New Toll Lanes Set to Open Along 10 Freeway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ROSEMEAD, Calif. (KTLA) — New toll lanes are expected to open this weekend along part of the 10 Freeway in the San Gabriel Valley.

The new FasTrak express lanes open up at midnight on Friday along a 14-mile stretch between the San Gabriel Valley and downtown Los Angeles.

toll-lanes-10The existing carpool lanes have been converted to what are called high occupancy toll lanes.

If you’re in a carpool, you can still use the lanes for free, but you do need a transponder.

If you’re a solo driver, you have to pay a toll to use the special lanes, ranging from 25 cents per mile to $1.40 per mile, depending on traffic.

There will be a higher toll during heavy commute times, but Metro guarantees that you will travel at speeds of 45 mph or greater.

Some people think the toll lanes are worth it to get around gridlock.

But some critics call the toll lanes “Lexus lanes,” arguing that only the wealthier drivers are going to be able to afford to use them.

Whether you like them or not, toll lanes are spreading around Los Angeles County freeways.

They have been on the 110 Harbor Freeway since November, and now there’s a new plan to put them on the 5 Freeway as well.

The toll lanes would run between Castaic and the San Fernando Valley. They could be up and running within five or six years.

Metro is holding some meetings in the Santa Clarita Valley next week to see what the public thinks about the idea.

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  • arguewithme

    That was really the only redeeming thing about driving in CA – no toll roads. Once they become accepted, they become required with time. Look on the east coast, many toll roads are the only roads available for travel.

  • John

    I thought California law prohibited toll lanes on freeways constructed with tax dollars. A toll road was supposed to be funded by private funds. The 91 toll lanes were purchased from CA and a private company built and maintained them.

  • Michelle

    These lanes are an outrage. No one has mentioned that the transponders are $3 a month that’s $36 a year if you don’t use it more than 4 times a month. & who regulates these fees? How do we know the price won’t go up next year? Our parents tax dollars paid for our freeways some people lost home through eminant domaine and our tax dollars pay to maintain them. This should be illegal. These are definitely luxury lanes. Most people can’t afford this. And if you forget to set the transponder I can’t imagine the fines & court time. Do you really think our Nazi court system will be understanding. Those stiff fines could really destroy a family in these hard economic times.

    • Nightmare

      Driving is a privilage NOT a right.

      ALL roads should be toll roads, gas should costs $100 a gallon.

      GET OFF MY ROADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Last time they increased the use of the bus lane it was a total disaster. Buses that had been going at 55, started traveling at a crawl. It took them quite a while to change back and in the meantime they ruined everyone's life.

  • Ivan

    Just wait until they put a toll lane on the 405 – going through the pass. Then people will see why we don’t want one here in the SG valley! All because of a 250 million dollar grant from the US DOT. It sound like a spend it or loose it. At the very least, there has to be a better way than transponders. Now is not the time, why pay some company to use transponders when there may be a way using mobile phones in the future?

  • 417PC

    This is the most asinine law that California has ever implemented and there have been many. What the hell do we pay road taxes and auto registration fees for? This is also highly discriminatory in that there are a lot of hard working people here who simply cannot afford to pay these aditional tolls. Once again, Thank You Governor Brown for this needless tax……why don't you go ride your bicycle on one of these Freeway toll lanes to try it out?

  • cliff rustad

    I thought this is why we pay $0.40 a gallon gas tax. Maybe Sacramento needs to figure out a way to spend less money than to charge for driving on our highways. This is the kind of thing that is going to make me think about leaving California.

  • Nancy

    We already pay for these damn roads and now they come up with a new scheme to suck it out of us even more. come on news people, its not about "its confusing to understand"? Its about them screwing us again and again and again……… I took some stupid survey they had and told them on there exactly how I felt. Sure that one went in the trash.

  • Ann3

    This is so wrong! Taxpayers funded the building of these FREEways. I hope people speak out on this and stop this from expanding. Transponders require giving a credit card number. My father rarely used his credit card, but found the card compromised through this process and the account had to be closed. He did not want to use the transponder anymore and told them so. He kept getting harassing letters for payment. I had to intervene before they would leave him alone.

  • guest

    Car registration the highest in the nation to pay for California roads. Highest price and taxes at the gas pump to pay for Caifornia roads. Increased County sale tax and property taxes. Where is all this money going?? Empty your pockets Villalagrossa!!

  • sharon perfetto

    Haven't the tax payers of l.a. paid, through taxes, for our freeway's repairs and additions already? Why do we have to pay again to use them? Plus, buy a box, to put in our car, to use the freeway, the freeway we already paid for. I see an increase in car break-ins for these boxes. Reminds me of the digital t.v.. We had to buy a box, to use our televisions, the t.v.s we already paid for. Or buy a more expensive t.v. And with the misconduct of nearby city officials in the recent past, it makes me wonder what will this collected money be used for? If i have to pay to use the freeways, will I not have to pay for road assessments on my taxes?