Dorner Search Focuses on Mexico, Surveillance Video

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Is triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner hiding in Mexico? And does he have an accomplice who helped him make his escape?

Police said at a news conference on Tuesday morning that they are now investigating over 1,000 clues, and the investigation is going in many directions.

They’ve seen about a 400 percent increase in tips since the $1 million reward was announced, Lt. Andy Neiman said.

“It is frustrating and we’re hopeful that something will break loose from the public and that these investigative leads will result in something positive in terms of bringing this to a conclusion,” he added.

The search for Dorner, a former LAPD officer and Navy Reserve lieutenant, is now in its sixth day.

One theory about where Dorner could be is that he may have fled to Mexico.

That comes from an affidavit filed by an inspector with the U.S. Marshals Service in federal court in Los Angeles late last week.

It says that Dorner might be south of the border because he allegedly tried to steal a boat in San Diego, subduing the captain, and said he was going to Mexico.

“The attempt failed when the bow line of the boat became caught in the boat’s propeller, and the suspect fled,” according to the affidavit by U.S. Marshals Inspector Craig McClusky.

After authorities interviewed the boat captain early Thursday, they found Dorner’s wallet and ID near the San Ysidro border crossing, according to the court records.

All that was before police say Dorner shot and killed a Riverside police officer and wounded two other officers.

That same day, a guard at the Point Loma Naval Base told authorities he had spotted a man matching Dorner’s description trying sneak onto the base, the records said.

Authorities have stressed that the court papers reflected their thinking at the time, but said that Dorner could be anywhere.

Authorities in Mexico reportedly raided a motel in Tijuana after somebody there saw someone matching Dorner’s description.

That turned out to be yet another dead end. Authorities said there was no evidence that Dorner had ever been there.

The affidavit by McClusky also says that Dorner could be getting help from “a known associate” with the initials “J.Y.”

McClusky wrote that J.Y.’s family owns property in the Big Bear area near where Dorner’s truck was found.

The criminal complaint does not detail the exact relationship between J.Y. and Dorner, a former LAPD officer and Navy Reserve lieutenant.

But J.Y. could be Jason Young, a person Dorner wrote about in his manifesto, describing him as a great friend, entrepreneur and father.

As part of the surveillance operation of J.Y., authorities were watching his family property last Thursday, the court records show.

Hundreds of officers scoured the area near Big Bear, conducting door-to-door cabin checks for any sign of Dorner.

A scaled-down search continues in the woods west of Big Bear Lake, where about 30 officers are searching vacation homes and cabins in an even more remote area.

Neiman said that the search will keep going until all investigative leads have been exhausted.

Authorities are also asking people in the Big Bear area to review any surveillance video from last Thursday (Feb. 7) through today for signs of Dorner.

Meantime, surveillance video obtained by TMZ shows a man that looks like Dorner buying scuba equipment at a Sport Chalet in Torrance back on Feb. 1.

That was just two days before the daughter of a former LAPD captain and her fiance were found shot to death in Irvine.

Dorner studied underwater warfare in the Navy, so that gear might have been useful if he had managed to use a boat to escape to Mexico.

Neiman said on Tuesday that investigators are reviewing that tape, but they have not made any determination about whether it is Dorner.

He also said that investigators are following up on the possibility that Dorner may have stayed at the Hi View Inn & Suites in Manhattan Beach.

Prosecutors in Riverside County have charged Dorner with murder and attempted murder in the killing of one officer and the wounding of two others.

The charge includes a special circumstance that could make Dorner eligible for the death penalty, if convicted.

As the search for Dorner continues, 50 LAPD personnel and their families remain under protective details, which will be in place until the situation is resolved.

Also, he Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday is expected to discuss dropping another $100,000 into the reward fund, making it a total of $1.1 million.

On Wednesday, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors will hold a special meeting to discuss adding yet another $100,000 to the fund.

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  • medocad

    So, when the Keystone cops can't find a criminal (trained by the LAPD) the speculation/guesstimation is he fled to Mexico. This is a massive overtime get rich quick scheme.

