Chief Beck: Dorner Reward “Should Be Paid Out”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — The LAPD held a news conference on Tuesday morning to provide an update on the Christopher Dorner case.

It was the first time that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has spoken since the standoff in Big Bear last Tuesday that ended with Dorner’s death.

beck-presserDorner, a former LAPD officer who was fired in 2009, is believed to have killed four people in a revenge-fueled rampage, outlined in an online manifesto.

His victims included a young Irvine couple, a Riverside police officer and a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy.

“Even though much of this is about the discussion of Christopher Dorner, we have to remember the victims,” Beck said on Tuesday.

He also spoke about the 50 LAPD officers and their families who were named in Dorner’s manifesto, and who were under protective details during the manhunt.

“Yes, we’re police officers. We all sign up for some degree of risk,” Beck said. “Our families don’t sign up for that. Our children don’t sign up for that.”

He said that the LAPD is making its psychologists available to all the families “so the kids can have some sense of normalcy, some sense of security.”

Beck then addressed the LAPD’s re-examination of the process that led to Dorner’s firing, as well as the claims he made in his manifesto.

He said his special assistant for constitutional policing, Gerald Chalef, has been working “non-stop” on the review.

“I have great confidence in Mr. Chalef, and I know the police commission will do what is right with this, and so will the Los Angeles Police Department,” Beck said.

Beck also commented on the more than $1 million reward, saying it’s the largest in local law enforcement history.

He said it’s also the most complicated, with over 31 donors involved, including many municipalities that have their own rules for giving rewards.

The LAPD has put together a commission to review the various investigations and make recommendations on who the reward should go to.

“It had its desired effect,” Beck said, noting that the reward generated over 1,000 tips.

“It should be paid out. But it has to be done fairly,” he said. “It has to be done according to the rules that govern these things.”

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  • Daisy may

    Another lie conference !! OMG !! It's taken the weekend to get all their lies in order. Media, ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS WE ( THE PUBLIC ) DEMAND ANSWERS TO !!

    • COME ON

      I came in here to say the same thing… eric spillman your really making ktla look like CRAP…. I use to watch this news, but as said, it's really going to crap… ERIC… THERE IS AUDIO which you hear continue with the burn AS PLANNED! dont report what your told to report eric.

  • olga321

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  • Rockina2

    This is such a stroke job!! Like they are going to say they found that corruption and racism did in fact reside within the LAPD and affected Dorner's employment there. The people know the truth and so do the police but when all of them stand together and lie? What can you do?

    • Steve

      I agree with you to a certain level. Yes LAPD has been known for Corruption and Racism. Now I really don't think that was so much the case of him getting fired. Myself working for the City (LAFD) I'd say they got rid of him for being a Whistle Blower and crossing the Blue line Brotherhood. He got fired for being a snitch. The LAPD fear guys like this because they know he will always have a problem with the way LAPD operates. Let say they fired the woman for hitting the kid, then he would have been very creditable and from that point on he would basically be the LAPD In House corrupt cleaner. THE LAPD WILL NOT HAVE SOMEONE LIKE THAT IN THEIR FORCE. Chris Dorner should have taking his studies to the I.A. division.

  • I'm a Cracker

    I am glad that Dorner has finally left the planet. Now lets get rid of affirative action so we can hire the best person for the job, instead of the people who just fit the color.

  • Come On

    eric spillman your really making ktla look like CRAP…. I use to watch this news, but as said, it's really going to crap… ERIC… THERE IS AUDIO which you hear continue with the burn AS PLANNED! dont report what your told to report eric.

  • Come On

    My wife puts this show on… I'm gonna try KCAL… geeez and… hey Cracker… Imma Cracker2. Such a pathetic thing for you to write. You know Chris got fired for standing up for civil rights, don't cha? Build a little self confidence and go do something good for a change. Unbelievable….

  • Dorner_supporter

    the lapd isnt about to tell on themselves by far. they are not going to apologize for dorners dismissal. the lapd is sick and disgusting as a "law enforcement" agency. given, dorner murdered innocent civilians, those officers murdered him as well. tit for tat. L.os A.ngeles P.lays D.irty…"LAPD"

  • Renato Pacifico

    I am not reading and hearing compelling logical explanation on Dorner from the news media … BUT WE SURE GET FACTS OUT ON LINDSEY LOHAN.

    Maybe Lindsey Lohan is not that intimidating.

  • Come On

    eric spillman…. you were at occupy LA and you interviewed a kid about 22ish im guessing, and he said he was only there because he was upset how the LAPD treated him badly and HE DID NOTHING WRONG. you could see in his eyes HE DID NOTHING WRONG and you eric spillman LET HIM WALK AWAY! Even worse… YOU WALKED AWAY! JUST QUIT YOUR JOB TODAY! That was the last day I personally turned on KTLA… Cover the REAL issues or JUST QUIT!

  • dan c

    Christopher Dorner was denied a fair trial by judge Yafee. Judge Yafee accepted over $500,000.00 in payments from Los Angeles County. Dorner never had a chance in court against the Los Angeles police department. Los Angeles County has bought the Los Angeles Superior Court Judges.

