Chief Beck: 1,000 Officers Searching For Dorner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – Police Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference Monday that he has “a thousand officers” looking for Christopher Dorner and protecting the homes of threatened LAPD officers.

Dorner, suspected of fatally shooting three people and wounding two others, is still evading a massive manhunt.

A million dollars is now being offered for the tip that finds Dorner.

Last night, after a mistaken-identity sighting in Northridge, A Lowe’s Home Improvement store was evacuated, then cleared.

Also yesterday, the search around Dorner’s burned-out SUV by hundreds of SWAT officers was further scaled back, after they found no signs of Dorner.

Investigators have received at least 600 tips about Dorner, officials said Monday.

-Jim Nash reporting

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  • anonyomous

    Have you ever seen such a mass mobilization of law enforcement and reward money for an individual who was shooting at innocent civilians, rather than cops?

    And have you ever seen cops so trigger-happy to shoot innocent civilians because all they care about
    is silencing a cop's accusations againist themselves?

  • hello

    The LAPD owes Riverside an apology for allowing their corruption to kill a Riverside officer.

    And the LAPD owes their good officers and the public an end to that corruption.


    “a thousand officers” for a one guy Just because he knows that the police is full of shit… Now i know why they take 3 hours to come. when you really need them… I HATE THE POLICE DAY BY DAY MORE AND MORE.. I HOPE THEY ALL DIE AND GO TO HELL…

  • Navy Vet

    Dorner should have been fired when he choked a follow officer for using a bad word. Except the LAPD wants unbalanced, undisciplined, and violent officers who cannot control themselves. Beck has revealed he is indifferent to public safety, and like any other gang leader, only values the lives of his gang members. So sad to see the mayor supporting him, rather than restraining him. The LAPD is morally corrupt. It needs to entirely dissolved, and a new force reconstituted with all new officers who actual want to serve and protect.

  • bluecup

    beck who the hell is watching our neighborhoods? i guess now would be the time to cause some hell since all the pigs are looking for their hunter. good hunting Chris. you have more fans than you think.

  • Oswald

    Dorner was not real. A bad idea meant to flare up anti 2nd amendment feelings gone wrong. It only flared up anti govt sentiment. Stay strong America.