Live: Pair of Key Witnesses Testify in Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

Documents: Dorner Stalked Irvine Couple Before Murders

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

IRVINE, Calif. (KTLA) — There’s new information that Christopher Dorner collected detailed information about the Irvine couple he is accused of killing.

Cal State Fullerton assistant basketball coach Monica Quan and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, are believed to be Dorner’s first victims in his revenge rampage.

Quan was the daughter of a retired LAPD captain who represented Dorner in a hearing that led to his dismissal.

Investigators say Dorner shot them multiple times nearly two weeks ago, on Sunday February 3.

Their bodies were found in a car in the parking structure of their Irvine condo complex. Audio has been released from police dispatch tapes on that night.

“We have male hunched over the vehicle of a wheel of a vehicle, possibly has been shot, unknown his condition,” the dispatcher says.

“We have two subjects down in the vehicle, not sure their status,” the dispatcher later says. “Just for info, our suspect is still outstanding.”

Meantime, a newly released affidavit from Irvine police investigators provides chilling new details about the double homicide.

Detectives believe that Dorner followed and stalked his young victims for some time.

Also, their bodies were shot so many times that police believe Dorner re-loaded or used a high-capacity type magazine in the execution-style slayings.

A search warrant has revealed that, two days after the Irvine killings, Dorner was caught on surveillance tape dumping a uniform, his badge and other police gear in a National City dumpster.

He may, in fact, ahve worn his uniform during the shootings of Quan and Lawrence.

Thankfully, not all of Dorner’s targets died. Riverside Officer Andrew Tachias was wounded in the ambush that killed his partner, Officer Michael Crain.

After shoulder surgery, the 27-year-old is in stable condition, and is expected to recover from his wounds.

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    • Daisy may

      you are so ignorant, why are you posting ? Don't like it then keep your mouth shut, others will post, don't be needing to hear your bs, ya he's dead, so if it's over for you, don't post anymore, people like you need to get a life !! if you have nothing constructive to say, shut the f up !!

  • Daisy may

    My heart and prayers go out to all the families involved in this terrible tragedy, it has been quite a few weeks and thank the Lord it has come to an end, i know we pray for all the victims and families, today please remember Nancy Dorner, mother of chris, may the lord be with her and all of you during this difficult time.

    • Original OG

      From what the news showed of the cops funeral, looks like the cops best friend and the cops wife has already moved on. All that hugging and rubbing they were doing at the funeral was a bit much. She was'nt even dressed like a grieving widow. Looked like she was going partying after the funeral.

  • Proud Gun Owner

    Here we go…… Was it really necessary to mention a high capacity magazine? Nice play on words to continue fueling the anti-gun agenda. "They were shot so many times that investigators concluded the killer used a high capacity magazine." First of all, there is no evidence of that, the killer could have had multiple magazines and simply reloaded. I get so sick and tired of the media taking senseless tragedies such as this and using them to fuel the anti-gun agenda. If you want to be fair in your reporting, why not report when a law abiding citizen uses their gun to save a life? There are millions of good uses of firearms every year but they are never reported, instead we are only going to take the bad instances and blow them way out of proportion in order to brainwash the naive citizens to believe guns are bad. In this country, armed citizens used to be called patriots and now the media wants people to believe that armed citizens are radicals. Also, let's be accurate in our reporting of the 2nd Amendment. Read the 2nd Amendment completely, it was put in place so citizens could protect themselves from an oppressive government. It was not put in place to protect the rights of hunters and sportsman which is what I hear in the media constantly when they talk about assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Let's start doing some fair reporting people!!!!

    • malclave

      "If you want to be fair in your reporting"

      They're journalists. Why would they want to be fair?

      The media has long since stopped being the Fourth Estate… they're much happier as a Fifth Column.

      • kelly

        hmmm..It doesn't read like these are the reporters words. I'm pretty sure the story reads "The documents also show that newly engaged couple were shot so many times with a 9 mm pistol that investigators concluded the killer had used a high-capacity magazine.' in reference to an affidavit issue by a detective. We really don't know what evidence the investigators do or do not have to make this determination. I hope our police didn't just make it up, but you never know.

        • malclave

          I don't doubt that the investigators suspect the "high capacity" magazine (with whatever definition they're using for "high capacity" this week), but the reporter certainly chose what parts of the documents to report on.

          Would the couple have been any less dead if the killer used a magazone that wasn't "high capacity", or even a revolver?

        • Original OG

          With all the lying they have done already, how can you tell when they are reporting the truth. Bet they were never going to reopen the Dorner case anyway. They think it is all over, there's copy cats lurking every where. Don't get to relaxed, the police dept. have wronged alot of people.

    • Jerry

      I agree, there is no evidence that the couple were shot more than once each. No mention of a hail of gun fire. But it's ok our police thugs have the right to open fire on innocent civilians, not one shot, but a hail of gun file, on two different trucks.

      No problem knowing the true intent of the officers, not fearing for their life, they wanted Dornor dead no matter the cost.

  • steve

    Really???? I thought he(forner) went to the rooftop to use the bathroom and ran into quan . Shot them both because they both saw him taking a dump on the rooftop. Now I know what happen.

  • guest

    They are inflating the story and shooting to justify their unacceptable actions for putting 102 bullets in the newspaper ladies truck and riddling the Big Bear cabin with who knows how many thousands of rounds of ammo and setting it on fire. Two words: No excuse!

  • Jerry

    Dornor is not dead. Place burned down to the ground, body burned to a crisp, and yet law enforcement found his license next to his body? How is that possible that he took his wallet out of his pocket and some how protected it from the fire enough to survive in tact for a 'police' officer to find. And we didn't get to see this body either. So we have to take trigger happy cops at their word?

    They open fire on innocent victums without any warning, not once, more then 3 times. They wanted this one dead regardless.

  • dan c

    Dorner was NOT given a fair and unbiased trial. Judge Yafee received over $500,000.00 in money that was NOT authorized by law. SBX211

    Please sign petition to stop bribes to judges. Google SBX211and sign petition.

    Complete main-stream media blackout. Please help to let others know to sign.

    The cops lie and the judges take bribes.

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