Dorner’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out As Investigation Continues

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ANGELUS OAKS, Calif. (KTLA) San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies continue looking for answers about the final dramatic moments in the manhunt for Christopher Dorner.

Now, some of those closest to Dorner are speaking out. Including his ex-girlfriend.

Chip Yost was in Angelus Oaks with more.

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  • Definitive

    Good to see this domestic terrorist go up in flames. The far-left lunatics that are trying to make a cult hero out of a twisted bastard like Dorner are cop-hating dirtbags.

  • Daisy may

    All this woman has done is bitch, bitch, bitch. She is pissed that dorner didn't include her in his manifesto.
    She wishes she got the recognition of charlie sheen and the likes, she never states how long they were together, i would suggest not to long, this woman is trying to make a quick buck over a horrible situation, good luck honey b !!

    • Sheesh

      I didn't hear her bitch at all Daisy. In fact she said very little, other than Chis was the type of guy to keep his emotions bottled up inside. Don't be so cynical. Media looks for the most inane people to talk to at times.
      What the media needs to be doing instead of focusing on ex-girlfriends is doing some deep investigative journalism regarding the "boys in blue" club (LAPD).

      • Daisy may

        I've seen her out doing the media thing and a few interviews, not much for me, she has nothing nice to say really about anything, we all know about chris, and her involvement as an ex right now just doesn't seen to appropriate, she seems money hungry to me, that's just me

          • Daisy may

            sorry cant be specific like abc,nbc,cbs, as i was channel surfing i caught a few exerpts from her at first i didn't even know who she was, don't think a lot of people do, i stopped and was quite intrigued as to what she had to say before i knew who she was, i wasn't impressed to much with her attitude, she was talking garbage about dorner, rightfully so, i wasn't impressed and got the gut feeling she is just after money from knowing him, especially at this sensitive time, just

      • S4287

        Sheesh you sound like those other fools that have been drinking the media kool aid about corruption in law enforcement. Why don't you examine the facts about this maniac. One he shot him self in the hand in the academy, two he choked another recruit in the academy, three he was not mentally sound to be a cop. Even the Navy past him up for promotions. Why because he was a nut case. Stop blaming Law Enforcement for a career screw up. You should be looking at the civilians that approved his package to be hired. Yes bet you didn't know that the final approval for hiring someone comes from a civilian for the city of LA.

        • Ignoranceisplenty

          Do you really believe that people are "insane" for killing people? Can I help you get off your animal kingdom high horse and help you construct the fact that animals kill each other all the time, and yes humans are also included as animals as well. Were not some f*cking great thing, we destroy the planet with our stupidity and allow virtually every aspect of our world to be turned to shit because of our immature intolerance for anything that we do not personally like. If you are wronged like Dorner and you are trained in only certain trades, warfare, police enforcement all sorts of things that bring our servicemen to come back home rendered completely mentally f*cked from the shit they've done, witnessed and seen. Dorner handled the situation in the only way he was TRAINED how. Our society created Dorner, it is society we have to blame not a one man army that was regardless of the merit of his deeds absolutely remarkable as a human being.

  • Eileen

    I thought she was intelligent and articulate. As she said, she does not defend what he did. Between the LAPD's reputation and the fact of workplace violence and bullying, this needs to be explored so it doesn't happen again.

  • Tina

    I feel that this whole situation is very sad for ALL the families and chris’s. I knew chris and he was a special guy I cared for and I think that anyone can snap that is what this shows me. And for what he went through emotionally is all he knows none of us will ever know my heart aches for his loss and the lives he took. RIP chris

      • Tina

        He was a kind guy big teddy bear, he was there when ever I needed help. He had the smile to light up the room. Its just sad that he didnt share this with anyone. I know how much he wanted to be in law to help people. Just hard to see this change in him that wasnt expected at all

        • Guest

          i am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. i know that everyone is up and down about this right now and i can only imagine how the families feel including his own. after reading his manifesto i can only imagine what it's like to have your world ripped away from you. he seemed like an honest man and did his duty, served and protected not only society, but this country as well. he was only trying to do what was right and i can only hope that this situation will open everyone's eyes and fix it… but we all know that's not going to happen. its tragic that lives were taken at the same time, but his was taken the day they wrongfully accused him. one can only take so much. RIP Chris Dorner, and the 4 innocent lives that were lost only because they were connected to those who did him wrong.

  • spearchucker

    Chris was bisexual. his Girl friend , Chris and I had many night together, but I will always remebr that night with the donkey was my favorite

  • guest

    KTLA is as corrupt as their friends at LAPD they delete comments that dont make their buddies look good. This woman works for the LAPD she dated him for a little of 4 weeks and she's a snake.

  • guest

    His real long time girlfriend said he was a great guy so why didnt they interview her. Instead they get this gal from LAPD to say what they want her to say.

    • Daisy may

      I hear ya , i posted when there was 4 posts, came back and they had all be deleted, nothing like a "really piss me off moment", i got over it , hope you will to…are you into the moonshine again…lol i'm leaving these dumb dumbs for the eve….later

  • guest

    He got a restraining order on this woman she's not his girlfriend. Just someone he went out with a couple of times. There's more information on the web about her just type in her name.

  • Daisy may

    Well i can see all the wackos have taken over this evening again, as usual, say something constructive and you may get a response, this horrific incident has come to a conclusion, lets talk about the future, not the past ! Wake up people !!

  • conny

    There are a lot ofreasons for what happened,just no excuses, nothing can ever excuse what happened. Which is the case with most violence.

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