  • Mike Kilroy

    I love all the negative comments with anonymous as the poster. It’s always about race and never about a man or woman who has issues and gets fired from a job HE/SHE says was not his fault. Every damn criminal (white, black, brown, etc) says the same damn thing…”falsely accused.” Give me a damn break. Since when is your name worth the lives of human beings? That’s a moral compass, to kill innocent people? You cop haters and sympathizes of this POS need to remember that the human race is not perfect…of all races creeds and colors. You MFs want justice? Get a job, give back to your community, help a neighbor, stop buying new cars and BS clothes. Do something meaningful, and when someone violates your life, space or family call the cops, because they will come to answer your call no matter what color or language you speak. Keep talking sh*t when the criminals take your car, beat you for your iPhone or stab you for the $10 in your pocket. But they’ll come, the cops will come and help you- even though you hate them. You’re a bunch of

    hypocritical loud mouths.

  • Veronica L.

    Interesting that the people who hate cops are the first ones to call them for help. I would love if people who hated cops could just put a sign up out front and then the police would know whose house to respond to when they called for help. But unfortunately, these men and women are paid to protect everyone – even pieces of crap who post vile hatred about being glad that women and children have lost their father, and that couple in Irvine deserved it because her dad was his attorney. It sickens me that there are people who think that is appropriate to say. Unfortunately, police have to protect your right to say that filth. Are there bad cops? Absolutely, just as there are bad teachers, accountants, machinists, clerks, athletes, etc. There are bad people in every profession. I am sorry for those people who have had bad experiences with them. But to say that all cops are criminals with badges is completely insane. They aren't there to be your friend, they are there to keep you safe and to rid neighborhoods of crime and danger. Sorry if they aren't always nice, that isn't their job. Grow up.

    • Veronica L.

      Jerry, I don't. I just respect people and don't come on here to call people names. Thanks for calling me a scum bag, You have no idea who I am or what I do – the fact is, my life is dedicated to helping people, and I hope your children (if you have any) don't ever require my services. I would try to have an intelligent conversation with you but I don't see that happening.

    • Veronica L.

      Dark Fever,
      Niether – I don't work with or for any law enforcement agency. Here is my point. I believe that you have had bad run ins with cops. That sucks. But just for a second, think about it from their point of view. Let's just say you are a cop, and you work in a high crime area where lots of people don't like cops. Now you are responding to a call of domestic violence, or assault. Can you imagine how scary that must be, to walk in to a place where you are outnumbered, by people who hate you, who are probably armed? You couldn't pay me enough to be a cop. Their job is not to be nice to you – it is to keep everyone as safe as possible, and sometimes that means they aren't sweet about it. They can't be, because if they let their guard down, guess what happens to them? It is always interesting to me that so many people talk about how bad cops are and how they get paid too much. Instead of bitching about the problem, why not solve it? Go be a police officer and serve the community you live in. Make the force better and help make things better. The pay and benefits are good, and if you are convinced that it is easy to carry a gun and protect others, it seems like the perfect idea. And no need to call me a Dumb a** – I can assure you that I am anything but.

      • Guest

        Please Veronica….do you really think that the sociopaths making these negative comments regarding the police could in any way have the intellect to pass the rigorous tests it takes to become a police officer?

        • Veronica L.

          I think trying to pass the tests would give them some insight as to what it takes to be a police officer, and that would be very valuable.

    • Sotrue

      I understand that what Dorner did isnt correct, I do not applaud him, but I understand why people feel so neagative about the cops, I have family & friend in the cops & they confirm th ehorrible things that happen behind the public's eye, you gotta understand other people's anger as well, my family has witnessed how when a young underage boy was gasping his last breath, the two officers tat the scene where just laughing amongst themselves! Now imagine if this would happen to one of your own, you would understhnd where they are coming from!

  • PD1

    What this guy did is wrong, yes, but don't forget the LAPD created this mess with their bad policies. They proved they are out of control by shooting innocents first and asking questions later. Does anyone really believe they want to arrest this guy? Come on, they have orders to shoot on sight. Judge Dredd if you ask me.

