A Former FBI Agent Delves into Dorner’s Manifesto

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Christopher Dorner’s 6000 word manifesto leaves Steve Moore with little doubt.

“This is the babbling of a paranoid psychotic,” says Steve Moore.

But Moore, a former FBI agent and threat assessment expert, is just as sure of Dorner’s skill as a killer, methodical planning and his determination for revenge.

“I suspect you are going to find he did surveillance for weeks if not months preparing for this,” says Moore.

The 33-year-old’s experience in law enforcement and the U.S. Navy has left Christopher Dorner with a range of skills he promises to use.

In his manifesto, Dorner says he will use “every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance and survival training he’s been given.”

Dorner, who fellow naval officers say is trained in the element of surprise, has declared “asymmetrical warfare on the LAPD, promising to fight like a Jihadist, with no fear of death.

Moore believes Dorner fancies himself as a hero, a savior and a martyr, with a cause he will die carrying out.

“He’s designed this down to a final scene…. He is going to need to be killed by police,” says Moore.

Investigators have discovered Dorner’s torched truck in the mountains of Big Bear.

To Steve Moore, that does not imply the end of Dorner’s rampage is nearing, but indicates intricate planning and foreshadows more violence to come.

“He truly is going for the long haul. “He’ll probably hunker down during the day, move around at night.”

So where does Moore think Dorner is now? ”I think he’s stalking his next target,” Moore said.

–Carolyn Costello, KTLA News

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  • Yepper

    Steve Moore is one of those people that most of us would like to see just go away. Annoying, insecure, judgmental of all through books, but in reality likely a closet felon of some sort, similar to most in his field that believe they are in any position to dissect the rationalization of an individuals mind. Go way and stop digging into an empty hole. The media…….wow.

    • Louis De La Valla

      You Guys Shouldnt Care About What Happen To Him In His Past. You Guys Are Pathethic and idiots . He Is Threatining To Go Against All Police Officers In This County . It Takes A Idiot To Say That !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michelle Moore

      You hate Steve Moore 'cause of his involvement in the Amanda Knox case where he was active in the unjust incarceration of 2 innocent people in jail. You are a Cyber Stalker because you're jealous. It's not becoming and in essence you're trying (ha) to influence people against him to the extent that you're supporting a terrorist. It doesn't get much lower than that..#heapthepiles

  • Blackonsecurity

    more and more the media and others will make him(Christopher Dorner) out to be a "crazy person" when really all he wants to know is "Why he got cast out for telling the truth and why won't anyone listen?" it's sad that a man has to go to his lowest point just to make the truth come out.

    • Michelle Moore

      Sorry dude, I've seen too many people make their point and fix justice WITHOUT going "to his lowest point just to make the truth come out". Check out the gazillion innocence proects, just to mention one of a million different groups that fight injustice. That's a seperate issue that SHOULD be looked at, but this guy is a terrorist right now.

  • bigPicture

    wow, LAPD fired on newspaper delivery ladies, then another driver? if only Chris can see the mess behind him.
    time for a new academy for these invalids and stage left for Beck and the Mayor!

  • bob f

    Mr. Dorner,,
    The best way to make a difference is to end the attacks now, turn yourself in to a newscaster, and survive to tell your story. Even in prison, you will be interviewed again and again, as the public wants to hear you explain your position.
    As it stands now, you just look insane, which is not the way to defend your name.
    Bob F.

    • Anonymous

      The police wont let him make it alive to tell his story. They will kill him whether its now or in prison…He knows that. And to be honest, his story wouldnt have mattered if he tried telling it another way.

    • Phlipper

      Thanks for the info, it put a small amount of perspective on how he must be feeling… I hope he gets to tell his story but to me this reads like a suicide note. †

  • Phlipper

    Seems like he has a good memory, is an organised and forward thinking individual but I don't think he should try to take on the world like this…. I don't feel sorry for him but I can empathise with his plight. "Bad things happen to good people" and "good things happen to bad people."
    If I am lucky enough to reach old age I will have a peaceful retirement with absolutley no regrets and hopefully people will speak fondly of me. It is easier in the short term to do what you think you want to but when you reach the age where regret creeps in about some of the decisions that you made, try to sit comfortably in your retirement chair, try to ignore the wispers in you own head as well as those that have nothing to do with you. Your long term mental health is not worth toying with because when you're old enough to realise and admit that you've been a compelling cheese-faced leaching crab bandit for half your life you're to old to do anything about it…..

    • Jonathan

      How about the regret from NOT doing what you know is right? Sometimes men have to take violent action against injustice/tyranny (ever heard of the revolutionary war?). It's called having some goddamn INTEGRITY.

