Dozens Protest LAPD, Show Support For Christopher Dorner

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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters downtown Saturday afternoon, holding signs of support for Christopher Dorner, the fired police officer suspected of killing four people.

Those gathered said they were protesting police corruption and the way the massive manhunt for Dorner was conducted. Authorities said Dorner appears to have died from a self-inflected gunshot wound after a shootout with police in Big Bear on Tuesday, ending a deadly rampage that stretched across Southern California.

Protesters said they believed Dorner’s claims that he was unfairly fired from the department in 2009 – grievances described in a lengthy online manifesto that has been attributed to him. Dorner also claimed that he was the victim of racism.

Protesters also said they were appalled by police mistakenly shooting at passengers in two separate trucks in Torrance, wrongly believing Dorner might be in the vehicles. One woman was shot in the back and is still recovering.

The protesters emphasized that they did not condone the killings of which Dorner is accused.

Michael Nam, 30, stood at the corner of 1st and Main Streets with a sign, painted by his girlfriend, showing a tombstone and the words “RIP Habeas Corpus.” The tombstone was engulfed in flames.

Nam, of Lomita, said he was disturbed by the burning of a mountain cabin near Big Bear where Dorner barricaded himself with a high-powered sniper rifle, smoke bombs and a cache of ammo. The blaze started shortly after police fired “pyrotechnic” tear gas into the cabin; the canisters are known as “burners” because the intense heat they emit often causes a fire.

But authorities have maintained that the fire was not intentionally set.

Dorner, whose charred body was found in the cabin, appears to have died of a single gunshot wound to the head, authorities said.

“How the police handled this -– they were the judge, the jury and the executioner,” Nam said. “As an American citizen, you have the right to a trial and due process by law.”

Nam, a former Marine and a current member of the Army National Guard, said he has combat experience from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He said he has been in situations in which a combatant has been barricaded and successfully waited until the person surrendered, eventually getting “tired and coming out on their own.”

Nam said it was “pretty obvious” police wanted Dorner dead. “What I saw was a complete disregard for the Bill of Rights,” Nam said.

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon, during a news conference Friday, defended the tactics used by his agency in the shootout at the mountain cabin, which left one of his deputies dead and another seriously wounded.

“The bottom line is the deputy sheriffs of this department, and the law enforcement officers from the surrounding area, did an outstanding job,” he said. “They ran into the line of fire.”

Protesters on Saturday said they organized the event through a Facebook page called “I support Christopher Jordan Dorner.” The Facebook post announcing the protest tells attendees to “keep it PEACEFUL” and to bring recording equipment.

The Facebook page states: “This is not a page about supporting the killing of innocent people. It’s supporting fighting back against corrupt cops and bringing to light what they do.”

As the protesters stood Saturday, drivers passing by honked, waved and gave thumbs up. A handful of officers watched from police headquarters across the street.

Nam said he spoke to the officers before the protest began about what the protesters should do to keep the event peaceful. He said the officers were respectful.

The protesters marched around the block, circling an intersection near the department headquarters. They chanted, “LAPD, you are guilty.”

Signs expressed anger at police and support for Dorner.

“If you’re not enraged, you’re not paying attention,” one sign read.

“Why couldn’t we hear his side?”

“Clear his name! Christopher Dorner”

Liliana Alaniz, 40, came with her family -– her mother, sister, nieces and daughters -– from Long Beach to join the protest, which she said was her first.

“I really, really believe he was innocent in the firing case,” Alaniz said of Dorner.

Alaniz held a sign that read, “Trying to clear your name.”

Her daughter, Andrea Tovar, said Dorner “has his supporters.”

“Murder is never right, but neither is the law when it’s unjust,” said Tovar, 18. She said police need to know they “can’t get away with everything.”

Los Angeles Times

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  • Teacher

    I'm a teacher at a school and a majority of my Co-workers are on dorners side, I would never tell my students that but isn't it crazy that we are all rooting for a murderer

    • Thomas Ellerbeck

      thats funny cause everyone at my work and all of my family are on dorners side. the media and cops say its a few supporters, thats bull shit. He is no hero but im on his side 100%

  • citrus sweet

    Im sick of this Dorner issue. First off. If he was wronged, he should of got a good lawyer and put the truth online. Second, why the daughter of that cop? In what way did the family of the cops do something to him? Unless there is something we don’t know, killing the daughter of the cop has mental instability written all over it. Third, the LAPD is known for it’s corruption, want to be a cop? Go to another city. There is corruption everywhere but not as bad as LA


    the earth is the devils playground thats why corrupt cops will always win. They are like a street gang but its the govt funded gang

  • this is a test message

    I just like the useful data you provide you with inside of your content.I’ll bookmark your website and investigate all over again listed here continually.I am fairly certainly I’ll be taught plenty of new stuff most suitable listed here! Decent luck to the subsequent!

