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Former FBI Agent: Dorner Went Out as a Coward

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Former FBI agent and threat assessment expert Steve Moore has called Christopher Dorner a paranoid psychotic, who fancied himself a hero.

moore-picKTLA spoke with Steve Moore as events unfolded on Tuesday, and he said that Dorner’s plan was not so intricate after all.

“Big talk in the manifesto, cowardly acts,” Moore said, summing up his opinion of the former LAPD officer and Navy reservist.

“I am surprised he killed himself apparently, if the story of one shot is true,” Moore added.

With the manhunt for Dorner ending in a burning cabin south of Big Bear Lake, Moore says if Dorner did kill himself, his last act was cowardly — as was his first.

“Shooting the unarmed daughter of a man you had a grudge with — that is the coward’s way out. He has taken the coward’s way out from day one,” Moore insisted.

Dorner’s first mistake, Moore believes, was praising a friend in his manifesto whose family owned a residential property in Arrowbear.

That clue drew authorities to the mountains last Thursday, where Dorner’s truck, disabled by a broken axle, was found burning nearby.

“He is not as high-speed, low-drag, special forces as he wanted everybody to think,” Moore assessed.

“Could he shoot? Yes. Could he hurt people? Yes. But was he really who he said he was? No.”

On Tuesday morning, two maids entered a cabin in the 1200 block of Club View Drive and ran into a man who they said resembled the fugitive, a law enforcement official said.

The cabin was not far from where Dorner’s singed truck had been found and where police had been holding news conferences about the manhunt.

The man tied up the maids, and he took off in a purple Nissan parked near the cabin, the official said. About 12:20 p.m., one of the maids broke free and called police.

Nearly half an hour later, officers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife spotted the stolen vehicle and called for backup.

The suspect turned down a side road in an attempt to elude the officers but crashed the vehicle, police said.

A short time later, authorities said, the suspect carjacked a light-colored pickup truck.

As the suspect zoomed past the officers, he rolled down his window and fired about 15 to 20 rounds, authorities said.

One of the officers jumped out and shot a high-powered rifle at the fleeing pickup, they said, and the suspect abandoned the vehicle and took off on foot.

“I think he was without a backup plan once he broke his truck down,” Moore said. “I mean, think about it. The guy’s been gone four days, he’s wrecked three cars.”

But, in a 10-day period, Christopher Dorner also took the lives of four people, and wounded three others.

“The only time he ever gives somebody a chance to defend themselves, he ends up dead. It’s not very impressive,” Moore concluded.

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  • The Truth

    Listen people, the LAPD is corrupt, politicians are corrupt, & the media is biased based upon whichever multibillion dollar company owns them and therefore must follow their agenda. We live in a time where people just blindly believe anything and everything they read and see on TV, newspapers, magazines, internet etc. People in this day and age do not generally think for themselves anymore. The days when police departments had just one or two bad apples are over. When you have departments with thousands of officers that number is compounded over and over again. I'm sure that many LAPD officers are of good moral character but I'm also certain that there are MANY that are not and I'm not talking about one or two. I'm sure you have heard people compare humans in this day and age to cattle or sheep because they just do what is told and expected of them just as a heard of animals would. Your sheep herders are the media, the politicians, and the media. You do what they say, you wear what they tell you to, you behave as all good sheep should. You may think to yourself that I'm wrong, but if for only one second you can detach yourself from these things and take a good hard look at what is REALLY going on maybe, just maybe you will see the truth. What Dorner did was extreme and very disturbing to many. However, no matter what his actions were the system failed him. Everyone has a breaking point and you may think that you would never be able to act out the way he did. What you don't realize is that everyone one of us can be pushed to our limits and beyond. What we are capable of as humans is sometimes unimaginable and sometimes has very shocking and disturbing effects. What do you do when the system fails you…? How are you supposed to feel…? How are you supposed to act…? How are you to go on living in a world that now has changed forever in your eyes…? Here is what's happening already, Dorner has been turned into a monster by law enforcement all across the board, he has been turned into a monster by the media and every politician I has seen interviewed. They will never if even for a second admit that he was more than a disgruntled former LAPD officer. For those of you who put all their eggs in one basket in believing the powers that be and let them decide for you what is right and wrong and what is truth and what is not just know that when that basket drops don't be shocked or even slightly surprised when those eggs shatter just like Dorner's life did. Hopefully that will never happen but hey, that's just my opinion.

    • Nightmare

      Someone one day woke up and realized that you could profit from stupidity, thus, people started to defend stupidity, now the stupid rule the world.

