Questions Remain About Dorner Standoff, Reward

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ANGELUS OAKS, Calif. (KTLA) — San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies continue looking for answers about the final dramatic moments in the manhunt for Christopher Dorner.

They’re sifting through the rubble of the cabin that burned down after a gun battle between Dorner and deputies on Tuesday.

dorner-condoAuthorities haven’t officially confirmed that the body found in the cabin is Dorner’s, but the Sheriff John McMahon says that will happen soon.

Meanwhile, McMahon says that the manhunt for the former LAPD officer accused in four murders is now over.

Among those allegedly killed by Dorner is Det. Jeremiah McKay, who, along with another San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy, was hit in the shootout on Tuesday.

“The deputy sheriffs that responded to this active shooting scene yesterday are absolutely true heroes,” McMahon said at a news conference on Wednesday.

“It was like a war zone, and our deputies continued to go in to that area and try to neutralize and stop the threat,” he added.

McMahon was asked on Wednesday about how the fire at the cabin began.

Officers were overheard on the scanner talking about bringing what they called “burners” into the cabin.

The sheriff says that deputies first used traditional tear gas to try to flush Dorner out.

When that didn’t work, he says they tried CS gas. It’s a highly flammable form of tear gas, and it’s more powerful.

“It was not on purpose. We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out,” McMahon said on Wednesday.

“Pyrotechnic-type canisters are commonly referred to as burners,” he added.

Another question is how Dorner was able to hide for as long as he did with so many people looking for him.

He stayed for as long as five days in a condo in the 1200 block of Club View Drive, near the Bear Mountain ski resort and just a stone’s throw away from the sheriff’s command post.

The condo was in an area where deputies had supposedly gone door-to-door searching for Dorner.

“I can tell you that the cabin in question had not been rented out since Feb. 6,” Dep. Sheriff Steve Kovensky said. “As I said, there was an extensive search in that area of the cabins.”

One final question pertains to the $1.1 million reward and who might get that — if anyone.

The reward language stipulates that the money goes for the capture and conviction of Chris Dorner. But Dorner is not going to be tried, since he’s believed to be dead.

The man who Dorner allegedly carjacked says he believes he deserves the reward, and he’ll fight to collect it.

-Eric Spillman reporting

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  • Daisy may

    The title of this article "Questions remain about dorner standoff ". Do you think !! I am somewhat happy the media has stepped up and started asking some hard questions. Why did they bring in all the chiefs for that press conference, just to look pretty, and not answer questions, it took them half the conference to introduce them, another waste of money !! As soon as the hard questions come they high tail it back to their blankets and soothers. Maybe they want to re-organize and dream up the lies they will tell to any particular question. cops investigating cops is not a healthy practice, bring in an independant investigative team to figure all this BS out !!

  • jbj

    The bottom line with all of this is we will never really know who was in the cabin. The authorities will say it was Dorner based on DNA/dental records but they can fabricate that information just like the next person. When you have a massive inferno like we all saw, it destroys a lot of evidence. Yet, like many others have said, they found a wallet and a drivers lic that were still recognizable? Wow, yet a body is burned beyond recognition where you have to use dental and DNA for identification!!! Dorner knew he would not be around long, his manifesto was in reality a good by letter. He knew since he crossed the line at the LAPD he was a dead man!!! He knew they would take him out, or he would have to take his own life because he would be cornered. Either way we will never really know what happened to him. All that he did achieve as he was hoping for, was to point out the corruption in the LAPD, which unfortunately is not unique. There are many corrupt police officers across the nation, heck we pay to go see movies made about them. There are also many police officers who are not corrupt and who take the oath of office seriously and give their life to save others.

    • jbj

      jbj cont.
      We all know this, that is the reality we live in and with! Dorner, took his issue and made it public, at the same time his mind had snapped! What he did was very wrong and I do not condone it a bit, but what the LAPD did was also wrong!! Sometimes it does take an act like this to give us all pause to reflect on what we can do to make sure the next Dorner does not happen!!!
      LAPD had the where with all during the many years he was removed from the force to get him the assistance he needed, either medically or mentally, they saw the signs but they seemingly turned their heads the other way.
      My heart goes out to every family affected by this, it is a tragedy that did not need to happen!! So, what can we do to prevent the next one? Hopefully, albeit very painful lessons can be learned from this tragedy that will prevent the next one from happening, if we do not learn from this there are going to be many Chris Dorners we will deal with.
      It is all very sad!!!

  • guest

    The words 'incendiary' device says it all. The very definition of word means to 'inflame'. Let see all the definitions in Webster : 1. relating to a 'deliberate' burning of property 2. pertaining to the 'malicious' burning of property 3. designed to 'start' fires 4.incendiary agent such as a 'bomb' or chemical causing fires to start 5. arson 6. a person who commits 'arson' No court in the world who listened to the comments Sheriff McMahon made "We used an incendiary device", would "Not determine" they set the fire "intentionally"!

    • Daisy may

      I heard on CNN yesterday from an FBI guy that no law enforcement uses incendairy tear gas devices, including tactical squads, it may have been an incendairy device of some sort, when they talk about tear gas i have my doubts, who knows this guy could have been lying also, bottom line they lit it up and now are trying to cover-up.

  • guest

    One thing this situation proves above all else with the cabin fire, the warfare like shooting at the cabin and on the two innocent passenger trucks and neighborhood in Glendale shot up with well over 60 shells. All law enforcement agencies in Southern California are full of bullet happy crazed insane nuts.

  • guest

    ass backwards cops you did'nt catch him when he was under your noes, so what are you lookign for in the burnt down cabin??? how about give the school that million dollars so we can keep some of the teachers and put after school programs and music back to the school and help that lady rebuild her cabin you all burnt down

  • Country Rocker

    Thank God these tragic chain of events came to a firey end, with the demise of one Christopher Doner. Whether the cabin fire was set intentionally or not, its over. He could have come out of the cabin on his own, but chose not to. This now dead savage ape was a mass murderer. How can some of you idiots support a mass murderer? You can rot in hell along with him.

