Dorner Was Frequent Visitor at Ex-Wife’s House

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

irvine-guy-2LONG BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) — Former LAPD officers Christopher Dorner was briefly married to another law enforcement officer.

Dorner exchanged vows with his wife in Las Vegas in April 2007, but the union lasted only a few weeks.

According to documents filed with the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, the pair was married from April 27 to May 24, 2007.

Dorner’s ex-wife now lives in Long Beach. Neighbors say he often visited her home.

“I’ve seen him here. I’ve said hi, I’ve bumped [fists] with him a couple times,” said 24-year-old Oscar Gonzalez told the L.A. Times.

“He seemed like a regular guy. He was doing landscaping here in the front for her. He was heavy-built, always in military-style boots,” Gonzalez said.

But Dorner’s frequent visits ended a few months ago, according to Gonzalez.

“He was here for a while, and then he was just gone. It just kind of stopped all of the sudden, two or three months ago,” he told the newspaper.

Meantime, police in Las Vegas are taking extra safety precautions as the search continues for Dorner.

SWAT teams swarmed a Vegas home owned by Dorner on Thursday afternoon. They converged on the home, but found no one there.

Officers would not say what they recovered from the property, which Dorner bought in 2007.

Nevada highway troopers are on high alert, watching for Dorner on roads leading into Las Vegas.

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  • Mrs. Samantha Powers

    I think this is between the blue bot cop and the dirty harry La crew. He seems more enemy of the state than enemy of the people. He probably stumbled on deeply corrupt things and sadly thought he could make a difference.It is a lesson for us never to turn your back on current so called LAW Enforcement. Only God knows. But god sees all.

      • aaron

        but then again…..out of the 20k police officers in teh LAPD, one guy does this instead of many? if the LAPD was so corrupt and evil, more officers would have turned against them. next time you get in trouble dont call a cop would be my suggestion because you think they are all bad. police officers deal with the garbage of society everyday. they are hated. lied to. targets for death and yet you want them to be angels with smiles on their face. they are not all good but the bad ones get rooted out eventually. remember they deal with the worst our society has to offer. dont know what happen to dorner. seems bad things happen to him and he is going to let someone else suffer. you know why i think his manifesto was full of ==it. he tried to run away to mexico. so hes nothing but a murderer not this crusader that some think hes trying to be…..kills monica quan because of what her father might have done?

  • greg

    you all read this at your own risk. the fact that the headline reads '…was a frequent vistior…' hints that this isn't some breaking story. reporters (and law enforcement) are just trying to dig up as much info as they can. reports will report what they find, even if its nothing

  • Homer

    Can we get a story on his favorite food, how about his favorite color too?

    Please journalists spare us from stories that you KNOW aren't important. We know you're going to do it but please don't.

  • Tata

    I think he snuck back to La by taking 18 towards Palmdale. If not he is headed up 395 toward Reno/Fallon. I don’t think he would be that stupid to head back to Vegas. Hope they catch him quick.

  • Backatya

    I feel the reason he didn't stay married long was because his closest circle – mom, sister, ex-wife, knew something was wrong. He's not right in the head. He's right in trying to do right, but domatic and narcissit — he's not perfect, and his family knew it, but he's dogmatic and demands that others be. No excuse for LAPD, but no excuse for his actions either. Now, he's made himself just as low-lifed as the ones that did him wrong. Eye for an eye. Not the way to go.

  • new quest

    My comment was deleted by administration. I was just telling the truth, which they dont want the public to know. The general public has a right to know the truth, to bad that the MSM is bought out by the BIG Corps.

    • Anonymous

      true, but don't you figure that out before you tie the knot? i don't know many ppl these days that haven't had sexual relations before getting married