    • joe

      Well I have to comment on your ignorance. There are some corrupt officers out there……not agencies. Also, I keep failing to hear from anyone that has stuck up for this POS about his board hearing where he was fired, his lawsuit in superior court that was thrown out or his appeal to the California Court of Appeals. All three venues said the exact same thing and that they thought he was dishonest. Tha latter 2 have nothing to do with LAPD. This was a crybaby that could not handle being a PO and threw a tantrum and started killing innocent people. Anyone that thinks what he did was correct, please don't call the police for help. If you do maybe the next Chris Dorner will show up.

  • Ben

    Hey, Mister "Truth" – what do you do when the system fails you, when you are pushed to your limits? Well, for one thing, you DON'T go out and murder family members of those you perceive "pushed" you. The truth is: the LAPD determined Dorner was not fit to be in the force because he was crazy. He couldn't accept that because he was crazy. And then, he went out and murdered people because he was crazy, only to prove that he should have been removed from the police force in the first place BECAUSE HE WAS CRAZY. We all get pushed to some degree or another – some seriously and maybe unjustified. Murdering innocent people is not the answer in a civilized society.

    • The Truth

      Dorner was relieved of duty for doing the right thing and whistle blowing nothing else. He appealed and was denied…. He was then relieved of duty from the Navy for being fired from the LAPD. What you do in the private sector holds a lot of weight in the military. I think having your entire life turned upside and being forced to bend over for doing the right thing can be cause for lashing out in any number of ways. I'm not saying he didn't snap because he did and anyone including you Ben are capable of doing the same. Don't kid yourself and think, "I could never do such things" because you don't know until you are in that situation….and this is a rare situation… However he had clear targets, cops and those directly related to those cops. When your a crooked cop, or even if you look the other way for crooked cops, you are just as bad in my book. You need to realize that you may one day not only endanger yourself but those around you, including family members and even those good cops. Just like gang members or any number of criminals. Just because someone wears a badge does not make them immune from taking part in illegal activities. When we raise our kids to always do the right thing, we tell them that lying is bad, that cheating is bad, that bullying is bad, to stand up to bullying, to tell on those that do wrong etc etc… then we royally 'F' those that do what they were told to do we have nobody to blame but ourselves… This is bigger than who was right and who was wrong, this is about doing the right thing no matter what the consequences…. The guy had HUGE balls and I don't simply think that what he did was wrong because the media, the cops and the internet tell me to. Yes it was WAAAY extreme but sometimes extreme actions call for extreme measures.

  • susan673

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  • bob f

    Unfortunately Moore is fanning the flames of discontent with his comments here. He's part of the problem.

    Lets work on solutions instead so we can prevent this from happening.

  • John

    The LAPD needs to be evaluated from the top down. This fact is true. That said no one can deny that Dorner had obvious mental issues unrelated to the force . You don't kill people, especially innocent people to prove a point. That is truly psychotic behavior and those who agree with his actions need to have their heads examined just as badly as he needed his checked! The fact he passed his psych eval to even make it on to the force is scary. How many more like him on the force is there?

  • John

    Sorry, hit send too soon. Those who are getting themselves on TV need to shut up with their commentaries. Quit making matters worse! Steve Moore, your fifteen minutes are over so go back into retirement!

    • Scott McMillan

      He's not retired. He's actively promoting his Gumshoe practice. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

      Heck, this is an easy free advertisement. Stand up and call a dead guy names.

    • Are you kidding???

      Murdering innocent people is considered doing the right thing? The people he killed had absolutely NOTHING to do with his problems with the LAPD. NOTHING!

    • ThinkAboutIt

      If by "do the right thing" you mean reform how the LAPD treat Angelenos and officers who try to report police brutality/corruption, then (allegedly, I will admit) murdering a basketball coach, a college campus security officer, a Marine Corp. verteran RPD officer, and a San Bernardino County sheriff was the WRONG WRONG WRONG WAY TO DO IT !!!

      Other officers have been subjected to more unjust dismissals, but they wrote books, attempted to gather public support, or just left law enforcement and never looked back. Dorner could have started a peaceful movement, gained momentum, and accomplished what he claimed, but he was too lazy and blinded by his petty rage. Instead he tainted his cause with the blood of innocents, making law enforcement that much more defensive and entrenched, and making the cause of changing the systemic dysfunction of the LAPD that much more difficult. If Dorner is guilty of what he is accused of, then his arrogance has wounded our city.

  • VNgrunt67

    Personally I am glad Dorner was booted from the Police Dept. Look at this recent behavior… just the kind of person we want as a cop! Those that think the police are thugs… imagine this idiot administering street justice!

    I have no idea whether he was fired due to "whistle- blowing" and neither does anyone else on here.

    You handle an unjust firing by getting an attorney, not by killing innocent people!

