Dorner Manhunt: Police Facilities on High Alert Across SoCal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — As the search continues in the Big Bear area for fugitive Christopher Dorner, law enforcement agencies across Southern California remain on alert.

beck-dornerOn Thursday night, a vigil was held at Riverside City Hall for a 34-year-old veteran officer allegedly killed by Dorner in an ambush on Thursday morning.

A second officer, described as a 27-year-old rookie, was wounded in the attack, which happened while they were sitting at a stop light in their patrol unit.

Dorner is now accused of three murders, including the killings of a young Irvine couple, 28-year-old Monica Quan and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, 27, last Saturday.

A city-wide tactical alert was canceled on Friday morning, the LAPD said.

Still, security was beefed up at LAPD headquarters, and the situation was much the same at other police facilities all over Southern California.

“All law enforcement is targeted,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference on Thursday.

“This is a vendetta against all of Southern California law enforcement, and it should be seen as such,” he warned.

Dorner, 33, a former LAPD officer and Navy reservist, is well-armed and well-trained, an expert in police and military tactics.

In an online manifesto, he promised to wage war against police and their families.

One of Dorner’s old friends, who is mentioned in his manifesto, is having trouble believing this is the same person knew — although Dorner did mention that he had an issue with the LAPD.

“He certainly didn’t express any indication that he had violent tendencies or was out for retribution or anything of that nature,” college friend James Usera told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“Needless to say, the events of the past  couple days come as a very great shock to me.”

–Eric Spillman reporting

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  • Dick Meyers

    LAPD has placed a death warrant on Christopher. He has stated in his manifesto that he blew the whistle on his superiors and was fired for doing so. Now the L A P D is in damage control. This guy will not be taken into custody alive! This has been proven by LAPD's Ready, Fire Aim policy. The police claim their officers are trained and competent but REALLY! The police are nothing more than a paid GANG! I would like nothing more Than to hear testimony from Christopher about the inner workings of LAPD. I would rather protect my family and home myself than depend on these undertrained, incompetent gun carrying. Gang members who throw handcuff nurses to the ground or a pregnant women to the ground and then celebrate it by high fiveing and knuckle bumping or shooting innocent people. What a bunch of CLOWNS!

    Read more:

    • joe

      Anybody that has been around real police work car read the writing on this incident. This guy couldn't cut it and tried to file a false complaint to save his bacon. Nothing out of the ordinary with that as some trainees do not have ethics, and instead of realizing they do not have what it takes to be an officer, they try stunts like this to save their jobs. He even volunteered for a deployment to get away from training because his job was protected by federal law. He is a wacko, plain and simple. I would much rather see him shot then any more police officers or family members.

      • fkkk

        He is only going after family members when the actual targets are cowering, what really sucks is that urine will rust any metal they have on their belts, so once again the taxpayers (People who actually work and abide by the laws) have to pay… Hey Admin. delete this…I dare You.

        • Spearchucker

          no Dorner is the coward, he has never shot anyone face to face, ambush and unarmed people is his style. Always been a coward and always will be.

    • dwight

      its total b.s. the la officers are not arrested for attempted murder for there shootings on innocent people…there scared punks with a badge

  • Moe

    This guy is somewhere laughing his a$$ off. He will cost this city a lot of money in overtime, and lawsuits not to mention there may be more killings.

  • LAPD Rocks...

    Come on now…within the past year we have heard nothing but the brutality of LAPD and the jail. I believe the officer, which Dorner blew the whistle on, kicked the suspect. LAPD had to get rid of a whistleblower. Unfortunately, no one would listen to Dorner and he snapped. The cops just shot up two women without doing their due diligence. Good job, LAPD!

  • Ann....

    I think all of you who are bad mouthing LAPD should take a look in the mirror. They put their life on the line everyday they go to work to protect and to serve. I bet if you husband or wife was an Officer you wouldn't be saying anything and you'd be worried for your life and your families. No one in this world is perfect and somone is lying about what happen the day of the arrest that got him fired and only the people at the scene that day know the truth. There is bad and good in everyone in every department that's just society in itself. Let me see you go out there and do the jobs these men and ladies do!!

  • Barney

    Eric Spillman,, Please Find Out Why The Police Shot Up A Pick-Up And The Police Were Not Fired On At All I Smell A Rat Or Rats In The Police Department…. Dig Deep Eric Dig Real Deep!!!!

  • fkkk

    This comment has been deleted by an administrator who obviously is hated by his coworkers, Hmmmm sound familiar? otherwise he would not be the lowest on the totem pole. AM I CORRECT PRINCESS?.

  • Kenny

    LAPD sucks. These pigs crapping in their pants. Go Chris, I hope he is not in the mts and that he is somewhere else, waiting for these pigs to have their guard down. Im former LE and the stuff Chris writes about is true.

  • fkkk

    Hey PRINCESS before you were born I was running back and forth between KTLA and KTTV I am angry at YOU, so now I will find out exactly who you are and we can meet at the magical city called Fernwood.
    (Now You Know, what I speak of) I am one of Normans guys and I dislike you with great prejudice.
    P.S. Ask a grownup who Norman Lear was, POS

    • anna

      Who is this Princess you are talking to? You are cracking me up and teaching me about a 70's show I'd never even heard of at the same time. ha.

    • BCoble

      No he isn't….did that old white man in Alabama who held that little boy for 5 days do a "disservice" to whites with his anti-govt rantings and homemade bunker?…

  • David

    This man seems to have something on the LAPD… Really sorry 4 the lost of life .. But someone should have listen before he blew it!! Now everyone's listening so sad >:-(|

  • Justified

    The cops who shot those civilians need to be arrested TODAY. Not tomorrow. But everyone knows they will walk which is why so many have lost respect for law enforcement.

    I want someone to justify why our local law-enforcement look like wannabe soldiers. The pictures they show could be from any nation under a tyrannical regime. As long as the police are armed and there are bad apples in the force, we as civilians should be as armed as they are.

    Back off the 2nd amendment. If you disarm the paramilitary aka local law-enforcement then you can TALK to us about our rights under the 2nd amendment. As long as the police are armed and there are bad apples in the force, we as civilians should be as armed as they are.