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Gas Prices Up Nearly 60 Cents in One Month

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (KTLA) — Southern California drivers are feeling the pain at the pump, amid the biggest every one-month rise in gas prices.

The average price of a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline in Los Angeles is $4.32.

That’s 11 cents higher than last week and 57 cents higher than it was last month.

In Orange County, the average price per gallon is $4.31, a jump of 59 cents since a month ago.

In the Inland Empire, you’ll pay an average of $4.38 for a gallon of regular gasoline — 58 cents higher than last month

And in Ventura, the average price is $4.30, again a jump of nearly 60 cents.

According to AAA, drivers in Los Angeles are now paying nearly as much as drivers on the island of Maui, which has never happened before.

Analysts say one of the reasons gas is so expensive in Southern California is partly because of the switch from the winter blend to the more expensive summer blend.

Refinery issues are also contributing to the rising prices at the pump.

Gas prices traditionally climb from February through Memorial Day, but ever this fast.

Some analysts predict that gas prices will peak in about April and then slowly come back down.

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  • VNgrunt67

    Our elected 2%er Aristocrats seem to care much less about their constituents well being then their wealthy friends and the funds/gifts they get from large companies… including oil companies.

    It is way beyond the time that we have Federal Regulation on gas prices. Gasoline is the driving force behind all product pricing!

  • calisbest

    If robme had been elected gas would be $15 a gallon because we would have war in the gulf. End tax breaks for oil companies and convert all semi trucks to CNG would be a good start.

    • Dunn M

      Umm, aren't we already at war, you moron? It's time for "don't Oblame" to get a clue and accept the fact he's no better than everyone he's pointing the finger at for blame? Get a clue!

  • quest

    With the high gas prices I purchased a electric mobility scooter, and would advise anyone that commutes less than 10 miles round trip to work to do so. This is great for shopping also, because most stores are within 2-3 miles from my home. I get about 30 miles per charge and a top speed of 15 mph. Fugem all that continue to gouge us at the pumps.

    • Grandma Walton

      Dear Ron,

      We are not canada nor england, we are the United States of Amaerica!
      The U.S.A. can and should produce enough of its oil/gas/desiel to use for it's own needs and ship whats left-over to canada and england for a major profit.

      But the libs and others like them continue to drive this country right into the ground! Gas is cheap to produce and what's even more funny, desiel is left over from the production of gasoline.

      The entire system is filled with crooks, from the gov. to the companies.

      Gas should not cost more than $2.00 a gln., leaving a large profit for the companies that produce it and the gov that taxes us …

      Wake up America, we are being screwed by our own people!

  • Peter E.

    Gas is just like any other consumer product: There's a supply chain and several groups who are responsible for setting the price of the product. And SURPRISE…the President is not one of them, unless it is in direct relation to a change in the way gas is taxed. Gas is a non-regulated entity. They will charge whatever they feel the market will bear. The price is broken down into 4 factors Taxes, Distribution, Refining, and Base Crude Oil. Supply and demand has been thrown right out the window, because demand has actually dropped over the past 10 years, yet prices still continue to rise. You want to pay less for gas? Then get a car that gets better gas mileage and drive less. Or demand a change. Ask for the oil industry to be regulated. But that against everything that made America great….right? Capitalism at its finest!!!

  • guest

    According to all the "sheepeople" Obama isnt to blame for anything. He just keeps wasting and wasting and giving away our resources and spending and spending and screaming for more money to spend. Then he invites 15 million and counting people to live in the US for free for us to support adding to our resource depletion, debt and struggles. You'd think if you're broke and cutting jobs and services to the people already legally living in the US and you cant afford to take care of those people and you're screaming for increased taxes and more money ever breath you take you'd know when to close the door. Neither Canada nor any other country has an open door policy like the US. If you go to Canada you have to prove you can support yourself. So what happens when this generation is gone to take care of all these extra people and the US is just like Mexico wth the same poverty and crime rate? Not that we're far behind Mexico right now looking at news coming out of Chicago and California everyday.