Cardinal Mahony To Again be Deposed Regarding Church Sex Abuse Claims

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD (KTLA) – Before Cardinal Roger Mahony heads to Rome to help elect a new pope, he’ll be questioned under oath next Saturday (Feb. 23) about his handling of clergy sex abuse cases.

The kinds of questions Mahony will face:  did a visiting priest from Mexico abuse a local North Hollywood parishioner?  And did the church — under Mahony’s guidance — stall in notifying police about the alleged abuse?

A judge has cleared the way for the deposition of Mahony to proceed, and has ruled that attorneys will have four hours to question Cardinal Mahony on the subject.

Mahony has been deposed several times since the late 1990’s about issues of alleged sexual abuse within the church.

In the current case pending, attorneys for the alleged victim contend that he was molested 30 years ago by a priest visiting from Mexico.

Judge Emilie H. Elias is allowing attorneys to ask about the priest from Mexico, as well as 25 other clergymen who were accused of abuse during that time period.

Attorneys for the plaintiff have more questions for Mahony, stemming from the more than 12,000 pages of documents that have been generated within the church records regarding the allegations.

A victims’ rights group has expressed concerns that the four-hour window allotted for questioning of Mahony will not be enough time.

Spokesmen for the archdiocese have declined to comment on the matter.

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  • snapjudy

    Thankfully, LA Superior Court Judge Emilie H. Elias ordered Cardinal Mahony to be deposed for questioning under oath before he leaves for Rome. It is time for law enforcement to investigate these sex crimes against kids, and to investigate those who shield and cover up these crimes. Until high ranking church officials spend some time behind bars, nothing will change within this secret archaic institution. As long as they can still get away with it, they have no reason to stop.

    Pope Benedict has taken no decisive actions to punish any high ranking church official for enabling, empowering, and covering up sex crimes against innocent kids.
    He should fire Cardinal Mahony, for his horrific cover up of sex crimes within LA archdiocese, yet Mahony is still a cardinal and now he can vote for a new pope. This is extremely disturbing.

    Children are safest when child predators and those who enable and conceal their crimes are held responsible.
    Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511.,
    "SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

    • pegusas

      Oh as I recall all Mahony ever says is .. I DO NOT RECALL yep thats what I expect to hear again . Not ever have I seen the Catholic Corporation come clean about what transpired. The horriffic crimes agains children calls for one action alone HONESTY . Unfortunately they are incapable of that . Hence in time one has to Wait for the entire Truth wich may take another Hundred years to come out . Taking into account that there are Millions of dollars at the disposal of the Catholic church to HIDE the truth.

  • mference

    Here is a link to a book at published by Mike Volpe a Chicago investigative reporter. It’s our first and certainly not final attempt to expose Donald “The Lavender Don” Wuerl. You can purchase it or get it for free for 30 days. The chapter about Donald Wuerl just begins with my name Mike Ference in bold.

    Former Clairton Public Safety Director Bill Scully who claimed the attemped murder case of my son was deliberately quashed is mentioned in the book/chapter as is former Serra Catholic High School headmaster Michael LeDoux. LeDoux was credibly accused of sexual abuse of children the chapter details how a new found friend and I sought exposed LeDoux.

    Is the untold story of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, former bishop of the Pittsburgh Diocese, the next scandal to earn a Pulitzer Prize for some investigative reporter willing to take on the puny padre?
    This could be the beginning of the end for the Pittsburgh Diocese. Funny how it coincides with the current federal investigation into gambling operations in the Mon Valley and the federal investigation into Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper.?

    Is it even remotely possible that the Zappala Crime Family is a target of the feds?
    Stay tuned. Reporting live from the commonwealth of PA – the Pro-Pedophile state.
    Here is the link to get the book, and the title is The Definitive Dossier of PTSD in Whistleblowers

  • JuneAnnette

    Whether Mahony will be deposed remains uncertain in light of this late-breaking news development:
    Article: Vatican: Conclave could be moved up
    John L. Allen Jr. | Feb. 16, 2013
    “Acknowledging that many people, including several cardinals, have questioned the need to wait until March 15 to open the conclave that will elect a successor to Pope Benedict XVI, a Vatican spokesperson on Saturday said the date is an "open question."
    The apostolic constitution governing the papal election, Universi dominici gregis, issued under John Paul II in 1996, specifies that the conclave must take place between 15 and 20 days after the beginning of the sede vacante, meaning the end of the previous papacy. Since Benedict's resignation becomes official on Feb. 28, that would mean a conclave starting somewhere between March 15 and 20.”

