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Dorner Charged with Murder of Riverside Officer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KTLA) — Christopher Dorner has been charged with the murder of Riverside officer Michael Crain who was shot and killed while on duty last Thursday.

Riverside District Attorney Paul Zellerbach announced the murder charge,  with special circumstance allegations, along with three attempted murder charges at a news conference Monday.

Federal and local law enforcement agents are still hunting the suspected killer and fugitive.

dornertrain692The special circumstance allegations make Dorner eligible for the death penalty.

Zellerbach also announced a no-bail arrest warrant has been issued for Dorner’s capture, meaning he can be “apprehended anywhere.”

Crain, 34, was an 11-year veteran of the Riverside Police Department.

He was a member of the SWAT team and was also a training officer.

Authorities say he was training a 27-year-old officer when they were ambushed by Dorner while stopped at a red light at Arlington and Magnolia avenues.

Dorner’s three counts of attempted murder of a peace officer stem from allegedly shooting and critically injuring Crain’s partner and firing upon two Los Angeles police officers in Corona who were on protective detail.

Crain’s partner is expected to be okay.

One of the LAPD officers was grazed by a bullet on the head.

Crain was born in Anaheim and went to Redlands High School. He went to college for about a year before he joined the Marine Corps.

He served two tours of duty in Kuwait as a rifleman in the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 3rd Battalion 1st Marines.

Crain leaves behind his wife, a 10-year-old son and a young daughter.

There’s a growing memorial outside the Riverside Police Department, where people have been dropping off flowers and candles.

“I just want his family to know that this Riverside community, we all love our officers,” said well-wisher Jim Rovida. “They do a great job here.”

Funeral services are scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Grove Community Church in Riverside.

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  • Justus

    They are using drones already. I knew this would become an excuse to have them in our skies. Next Martial Law and mandatory chipping to track your every move.

  • guest

    Im being to agree LAPD is a gang. Their priorities and actions the last week driving home the point. They're an organization of exclusive privileges for them and their families encompassing breaking the law that places them and their well being above and beyond the welfare of everyone else. The public, the people they are sworn to protect.

  • bluecup

    rest in hell pig! oh ya no sympathy for his family he deserved it by putting on the target uniform! all for 40k a year. cops are idiots.

  • tracy

    It’s truly sad and enlightening to read these comments. I was forced to resign from my job for bogus reasons lies my superviser told and I hated all of them but never did I inflict pain on them. We need to remember that those lives lost were just that lives. Our police aren’t perfect but who is? When will all the hate stop? Dormor maybe guilty but I can say this he aint gonna be taken alive

  • Guest

    Dorner is probably holed up in the White House bunker drinking with with his buddy Obama, and makin kissy with Obama Babies and thèir Baby Momma. He just love Obamas and they love him for his stand against AR rifles in his Maifesto.
    No better supporter than Dorner for AR ban than Dorner's rant in his manifesto. Liberals jumped on board to attack republicans for Gifford and Sandy Hook but have been shut up silent on how Dorner's rant supports liberals. Obama may authorize a drone attack just to shut this ni&$er up.

  • faztyu

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    • conman alert

      Not a good place for a stupid get rich quick scheme you idiot. What the f#ck are you thinking you selfish pig. Don't anybody click on his stupid link. It will show some person from your hometown making a bunch of money with his stupid scheme. How pathetic, is there no place safe from stupid conmen?

      • SPAMless

        Any and all ads that on the blogs are false. If the advertiser DIDN'T pay for advertising space like the legit ones did it shouldn't be there.

  • Joseph Simmons

    There is no way Dorner sees the inside of a courtroom, the LAPD and other area agencies will see to it he dies during apprehension. This will be far too embarrassing for the LAPD should he actually get his 'day in court'.

    That said, I do not support Dorner, as murder is not how you handle corruption and injustice. He started out killing the daughter of Captain Quan and her fiancee, who quite literally have nothing to do with Dorner's woes at all. They were not killed to make a point, or to draw attention to his situation. They were killed for revenge on Cpt. Quan, nothing more. Anyone who supports such barbarism is no better than the jack-booted thugs they believe the police to be.

    Murder is NOT the answer, and I hope Dorner faces his day in court to answer for his crimes. Perhaps this will cause higher authorities to really look into the situation that led to Dorner's dismissal from the LAPD, but I hope it also leads to Dorner sitting behind bars for the rest of his natural life.

  • Jimi Scott

    I might be in Canada but I do get CNN so what in the hell is the story with the 2 people shot in the truck that resembled buddy's truck?! Not a word? Can anyone say RECKLESS!! They could have killed 2 innocent civilians! Way to go LAPD! GOOD LOOK!! Fuckin typical.

    • Canadian cousin

      Ya i know jimi it's crazy down there, not even a word from the prosecutor or ktla in that self serving news conference yesterday, these cops went home with pay !! I'm thinking they are so stretched they are probably back at work and noone knows except a few corrupt at the top, not only did they blast the ladies truck they blasted surfer boys truck to, where is the justice here, they call dorner a domestic terrorist, don't you think those innocent civilians were terrorised, and not a word, shame on you lapd !!

  • chupacabra

    So sad he had done this.. What would have made him to commit these crimes? My prayer to all who got hurt physically and emotionally.. I pray God to let him surrender peacefully -without hurting any further people- and be dealt with justice.. This will have LAPD second thought on their hierarchy and management protocols.