    • Daisy may

      We DO NOT support mass murder by any means and anyone, this issue is the pertaining to the behaviour and actions taken by our so called professional police force, we don't condone dorner in no way at all, and certainly wish this situation never happened, unfortunatley it has, and the protocal and action of police are at question here, the cover-ups and unruly behaviour that has taken place over the last two weeks, have you been hiding under a rock !! you belong in a non democratic society pal, so go move there

  • Anonymous

    why does the man who was carjacked feel he deserves the money? A) the couple in the condo are the ones who initially alerted police to his general whereabouts so without them they wouldn't have been on the lookout and B) the carjacked dude didn't lead to his capture, the Fish and Game led to him being cornered. At least the couple realize that the reward is for his capture and conviction and aren't expecting it despite being held hostage. This dude just lost his truck (at least Dorner let him take his dogs) and feels he deserves the one million? Please dude. If you knew exactly where he was and called a tip in to the police it's one thing, calling 911 cuz your car was jacked does not mean you get the reward.

    • Daisy may

      noone will be recieving this award of a million, the mayor was on ktla the other day and when posed the question he said he would have to investigate to see if anyone may be elegible, as far as he was concerned the reward was for "capture and conviction" , we were used as pawns in their scheme to kill dorner, if anyone gets it, it should be the couple that called 911 first, unfortunatley they have used their language loop holes in order not to pay, no wonder dorner got barbequed !! think about it !!

  • anonyomous

    This entire episode is without a doubt one of the lowest points in Los Angeles history. The whole thing smells of such institutionalized evil and massive cover-up that it staggers the mind. With all due respect to the victims and their families, I challenge anyone to remember an incident in L.A.'s recent past where violent criminals who killed or wounded innocent civilians in much larger numbers ever illicited this kind of epic military-level operation, other than the SLA/Hearst incident in the 70's.

    Whose hand was on the hotline in Washington D.C. to prevent another Knapp Commission that
    wiped out the entire NYPD in one of the biggest police corruption scandals in this nation's hiostory?

  • jack

    wow lots of talk about corruption and the sheriffs department, LAPD, and secrets and on and on. Did we forget that innocent people were killed families damaged , kids without fathers. No matter what Happened to Dorner (and i'm not saying it did or didn't happen) you can't justify what he did. One thing that is common about complainers and armchair quarterbacks. They always have the answer after everything is over. Go be a cop make the changes since you know everything. I know I dont want to be a cop and shot at with a high powered rifle. Lets not forget many of these officers also served are country in the military . To Daisy may all the times someone shot at you with i high powered rifle were you able to hit them in the legs? Have you ever been shot at?

    • Daisy may

      Well Jack, first of all no i have never been shot at with a high powered rifle, bb gun that's it . I hear what you are saying, with all those bullets flying around in the beginning i can't understand why one of those deputies couldn't have brought him down then, dorner was out numbered , he could only shoot one rifle at a time, can't believe those deputies missed him with the amount of gunfire going on, even a simple leg shot !! Look what happened in Torrance, 50+ shots at the wrong suspect and they only hit the wrong target twice, maybe the brotherhood should head back for some more training at the firing range.

  • guest

    According to what I found out and incendiary device is a flame thrower or firebomb used to ntentionally set a fire. So much for not intentional.

  • Daisy may

    Well isn't it amazing, beyond my belief, the mayor has come out and said the reward money will be handed out !! Mind you sounds like it will be shared somehow between the couple that was tied up and the guy with the dog. no matter to me just happy they have taken some positive steps in this horrible situation, thinking the mayor is probably looking for votes next time around, and not handing this out to the people who truly deserve it would put a wrench in abtaining more votes next time,he's probably got a knot in his stomach, funny he came out the other day and said the reward was for "capture and conviction " only !! Big change of heart, this smells fishy to me.

  • Rockina2

    They didn't burn it on purpose but after lobbing seven "burners" into the cabin they started knocking down the walls with an armored car to fuel the fire with oxygen. Otherwise if they were knocking down the walls to get him out why did they need seven "burners"?

    A large part of the public feels that police corruption, carried to the limit, killed five people.

  • Dave

    I don't understand how they found his wallet , when he supposedly left it at the airport . Just wondering , I suppose if he is still alive we will find out soon enough. My heart goes out to all the families affected !

    • Guest

      I think that his wallet was "found" after his (Christopher) failed attempt at trying to steal a boat at some dock. They "found" it laying on ground somewhere around there. How many wallets and identification did he have? This whole story sounds "fishy" at best, from top to bottom to me. I pray for all the families that have been affected by this awful tragedy. Period.

  • ickypeople

    Are the folks jockeying for position for the bounty also going to fight for remnants of Dorners bones and ashes to keep as souveniers? What a bunch of creepy people to accept any blood money from the LAPD.

  • mark

    why did he wanna be an uncle tom cop to start with?………after this,wonder if lapd will hire any more negroes?……..they kiss ass to get a job, then they allways turn out to be horrible employees……….just don't hire negroes and your business will run alot smoother……since they like negroes so much, lets make them get their jobs from negro owned company's!…….when's the last time a negro has shopped ata negro owned grocery store?…or retail dept store?………never trust any of these thangz…..they don't bring s**t to america, except trouble,crime,and ebt welfare babies…….they look for other races for their opportunity's,goods,services,supplies,and groceries………why would white people like negroes that hate white people?….LMFAO!!!…..THAT'S THE SILLIEST S**T I EVER HEARD OF….LOLLLLL

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