LA Dreamers: Our African-American Pioneers – Stevie Wonder

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – We’re celebrating Black History Month by highlighting Southern California’s African-American Pioneers.

Today we take a look at one “LA Dreamer” who is still living the dream, singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder.

He’s one of the most creative musical talents in the twenty-first century and his influence is felt worldwide.

Stevie Wonder has written more than five hundred songs, has won twenty-six Grammy Awards and was elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Using his prestige to promote positivity, this civil rights activist played an instrumental role in making Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a national holiday.

Wonder owns KJLH 102.3 FM, the first black-owned radio station on the West Coast.

This LA Dreamer continues to inspire kindness, joy, love and happiness.

To find out more about Stevie Wonder and other L.A. Dreamers, the Los Angeles Urban League has a special free exhibit called “The 90 That Built L.A.”

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  • guest

    I dont think there will be much celebration in the Black Community of LA this week considering how law enforcement just did former LAPD officer Chris Dorner. Talk about law enforcement setting human relations back 60 years. For me the way they did Dorner was nothing more than a KKK style execution setting his cabin on fire and burning this man. Digusting. Truly digusting. I truly hope people dont forget Chris and dont drop the ball to see law enforcement is held accountable for their inappropriate behavior this past week.

    • shabazz

      I agree with the props given to Christopher Dorner…………..this is an example of exterminating a person………….BUT………his legacy lives on and the spirit of "SHAKA ZULU"……………………..reparations NOW & FOREVER…………………40acres and that 'damn mule'…HETEP wazuri

  • hannibaltharadio

    I have a couple of points to make:

    a. Why did you guys cut the story??? Stevie Wonderis an icon and certainly a broadcast piopneer having held KJLH since 1979…. a small station in amajor market serving the black community is a feat in and of itself… please re-post the ENTIRE report…

    b. Stevie has composed more than 4000(FOURTHOUSAND) songs, not 500. He is the number three played artist in the world…

    c. To the guest above, The Dorner situation has absolutely NOTHING to do with celebrating Stevie Wonder and KJLH… and while there are certainly issues and questions with the whys and wherefores of Mr. Dorner's anger.. The people he murdered had nothing to do with that and for this he is wrong. Stevie feels that way also… Just sayn.

    • shabazz

      I always salute Mr. Steveland Hardaway Morris…………lovelovelovelove…………………………asante SANA BABA STEVIE…………xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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