Dorner Search Focuses on Mexico, Surveillance Video

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Is triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner hiding in Mexico? And does he have an accomplice who helped him make his escape?

Police said at a news conference on Tuesday morning that they are now investigating over 1,000 clues, and the investigation is going in many directions.

They’ve seen about a 400 percent increase in tips since the $1 million reward was announced, Lt. Andy Neiman said.

“It is frustrating and we’re hopeful that something will break loose from the public and that these investigative leads will result in something positive in terms of bringing this to a conclusion,” he added.

The search for Dorner, a former LAPD officer and Navy Reserve lieutenant, is now in its sixth day.

One theory about where Dorner could be is that he may have fled to Mexico.

That comes from an affidavit filed by an inspector with the U.S. Marshals Service in federal court in Los Angeles late last week.

It says that Dorner might be south of the border because he allegedly tried to steal a boat in San Diego, subduing the captain, and said he was going to Mexico.

“The attempt failed when the bow line of the boat became caught in the boat’s propeller, and the suspect fled,” according to the affidavit by U.S. Marshals Inspector Craig McClusky.

After authorities interviewed the boat captain early Thursday, they found Dorner’s wallet and ID near the San Ysidro border crossing, according to the court records.

All that was before police say Dorner shot and killed a Riverside police officer and wounded two other officers.

That same day, a guard at the Point Loma Naval Base told authorities he had spotted a man matching Dorner’s description trying sneak onto the base, the records said.

Authorities have stressed that the court papers reflected their thinking at the time, but said that Dorner could be anywhere.

Authorities in Mexico reportedly raided a motel in Tijuana after somebody there saw someone matching Dorner’s description.

That turned out to be yet another dead end. Authorities said there was no evidence that Dorner had ever been there.

The affidavit by McClusky also says that Dorner could be getting help from “a known associate” with the initials “J.Y.”

McClusky wrote that J.Y.’s family owns property in the Big Bear area near where Dorner’s truck was found.

The criminal complaint does not detail the exact relationship between J.Y. and Dorner, a former LAPD officer and Navy Reserve lieutenant.

But J.Y. could be Jason Young, a person Dorner wrote about in his manifesto, describing him as a great friend, entrepreneur and father.

As part of the surveillance operation of J.Y., authorities were watching his family property last Thursday, the court records show.

Hundreds of officers scoured the area near Big Bear, conducting door-to-door cabin checks for any sign of Dorner.

A scaled-down search continues in the woods west of Big Bear Lake, where about 30 officers are searching vacation homes and cabins in an even more remote area.

Neiman said that the search will keep going until all investigative leads have been exhausted.

Authorities are also asking people in the Big Bear area to review any surveillance video from last Thursday (Feb. 7) through today for signs of Dorner.

Meantime, surveillance video obtained by TMZ shows a man that looks like Dorner buying scuba equipment at a Sport Chalet in Torrance back on Feb. 1.

That was just two days before the daughter of a former LAPD captain and her fiance were found shot to death in Irvine.

Dorner studied underwater warfare in the Navy, so that gear might have been useful if he had managed to use a boat to escape to Mexico.

Neiman said on Tuesday that investigators are reviewing that tape, but they have not made any determination about whether it is Dorner.

He also said that investigators are following up on the possibility that Dorner may have stayed at the Hi View Inn & Suites in Manhattan Beach.

Prosecutors in Riverside County have charged Dorner with murder and attempted murder in the killing of one officer and the wounding of two others.

The charge includes a special circumstance that could make Dorner eligible for the death penalty, if convicted.

As the search for Dorner continues, 50 LAPD personnel and their families remain under protective details, which will be in place until the situation is resolved.

Also, he Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday is expected to discuss dropping another $100,000 into the reward fund, making it a total of $1.1 million.

On Wednesday, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors will hold a special meeting to discuss adding yet another $100,000 to the fund.

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    • thored

      I think that they have enough of their own shady cops down there. They don't want one of ours.
      "skills and training" ? You're right, nobody else has these types of skills…puuuleeze.

  • sUEz

    wow, there are some REALLY SICK people on here. How sad……how do you actually live with your thoughts? Celebrating the death of innocent people? PAY DAY SOMEDAY PEOPLE…….it's only a matter of time………..


    Why do you feel sorry that my Mom birthed me? If that did not happen, you would not be here! I'm your real Daddy….You are just the remnants of what ran down the crack of your mama's ash when I gave it to her….

    • sUEz

      wow……………how old are you? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the best you got loser

  • Rockina2

    Dorner has to be laughing his ash off! For all the LAPD knows he is the one calling in the sightings just to watch them run from one location to another. This could also be a ploy for pulling together large numbers of officers for an ambush. Kind of like a reverse trojan horse.

  • Steve is an idiot

    You cite references of individual cops breaking the law and somehow come to the conclusion that ALL cops are criminals.

    Using that logic, anyone who has a job must be a criminal since no profession is free from its share of bad apples. Unfortunately, cops are in the public eye and are held to a higher standard because of it.

    Cop makes a mistake, everyone knows. You make a mistake filing your section 8 paperwork, no one cares.

  • sky

    (Easy multiple choice test that may tell what you are)
    If you see Dorner, what will you do?
    a) Offer to hide him in your apartment/house.
    b) Do nothing.
    c) Offer food and drink then tell him to move on.
    d) Call 911.
    e) Give him your gun.
    if you don't pick (d) then what do you think you are?