    MORE here:

  • pegusas

    Yes people we must remeber the most important lesson here is . ,,, FACTS. Facts are we the people must seek the TRUTH always in order to make the best decsisions for ourslefs. Now remember if my spelling is not good well I was Raped as a tiny child when those lessons were being givin . Raped repeatedly by Fr. George Neville Rucker . That being said. I would like to announce those of you whom seek to know the Truth READ THE FILES .. I was in fact telling the truth all along . In additon I would like to point out SNAP does not represent all SURVIVORS OF THOSE ABUSED BY PRIESTS in fact SNAP GOT ITS NON PROFIT THROUGH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH accoding to Tax documents

  • pegusas

    and Last but not least … the one thing we all can do for the Greater Good of the Whole of Humanity is Change the laws . NO STATUE OF LIMITATIONS FOR CHILD SEX ABUSE !" Something SNAP does not point out enough in thier statements .. to my disapointment. THE TRUTH IS OUT AND SO IS THE POPE .. but one must realize this in not enough … MR, RUCKER the PEDOPHILE PRIEST is still NOT ON THE SEX OFFENDER LIST nor are many pedophiles nation wide due to the fact we have a Limitation on Child sex abuse . Keep in mind the most monies spent by any organization to PREVENT THE SATUE OF LIMITATIONS FOR CHILD SEX ABUSE TO CHANGE IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH WHOM LOBBIES AGAINST IT.. so Wake up and Help Change the laws so that ALL chldren may be safer in the best interest of HUMANITY .

  • Dannywanny

    Why is a man who's responsible for the coverup of the sexual abuse of children for decades allowed to vote to choose his next boss? Wouldn't he naturally choose someone who he thinks will be lenient on him and others like him? How many other candidates for pope are also guilty of child sex abuse or it's coverups?

  • anonyomous

    The last ignoble days of The Vatican and organized Catholicism. Good riddance, along with The Pope.
    Now if only the LAPD would of had the courage to arrest Mahoney instead of hushing up it's own

  • satan

    What’s wrong with the catholic church according to them there gods people.another excuse everything is money n lil kids so fuck u mahony n your goons.i hope one day i meet you n fuck u to punk ass piece of shit protecting child molesters living of people’s money hope u died.

  • James

    Now that the truth is out, just watch that very corrupt Cardinal squirm and squirm. The massive cover up he and the Church tried to pull off didn't work.

  • Nunyo

    To the good and faithful, who try to do the good…I support you. To those who pervert the work of the faithful…there is a special place for you…..

  • JuneAnnette

    The Mahony / Gomez feud exposed. What follows is an excerpt from Vinnie Nauheimer's concise analysis appropriately titled: "And the Oscar goes to "The Sting LA Style" of the latest deception perpetrated by the RC "hierarchy" upon the laity. This is what passes for TRANSPARENCY in the unholy Roman Catholic "church"! Mr. Nauheimer's entire commentary can be read here: Link:
    "Accepting the Oscar for "The Sting LA Style" are Roger Cardinal Mahony and Archbishop Jose Gomez for their stellar performances in a remake of "The Sting." Produced, directed, and orchestrated by the Vatican, it is the story of two bishops who feign fighting with each other in order to collect vast sums of money from an unsuspecting laity. Gomez plays the part of a white knight who rides in, releases documents (which was his legal obligation), derides his predecessor, and saves the Los Angeles diocese from the last vestiges of child sex abuse. Mahony, for his part, takes umbrage at being silenced by his protege and being blamed for his dastardly deeds. Could we expect anything less from the diocese that contains Hollywood? Certainly not!
    Anyone believing the sincerity of the this "made for public consumption" feud should reach into their Tinker Bell pouches and throw some pixie dust on themselves so they can remain in La La Land. Are we really supposed to believe that Gomez was unaware of the extent of Mahony's malfeasance? No more than that insulting excuse that Mahony made when he proffered, "nothing in my training prepared me for priests raping children." If true, we ought to put both their faces on the Naivete Awards!"

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