Evidence Taken from Dorner Family Home in La Palma

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LA PALMA, Calif. — Investigators Friday afternoon scoured the Orange County home where fugitive Christopher Dorner had lived with his mother, removing brown paper bags holding evidence gathered by law enforcement officers.

Authorities said they examined computers during the afternoon search of the La Palma home believed to be Dorner’s last known address.

Lt. Bill Whalen of the Irvine Police Department said that investigators “exercised every presumable precaution” as they entered the home, in case it had been booby trapped, or if Dorner were there.

Dorner’s mother and a sister were home at the time of the search, authorities said. They remained in the house during the search, and authorities said they cooperated with police.

Whalen said the evidence taken would be reviewed more closely, but said he could not comment on what was collected.

The home — a small gray ranch house wedged into an otherwise quiet residential neighborhood — is owned by Dorner’s mother.

U.S. Marshals carrying M4 assault rifles stood outside as investigators worked inside the home. The search last for more than three hours.

A scrum of media watched the house during the search, with some people driving past

to take photos of the house with their cellphones and neighbors stepping outside to take a look.

“So much for the quiet neighborhood,” one resident said.

Dorner is wanted in connection with a double homicide in Irvine on Sunday and the shooting of three police officers, one fatally, in Riverside County on Thursday.

Authorities described him as “armed and extremely dangerous,” and alerts about him were issued across California and in Nevada as federal, state and local authorities intensified their search.

After a burned-out truck belonging to Dorner was found in Big Bear on Thursday morning, the manhunt shifted to the mountain town.

Los Angeles Times

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    • happy

      I also feel bad for him.. truth is finally out. and i pray to god that he is caught alive. So, he can get the help he needs. My heart goes out to his family and to whoever knew him..

      • pastry

        I dont think he is a psycho, or a hero. I think he is the product of a corrupt LAPD. I mean, just look at the innocent newspaper delivery woman that were shot at mercilessly. What ever happened to pulling one over? And even if it was Dorner, what swine gave the order to shoot to kill, which I am sure is illegal? I have no sympathy for Dorner, but I don’t have it either for any other swine.

    • whiz1

      Fact is, he was already starting to crack while he was a cop! And you feel empathy for him…? Frankly I feel empathy for the people he killed.

    • bubba

      Not so. Dorner is a psychopath who manipulates people. See how he manipulated you? How can you take up for someone who killed 3 people? You're stupid.

    • Shayla

      I agree!!!!!… There are sooo many bad cops out there… he is justifying wrongs so that many of these cops cant do wrong to another person ever again…. he is righting wrongs!!!!… I understand his motives!!!

  • "ghost"

    and still no mention of the people who were listed in his manifesto why don't they do the right thing if he is not telling the truth like you say just come out and say something the more you do nothing but hide the more it looks like he is telling the Truth

    • James

      FYI – Randy Quan the Father of Monica Quan and Her Fiancée was Christopher Dorners lawyer in the case to help save his job at LAPD!!! He was a Retired LAPD Captain who knows the department well and that's why Dorner hired him in the first place. Unfortunately it didn't save his career, so this ignorant idiot goes and kills Randy Quan's daughter and fiancée?! WHAT A COWARD and those of you who feel bad for him are COWARDS TOO!!! Only if you were a Parent and had a disagreement with your Company and your friend tries to help you but it didn't save your job, so you go kill his daughter and threaten his/her family….

      • Dorner is a coward

        Thank you! At least some people can rationalize reality. It's upsetting people are making this guy a hero. What a shame people actually believe in this crazy nut just because they dislike cops. Just because people have had a bad experience DOES NOT mean this guy is telling the truth nor does it give him the right to kill innoccent people.

  • delores sandberg

    I Googled Christopher Dorners family history. What I received was several hundred headlines of the same old, over and over again. What a waste of time on every ones part. Never did see one thing about his family history. Can't you do better than that?