  • Kathleen Schormann

    LAPD needs re-building from the top down and from the ground up. Many have been sexist, racist, violent and corrupt for eons. And in case you're wondering, I'm a 69 year old Caucasian woman who lived in L.A. for 35 years.

    • James Engleberg

      Who gives a crap what color your skin is and a woman no less who is past her years in menopause. This is not about you Kathleen. So who's fault is it the LAPD must be rebuilt? When you see yourself in the mirror think clearly now -you've messed up once and you want to do the start over.

      Not over.

  • SDA

    Now they are saying there may be an accomplice? Uh, I asked that question from day one, and I do not recall anyone in the media or otherwise asking this question. Could the accomplice be the dude he and his trainer arrested that fate-full night? hmmmm.

  • oneasterisk

    Coming from a minority public safety and LEO family in the region, I'm sorry to say we have seen the prejudice and "golden boy" network Dorner speaks of at play. We have been the target of these "golden boys" and have also seen laws broken by people who would later become high-ranking public safety officials. None of this excuses the horrendous actions of Dorner, but do not fool yourselves into believing he wasn't, as even Quan testified years ago "…railroaded." Our family was retaliated against, but luckily when some corruption was uncovered a few years back our name was vindicated after some fighting. Integrity needs to be valued again.

    • oneasterisk

      I am not saying that the LAPD is guilty of everything Dorner accuses, but I am saying that experience has made his accusations sound highly probable… and if you watch the LAPD's actions and read up on the circus of a BOR it looks even more likely. Now, I hope Dorner is caught for his actions… but I also hope LAPD is cleaned out.

  • 2USAistheanswer

    Chief Diaz an ex-LAPD warrior stated that Dorner's actions againt officer Crain were a "Cowardly Ambush" yet he makes no mention of the LAPD Officers who shot innocent people in Torrance. This is another reason why people are losing respect for law enforcement because law enforcement officers feel and act like they are above the law.

    While I don't support Dorners recent actions I do 110% support his cause and believe his story over over anything that comes out of LAPD.

  • lgbarn

    One small thing not mentioned here is that if he makes it to Mexico, the death penalty is off the table. Extradition Treaty with Mexico states that we cannot execute someone extradited from Mexico.

  • Ron B.

    This is just geting better and better, can't find him, must have went to Mexico, and have help doing that. LAPD is using all the old tried and true reasons they can not find him. Offer $1,000,000.00 from the pension that the tax payer paid for. Keystone Kops indeed.

  • susan994

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  • Canadian cousin

    Ok, Hey KTLA a news conference is coming soon, i hope your reporter will be inquiring about the status of the crazy cops that shot up those trucks !! There is more to this story than just finding dorner. Will there be charges pending ? Are they being investigated by their own ? The lapd is stretched so thin it wouldn't be surprising if they are back on the job and this is why this issue has been kept so quiet. Please ask some hard questions pertaining to this incident !!! People want to know !!!

  • dark knight

    Haha, LAPD does not have a CLUE about the location of this guy…Now they assume someone is helping him and he is in Mexico. Keep Assuming LAPD…You assumed he had split in two, became smaller and changed the make and color of his truck and shot two innocent females…LMAO… LAPD = JOke!

  • Gene Rodmy

    The replies take this too literally. Like teachers, police have a lot of impact on a large percent of the regions citizens. A bad experience with a teacher(s) will likely lead to a negative impression on education and academics. A bad experience with the police is far more powerful on someones life. I've been fortunate to have had only a few interactions with police. They have ranged from positive to neutral. My impression on police in socal and justice in general is more positive than not. Police must remember each day they form impressions on the citizenry. They are responsible for eachother.

  • sau sage

    He's a smart man.. after failing to steal the boat, he could've intentionally dropped his wallet near the Mexican border and then headed up north (he drove up the I-15 to big bear), maybe he's trying to cross to Canada and hide in the woods where nobody's looking for him.

  • USAGuest

    That ain't nothin'!

    My best friend's sister's boyfriend's uncle's cousin's sister's grandmother's brother's nephew's uncle's sister's cousin's brother's second cousin twice removed' cat makes twice that much!


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