  • anonyomous

    The whole Dorner story is a faked LAPD diversion operation so the LAPD didnt have to arrest
    Cardinal Mahoney which has now resulted in the resignation of The Pope and the entire final
    long awaited collapse of modern Christianity and The Vatican power structure and it's vile legacy of repression, Nazi collaboration, and sexual crimes againist untold thousands of innocent children.

  • OnlyinCali

    I think he has doubled-backed and is in Canada. No extradition if death penalty on the table. Mexico has extradited people with the death penalty on them.

  • bullet fodder

    So this is "domestic terrorism" and not "work place violence"… Lets ask the 30 victims of the Fort hood "Workplace violence" incident if they feel this was more "domestic terrorism" than the killing of their loved ones. The surviving families of the fort hood killings are denied wartime death benefits because a muslim convert screaming Allah Ahkbar while shooting innocents was characterized at the highest levels of government as "work place violence"…

    The political correctness is dominating this stench

  • bullet fodder

    I have a question for all here…

    If I am at a stop light in LA and look over and think I see Chris Dorner in the vehicle next to me… will I go to jail if I start shooting at him out of self defense? I will have had more visual identification than the LAPD/Torrance PD did with the 71 year old paper girl… The laws of unintended consequences now rule the situation, not the LAPD who endangered all citizens with this bounty of a million dollars

    I live here in LA and I shall carry a concealed weapon every day until this man is caught, I will do everything I can to not look at a black man, and if by chance I make eye contact with a bald black man in his thirties I will have to decide whether or not to draw my weapon and empty it into that potential "domestic terrorist" Dorner look alike…

    Oh the unintended consequences are a stench not even Vicks under the nose can dampen

    You have endangered my entire family Mayor V. with this mllion dollar bounty, you have laid the foundation for justifiable citizen shootouts on our streets by including the citizenry as a threat to Dorner

    Time for a "Beer Summit" for the people who have acted stupidly?

  • Sotrue

    I understand that what Dorner did isn't correct, I do not applaud him, but I understand why people feel so negative about the cops, I have family & friends in the cops & they confirm the horrible things that happen behind the public's eye, you gotta understand other people's anger as well, my family has witnessed how when a young underage boy was gasping his last breath, the two officers at the scene where just laughing amongst themselves! Now imagine if this would happen to one of your own, you would understand where they are coming from!

    Read more:

  • guest

    90% of cops are arrogant egotists only interested in the perks of the badge like DUI and speeding breaking the law with "no consequences who dont care about what happens to the average citizen and take there good old time responding to any call except for other members of the force and their "families" hence the 50 officers receiving special guard while the rest of the city and public who make calls go ignored. And if the cops were doing such a "great" job you wouldnt have to worry about your car being stolen and your purse being taken or dozens of young women and men being killed gunned down each year in LA by "domestic terrorism" better known as gang shootings and violence. I dont see the city coming up with $1 million to end that! And these so called great high ranking officers and heros instead of hiding in their houses under LAPD guard should be leading their officers and standing out front doing the job their "paid well" to do "protect people". Not putting lower ranking officers out their to take their bullets!

  • KTLA Admin CRD

    URGENT This is the KTLA Admin Credit Risk Department. Please do not open or click on any links that are from screen name: jasim, faztyu, sUEz and susan994. They may and could contain a virus, spyware and malware. We are doing our best to delete them from our network. Thank you.

  • guest

    Better yet we're sick of "dirty government" all the way around. People want to see the LA and its officers we all once knew and a government filled with people who are well respected because they " earn" respect not because they're corrupt and have to "buy it" for $1 million dollars!

  • guest

    Unfortunately this situation and the Million dollar reward just drive home Dorner's point. All lower ranking officers and the public are "expendable" to protect 50 of LAPD's most corrupt law enforcement. And if you watched the taped tesitmony Fox aired of the victim of abuse involved with Dorner's case you see LAPD is corrupt and not telling the truth about what led Dorner to this whole terrible situation. Killing is never right and no the answer, but unfortunately in this situation it's as the saying goes crimes of the fathers fall on their childrens heads.

  • tutu la rue

    This is yet another prime example how the LAPD and most all police agencies here and worldwide have failed us, Dorner should of never gotten past the psycho-logical tests from the get go. Just like him, there are many, they are ticking time bombs waiting to go off. It is a horrible job at best in the feel good dept, chimed with the gambit of the dregs of society from the common criminal to the sublime. Not a happy place fo sho. That aside, they need to tighten their screws and not allow screwballs and idiots like Dorner into a place of authority. There is far too much abuse on the general public from rogue cops overall, funny thing is that the depts know they have loose cannons in their ranks and they do not do anything about it. They foster a wait and see attitude so as not to alarm the general public. But just like you and I sitting at our cube at work looking over to the weird neighbor and wonder when that person will go 'postal' or 'LAPD' on yo behind; has come to fruition in the LAPD today. This is not the last of this kind of incident. As long as there are psycho's in the ranks, the world or LA is not a better place! period

  • Corruption

    Going after LAPD officers' friends and families is wrong. But it's just as disturbing that there's no real investigations (by sources other than LAPD, come on, that's ridiculous) on LAPD corruptions and brutality.

    Instead, LAPD and other agencies are spending their resources on murdering the guy (eg. 21 bullets on a single pick carrying 2 women, deploying drone against U.S. civilian, on U.S. soil…etc), and focusing its media attention on portraying Dorner as a psychopathic and irrational terrorist. It's no wonder why Dorner's "supporters" would prefer being anonymous.

  • Terry Kelly

    1. Where is lapd getting a million from 2. He's probaly in la somewhere under their noses and 3. When children, men,women are killed where is the reward for tips for their arrest?

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