    Google SBX211 and sign the petition. COMPLETE MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLACKOUT, Please tell others to sign.
    I need help getting the word out. So please do your part on getting others to sign this petition.

  • guest

    The truth is on the video deposition and testimony Fox and the internet have obtained of the victim that was kicked. The man clearly said he was kicked in the face then "LAPD said he cant speak or talk".

  • guest

    LAPD need to clean up their act and lies. The way they are going we will have to start renaming city streets like the ones in Glendale as well as Big Bear Mountain, "Assassination Attempt Avenue" and "Cremation Mountain". Do you really think people will ever forget what law enforcement did to Dorner in Big Bear? Those women in their delivery truck in Glendale? Ghosts of LAPD past will continue to haunt them.

  • guest

    Everyone is upset by the unecessary loss of life and violence. No one denies Dorner was wrong. But If Chris Dorner had been shot his family couldn't have taken it into their own hands to hunt down and burn up the person who did it no matter how wrong the person was. You have to remember when due process and the civil rights of one person are ignored and violated "everyones rights are at risk".

  • Anita K

    I hear this morning that people are waiting they money because they help police to get information about Chris Dorner. I cant understand people why you waiting money of this . You should help police without getting money of this. You should be happy that police you shold be happy that police got this killer who was dangerous to all of us.Not waiting money of this .if some one have to get money is the families who lost they dad . They need help if someone needs . AK

  • Mrs.Q2012

    People are amazing… Lets stick to the issue at hand here… We all know Chris is dead however there is still the question that the LAPD and San Berdo Cops are still avoiding…. How in the hell can they report finding Chris' wallet and badge in a field in SD, And by the way when your fired from Law enforcement they take your badge, Then in that inferno which they planned to take law into there own hands they found his DL. Really……. A plastic ID withstood that blaze in which the stove and fridge were melted, MELTED PEOPLE… And they found his ID, Yeah Right, That ID would have been the first thing to melt. Wake up and smell the Naypalm……

  • guest

    LAPD still whining about the "50 officers" that had to hide in their houses for a week! Guard the wives and children yes! Move them to "safe houses". The officers are" paid" to do their "job" not stay at home and hide.What if our Military was run like this? The men should have gone to stations slept on cots if necessary. If they cant do the job their intented to do they shouldnt be in law enforcement in the first place.

  • justme

    Repost! It's yet another fantastic read.:

    FACTS you'd be insane to deny:

    1-LAPD caused it- NOBODY "invents" all that detail of corruption to cover up what the police would want you to think was "just a wacko". The supposedly "improved" systemic racism and CYA Blue Line corruption at LAPD is the largest contributor to driving the man over the edge. A.K.A.'Reap what you sow'.

    He was driven to the edge and decided to step over. That's on C. Dorner, but the systemic hate and arrogance from the Cult of Public Safety is getting stupid and rather obvious now.

  • justme

    2-The Torrence cops totally exacerbated their image problems by then shooting up innocent people and ramming one kid's car in their gung ho badass-ness.

    3-They can't explain how he was hiding 4 days in a condo across the street from their big "Tactical smaktical command center", literally able to watch THEM.

    4-There are now recordings in the wild on the internet that feature police at the scene screaming and taunting "Burn that fcker" on open mics, subsequently the cabin burned. So whether right or wrong, deserved or not, the supposed, and much self-ballyhooed "upholders of the law" have shown the world on live TV once again that they are simple criminals and murderers themselves. Unless you're living off a cop or being overly PS there's just no two ways about that. Zip. Nada. No cigar Chief.

    If the LAPD were so "right" then why not control themselves and use the same amount of effort to take him alive if possible? Or how about Jesus F. Christ… USE THEIR OWN BOOK? Why the departure from the BOOK? Clearly that wasn't the plan.

  • justme

    5- The LAPD received a call from the owner of the cabin who was watching on live TV and has told the media she told them at the outset that there was no cable, internet or telephone in the cabin, yet the LAPD demanded, with zero FAA or AT authority, for the coverage media aircraft to pull back. Perhaps to "hide" what they were planning as obviously signaled by the Torrence shootings, or any further blunders that might occur. Viola!

    6- Their response to this can only be invariably usual one of defending their obvious blunders and mistakes… and arrogance. Again.

  • jsutme

    Add to this that "it's personal" to them so the predictable Cult of Public Safety will be adversarial, defensive and vindictive in their handling of this.

    It's a shame innocent people have died, but let's not be as naive as the Cult of Public Pension Safety would have us be. Blaming "just" C. Dorner is faulty logic and excuse-making for self-preservation to the police.

    Like all mass killings, these escalations of social moral rot embolden and often guide the nature of the next mass killing. This will happen again until the systemic "blue line" lie is corrected. A gang that protects their own from accusation of wrongdoing all the way to murder, as you have seen here.

    You people really need to set it off and reign that pack of lifelong homocopsuals in. They are BREAKING your city and now ALL of Califa. The Cult of Pubic Safety" just don't get it! Just like Bell Califa they will keep demanding respect, 30 years pension at 100k for only 20yrs work, and every drop of blood in this state.

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