    • Dorner Goooone

      Exactly, quit whining all you dorner (the coward) sympathisers. One thing the LAPD got right was fire that moron. He just proved that he was a low life peace of scum that deserved to be serving life with somet of the people he put away. All yours and his cries of injustice is just a cop out if your a loser quit trying to make yourself feel better by blaming "the man".

    • Steveatron1

      Thanks, Mark. My eyes were closed before I read your post. I can see the truth now… *heavy sarcasm*

      Please leave the real conversation to the big boys. Thanks.

  • Sean

    Concerning Dorner, the guy is/was a moron who went about things the wrong way; why kill family members? If what he said was even half true, the LAPD is all kinds of messed up and they really do need to clean house to fix their image. I hope one good thing comes out of this. However, I think we can all agree Steve Moore is absolutely a moron. We all definitely needed him to tell us what we already know…

  • Nightmare

    " Former FBI Agent: Dorner Went Out as a Coward "

    … Oh, so he went OUT as a coward … but didn't he START out as a coward ?

    … So why is it so significant that he went OUT as a coward ?


  • 323

    I absolutely disagree with the way Dorner went about all this but I completely agree with many of his opinions…. hes not a psycho, or a monster or anything like that. He never wanted to hurt any citizen. He just wanted revenge which shouldnt mean murdering people… But this man stood up for what was right and that to me is enough to respect him… Not his actions but Christopher Dorner as a man and as a human… Fuck steve moore for calling him a coward… Cowards.are all those policemen and deputies and any law enforcement personnel who refuse to cross that “blue line” I read his entire manifesto and I have more reason to believe every word he said than to not believe it. May he rest in peace…

    • Are you kidding???

      No person in their right mind would kill innocent people to reclaim their name. The revenge he was exacting was directed toward innocent people who had nothing to do with his time with the LAPD. That is psychotic behavior. His rambling manifesto was another exhibit of his psychotic thoughts. If you read it in its entirety you'd be scratching your head wondering WTH was he talking about. It was a rambling mess.

  • kellyBEEEEE

    323,,,,,,He's not a psycho? I doubt you read his Manifesto. His real sadness was that he would be unable to see Hangover 3. He never wanted to hurt the innocent? He specifically talked about how the LAPD had taken his ability away to have a family, he would extinguish THEIR families. The Cops do do lots of bad things but this guy was a loser, Mama's boy. He had been denied promotion in the Naval Reserve Twice. He never got over being a failure. He was no whistleblower either. He waited until his negative review came up to report the abuse. Had he been a real hero he would have reported it immediately. He waited until the negative review came up. Either way, he's complicit with violence or a liar.

    • Joe

      323….I hope an officer like Dorner comes to help you. As for not wanting to hurt anyone. Out of the four people he killed what did any of them do to him. As for respecting him, you set the standards pretty low for yourself. How about the board hearing for his job. The board felt he was lying during that. However he was represented by an attorney who was former LAPD. Since he didn't feel the attorney represented him well enough, he will just kill the attorney's family. But he never wanted to hurt anyone. Furthermore he sued the LAPD and a judge in the SuperiorCourt threw it out because he thought that Dorner was not truthful. A Court of Appeals also threw it out for the same reason. His complaints were looked into and two different courts threw it out for the same reason……he was not truthful. But he didn't want to hurt anyone. 323 people with your kind of attitude is the problem with this world. You fail to accept responsibilities for your actions and it's always someone else's fault. He is nothing more than a psychopath who slipped through the cracks and wanted nothing more than a handout. He is a POS that was nothing more than a coward and took his own life cause he was too scared. I hope he rots in hell.

  • Scott McMillan

    Let's hear it from a "consultant" to make a judgment regarding a man's courage. How about Former FBI Agent Steve Moore open up his personnel file, and let us have a glimpse into his past? One that is apart from the book or his bio. Let the Public be the judge as to whether Steve Moore is anyone to be casting dispersions as to Dorner's courage. I don't see any military service in Steve's background. Doesn't look like he even volunteered. Says a lot.

    From this perspective, which is Steve Moore is just a Private Investigator / litigation support / security "expert" looking for free advertising and his opinions should be given that weight rather than a feature. By the way, here's his website:

  • Jim Macnamara

    Yo, Steve, high fives all around! Let's dis the dead guy! Don't worry that they shot some old Asian lady because you're all so "high speed, low-drag." The record manhunt finally zeroed-in on the large, obvious, black man in the snow white community of a local ski resort. Once they corner him, they shoot the cabin with a "burner." Bravery at it's finest. Maybe you ought to button the bravado for a moment and thank the large part that dumb luck played in finishing this fiasco.