      • Phlipper

        There is a difference between doing what you want and doing what yo know is right! There is no difference in doing what you want to and not doing what you know is right, unless what you want to do is what you know is right! It's called a Blimey O'riely SENTENCE…..

  • Tara

    Im so sick of the corruption It seems the only time s### gets done is when violence happens.. He tried everything else.. I hope they investigate LAPD Why doesnt the FBI start investigating the police This is crazy they are covering up. Thank god for internet we should start website on police corruption and write down experiences of people who had this happen to them. Im glad we have cell phones to tape stuff they do…

  • Susie

    I really wish that this man would have went about this in a different way. I wish he would of tried harder to get his voice heard. I wish he would of gone to the media with his story and maybe something good would of come out of the situation that way. Killing innocent people is never the right way to go. The LAPD shooting innocent people because they THOUGHT the vehicle matched the description is beyond my belief. Are the going to shoot at every truck that looks like the one Dorner was driving? I can honestly say the I believe the things he wrote about in his Manifesto, it's sad to say, but we can not even trust the people that are suppose to be protected us. I hope that this all will end soon and no other lives have to be taken from this situation. I hope all the things that are being hidden by the LAPD will be brought to light. Violence is never the answer that goes for Dorner and the LAPD. All we can do is pray for our troubled world!

    • Peacetrain

      Why are you all thinking he is telling the truth about what happened to him? He has tried numerous time to sue the city and get his job back. Lost each time because it was determined, in court, not a hearing, that he has not been telling the truth.

  • dave

    this dude works for laps. thats what they want to do is kill him before he tells more. whatever car you report that might have him in it, police are shooting first!

  • Former Officer

    Now who is the dangerous one(s)? Which of the two is a bigger threat to society? The few bad ones still wearing the uniform or the one who has a vendetta against his former colleagues?

    I am not condoning his actions, but I do understand that there are many bad police officers from top to bottom getting away with atrocities towards citizens.

  • Justified

    The cops who shot those civilians need to be arrested TODAY. Not tomorrow. But everyone knows they will walk which is why so many have lost respect for law enforcement.

    I want someone to justify why our local law-enforcement look like wannabe soldiers. The pictures they show could be from any nation under a tyrannical regime. As long as the police are armed and there are bad apples in the force, we as civilians should be as armed as they are.

    Back off the 2nd amendment. If you disarm the paramilitary aka local law-enforcement then you can TALK to us about our rights under the 2nd amendment. As long as the police are armed and there are bad apples in the force, we as civilians should be as armed as they are.

    • msfreeh

      CNN exclusive: FBI misconduct reveals sex, lies and videotape

      By Scott Zamost and Kyra Phillips, CNN Special Investigations Unit
      January 27, 2011

      Washington (CNN) — An FBI employee shared confidential information with his girlfriend, who was a news reporter, then later threatened to release a sex tape the two had made.

      A supervisor watched pornographic videos in his office during work hours while "satisfying himself."

      And an employee in a "leadership position" misused a government database to check on two friends who were exotic dancers and allowed them into an FBI office after hours.

      These are among confidential summaries of FBI disciplinary reports obtained by CNN, which describe misconduct by agency supervisors, agents and other employees over the last three years

  • Guest

    I think the KTLA5 is biased. Try to ease the details about why he did these and focus on the "crazy " part. This is not fair reporting. I will not trust KTLA5 as before anymore.

  • iHuntBoobies

    The saddest thing here is innocent people are dying so he can prove his point, the training he was given by the Navy and additional training by the LAPD will indeed make this man very hard to catch. I agree with other posters that his manifesto may indeed have valid points in it but it's not nor is it ever a reason to kill people. I just hope this all resolves itself soon because I do not see this man being taken alive..

  • Wake up America

    i support this dude in his attacks on those chosen. We the people are not the people standing for what's right at all cost, as he is in his sacrifice. i could due without the innocent people or family members being killed, though. I personally applaud him in his efforts to bring about attention to what needs to be changed. it's funny how this situation reflects the movie LAW BIDING CITIZEN. Hopefully he has planned as well. I can only imagine the feed back i'm about to get for my for my support of this guy, so i'll go ahead and say it, Right to Free Speech.

    • Phlipper

      It's "rightful" that someone else should die needlessly in a free society? No matter where you're coming from, what story you think you have to back this staement up, YOU'RE WRONG!!! †
      He definitely should be put on trial and incarcerated but as you say that ain't gonna happen, that's a fair statement but the rest is just troll fodder!