  • Anonymous

    Of course they set it on fire on purpose. They wanted him captured dead, not alive. They are even heard saying "we are going to go ahead with what we talked about" on the scanner….without actually saying it, so clearly they had planned this all along. Anyone knows that if you throw 7 pyro burners into a building it will start a fire. Dorner had gone into the basement to escape the tear gas but then once they threw the burners in he was trapped and couldn't get out, so of course he shot himself rather than be burned alive. He had no choice. I understand them not wanting to approach the cabin because of Dorner's weapons and expertise at using them, but burning him out is a totally unfair fight. They could have and should have done more. Nobody condones him murdering innocent ppl but we also saw that this person was a human being who had a good side and had gone off the edge. If he was evil he would have used his hostages as collateral damage or to meet his demands but he didn't. Anyone who pursues a wrongful termination suit to the level he did is not going to waste their time and money if they are lying. I think he was telling the truth. Sadly he should have handled it differently than killing innocents, but trapping him in a cabin by setting it on fire was not the way to end it. Ppl even heard others saying they hope he burns alive…clearly these are angry people who are human and emotional at losing their fellow officers, but nobody deserves to be burned alive. I hope his single gunshot actually killed him and not just left him paralyzed because I would hate to think he burned alive.

    • Anonymous

      also no news helicopters were allowed nearby…partly because they didn't want Dorner seeing their moves but they knew from the owners that the cabin had no tv or phone so that wasn't an issue. They didn't want the news seeing what they were doing I think. Keep it hidden from the people what they actually were doing to Dorner.

  • Daisy may

    Well my friends i have read all your wonderful posts, i will say this corruption is just like corrosion, yes rust !! get a scratch on metal and it looks all ok for now, leave it alone and it grows, we can choose to take care of the issue in the beginning or we can let it grow, yes let it grow and it grows slowly, so slowly, then we realize there is a problem a little thorn in the side of your ass that kind of pisses us off, if it is not addressed properly with some tlc, it continues to grow, let it continue to grow then you are left with a corrosion (corrupt) problem that is out of control and there really is no fix except a few bandaids that will keep it together for now, in a week the issue will go away but the scratch will still be there growing slowly with corrosion (corruption) keep your heads up and never forget about the scratch !!

  • pablo4200

    “How the police handled this -– they were the judge, the jury and the executioner,” Nam said. “As an American citizen, you have the right to a trial and due process by law.”

    Not if you shoot yourself in the head. Dorner didn't want to live to tell his story. He's Adam Lanza with a badge in his background.

  • guest

    for all the people that seem to make dumb remarks and think that the LAPD and surrounding area officers are not corrupt well open your damn eyes let me tell you this MY HUSBAND WORKS FOR THE POLICE and i know first hand how corrupt they are and yes chris dorner was wrong for the innocent people he killed but talk about taking peoplet about taking his life long before they killed him and also i am a person who has a full time paying job and i work for the county myself but whats not said is that once you break that so called blue line or code of silence for your brother hood then your out completely and thats that so before u speak get your facts oh and one more thing IM ALSO WHITE for those of you who keep trying to make it into a racial thing…

  • guest

    He is dead because he was exposing too much info. to the people. He seemed to know what was really going on in the department of corruption and this was against it so, it just was impossible to let him live and talk or do anything about it. He did go overboard, but hey, don't others in the department go "overboard" with people too?

    • jeffy

      Yep…after all these years that people had their suspicions about corruption in the LAPD…Chris was the only one to get to the bottom of it.That guy was a genius

  • Guest

    Ahhhh….NO! He's dead because he cowardly blew his brains out rather than get captured….much the way he cowardly killed those people that he did. Coward is as coward does.

  • former LE supporter

    Did you see the interview with ACTIVE DUTY police woman from the LAPD who confirmed the corruption Dorner has brought to the forefront of our attention?

    Her identity had to be disguised for obvious reasons. She knows firsthand the wrath that the LAPD will bring upon anyone who attempts to expose or challenge them.

    I hope someone has her back because now she faces more danger from her coworkers than she ever did on the streets.

    May God be with her.

  • Justice

    FOCUS ON THE CAUSE not the result, there never was a trial, we need to put ALL INVOLVED on a stand before we judge. If you don't support the killings then you can't support ANY POLICE shootings or deaths even the way they burned Dorner. You either are against ALL MURDER or for it all, if you think Dorner should have killed then you need to accept what he did as well. Enough of the lies and skirting the truth

  • MPjoy

    Why the police not to put off the fire earlier? It does not need to burn to a charred body and burn the cabin to the ground. Dornor died but he won. He let the police look so bad in this situation. He will be always remembered by people whether good or bad.

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