearing irritating him.

He was initially going to hold her on $5,000 bail, but then raised it to $10,000.

Soto then flipped him off and blurted an expletive as she walked away.

In return, the judge then ordered her held in contempt of court and sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

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  • Teacher

    As a high school teacher, I've been treated to this kind of disrespect daily. I'm happy to see the judge throw the book at her – it's been a long time coming. This disrespect comes from the home, is supported by the schools (remember the false "self-esteem" nonsense inculcated by the school system) and has become the norm. This is what you get when you spare the rod and spoil the child.

    • Sharky

      i agree with you here. Kids. name it teenagers or younger. still under the word "Kid" under my book, always show an attiude issue to adults. Like they think they are princess or someone special and can do whatever they want to annoy the teacher. a judge. a police officer. or a parent. You cant sit there and blame the parents. But thats what some people are doing. but teens with this attiude problem think they are better and they find out they are not. At least her parents arnt there to try to clean her mess up cuz it is her that needs to shape up.

  • Concerned

    Stupid Liberal loser. Bring her to California where the court system welcomes this trash and rewards them with free medical, board, and everything else they need. It California thanks to the bleeding heart Liberals, crime does pay.

  • Agent X

    I love it, screw her. See looks like a rich spoiled brat. Maybe 30 days in a hot smelly jail cell with other smelly inmates will be good for her.

  • AurumAries

    this was FANTASTIC… she got exactly what she deserved. This child probably never heard the word "No" and looks as spoiled and arrogant as they come. Now that you're over 18 you're gonna find out right quick where you rank in this world… and for the next 30 days, you are at the bottom of the food chain, so get your chapstick out, you're mouth is gonna be busy. You should have kept it shut.

  • Mork from Ork

    I wonder how many friends she'll meet in jail that will make her worse. Good thing her parents aren't responsible anymore for her..

  • Robert

    We need a lot more judges like that. We shouldn't take crap off of little brats who think that their s**t don't stink. Good job, judge.

  • Guest

    I weep for the future..you are so right about the way parenting has gone. I blame many of the child psychologists as well as the government. They tell parents what they can or should do as for discipline or not do.
    One thing I hear a lot is SOME of these so-called child experts (many with no children of their own just some form of training/education in child development) saying things like, "Oh, you would not want to hurt your child's feelings. Making them cry and not giving them what they want when they want is deprivation and can harm their self-image…blah blah "

  • sau sage

    This is the kind of person you become when you grow up without proper parental discipline. This girl should enroll in the military after being released if her parents do not know how to be parents.

  • YankeeDoodleDoggie

    Her response can be considered Gandhi-like when compared to the response
    by a vast majority of 21st century young Americans should they ever receive this:
    Greetings: You are hereby ordered to report for induction into the armed forces
    of the United States.

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