MC Hammer Claims Racial Profiling in Arrest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DUBLIN, Calif. — Sheriff’s deputies in the Bay Area brought the hammer down on MC Hammer, and he was none too pleased about it.

The rap artist, whose real name is Stanley Burrell, was arrested late last week in the small city of Dublin and promptly took to Twitter to claim he had been the victim of racial profiling.

Hammer, 50, let loose Saturday with a torrent of posts to his 3.1 million Twitter followers, saying he was sitting in his car when a deputy from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department approached and tapped on the window.

The deputy, whom Hammer described as a “chubby elvis looking dude,” apparently angered the rapper who rose to stardom in the 1990s with the hugely popular songs, “U Can’t Touch This” and “Too Legit to Quit,” by asking him if he was on parole or probation.

Hammer, who did not respond to a request for comment via Twitter, said the deputy then attempted to pull him from his car. “It was comical to me until he pulled out his guns, blew his whistle and yelled for help,” the performer tweeted.

Hammer tweeted that he was “insulted and humored” by the incident.

[Updated, 2:25 p.m. Feb. 24: Sheriff’s Lt. Herbert Walters confirmed Hammer’s arrest and provided some details.

Hammer, he said, was taken into custody at a gas station after police realized he was in a vehicle that had expired registration and that was not registered to him.

“Hammer became very argumentative when questioned about the vehicle,” Walters said in an email to the Times. “He refused to exit the vehicle when the officer asked him to and continued to argue.”

Walters added that Hammer eventually exited the car on his own.

Hammer was released from jail after being booked and posting bail, Walters said.]

Los Angeles Times

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  • greenmachine

    "Obstructing an Officer"

    Another Fascist Made Up Bullshit Fairy Tale Law designed to enslave the public and keep the people down.

    Land of the Free my arse

  • Astrophysichien Hemmerlé Pierre

    Oh mummy, oh god, I am not responsible, I am not guilty. I just think I am above the law.
    You know daddy, the other guys are the crap.
    You know, I am only an idiot.
    Die deutschen würden sagen : Ich bin ein Hammer

    • kingrule77

      nazi, please don't post here. i think you meant to post on the german channel.
      Steck' Deine Nase in Deine eigenen Angelegenheiten!

  • Daisy may

    Rapper MC "who cares" ! Another a**hole who thinks he's above the law, do what you are told when confronted by a mall cop idiot, the only dangerous one here is you with your stupid rants !! Hope they throw the book at this one hit retard, take your rap and wrap it around your neck and squeeze really tight.

    • efveekay

      Mr.Daisy, all I can say to you is "go read a book" you sound very dangerous,it's people like you and insecure police that make this world a dangerous place sir/miss what ever you are,I will pray for you and people like you,but mean while read a few nice books to start to strengthen your brain,to ingest more knowledge,turn your ignorance into a conscious positive opinion of the various situation that you encounter in life,not a dumb ass scared sounding rant on MC Hammer getting hassled by cops. OK?

    • Sam I Am

      If you are black and drive an expensive car, you are more likely to get pulled over and hassled. Unless you've been in a position where false assumptions and accusations are routinely made about you just because you have dark skin, you have no idea what it's like.

  • jenifer1233

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  • tony jepepsen

    I am sure he attitude toward the police went a long ways to his arrest.. You can express a thought without the name calling. BTW Hammer were is all your millions? A fool and his money are soon parted.

    • dancinboyron

      you are such an idiot i didnt know famous people had to post to everyone how much money they have now. where is your millions?

      • dancinboyron

        officer are suppose to ask where is your drivers license and registration first then ask if a man is on parole or probation. every black person isnt on parole or probation

  • lacofortwenty

    Another fucking, rotten nigger breaking the law. Too bad he's still alive, continuing to be a fucking asshole nigger. When an officer of the law asks you or tells you what to do, you comply, but niggers think they're hot shit and the laws don't apply to them, that's why they are CONSTANTLY breaking them. FUCKERS.

    • blake

      hey laco or should I say Wacko? sounds like you're the twin of that redneck cop who noticed the hammer cuz he was sitting in a car while black and no one told him cop killer Chris corner was already doa from his 187…

      • Konan

        Blake, don't back down. If it's one thing Whites can't stomach or tolerate, it's for someone to acknowledge White racism against Blacks is still prevalent. It the White man's " Achilles’ heel" and his Kryptonite, which is why the internet is now the White man's new "white sheet" to hide behind while hurling attacks at Blacks, who White males have secretly designated as their natural enemy.

        • kingrule77

          cause you know how red neck police officers like to hide behind the "sheets". cowards. LOL! way to go MC! {{{{smoking my cigar}}}

        • Josh R

          Oh we get to read about you goofs killing each other every day and having to live in a cesspool for life. We're ok with that loser. lol


        Will the rope be used to hang filthy, nasty, weak racists like yourself and pigs like you? Why don't you get a rope and put it around your neck and just off of something very high from the floor. "Nuff "said.

    • kingrule77

      another rotten fat nigger cop scared of a black man. can't take him but have to call for help. bogus charges and another set up for the books. way to go police. that's how we do it in KKKamerica. cowards. I keep telling you everybody knows that the cops are real angry white men being exposed for the antics and cowardice… and lack of balls.

  • One man one voice

    Expired plates, vehicle not registered to you, and you're driving it? That's a violation of the law.
    Another loser of a rapper, inspired by snoop a$$. They just keep giving.

  • Annoyed

    Just another black man with an inferiority complex driving a car that isn't his fronting in the hood. Stanley is upset that nobody recognized his ashy toothless face. Burrell has embarrassed himself and his family again. I'm not saying all cops are good but what if it was a black cop? Would you tweet like a little bird that he was a nigger on a donut diet? I doubt it. It would have been daps and pounds and "it's all goods" and "sorry for the misunderstanding". Point is Stanley Burrell aka MC Hammer is a low life. He always was and always be.

    • notwhiteie



      You sound like a weak idiot with a false superiority complex; it's worse to fake it in your weak mind that you are something when you know that you are absolutely worthless.

  • MissReed

    I see that I am in the right profession, first of all, yes he is a broke rapper that probably thought he should get more recognition than he did, secondly according to the law, the cop did have the right to ask questions about the vehicle because the registration was expired and the car was not registered to him. But the problem that I am having with the whole thing is what exactly was said when the officer approached the car…that was blatantly racial profiling and if he was a real cop he could've ran his information to find out…I agree with one of the other postings, I see the KKK is still around in 2013, that's why I am glad that I am a strong black woman practicing law….grow up, we have been here this long and we not going anywhere!!!!! I know your momma taught you, that if you don't have anything beneficial to say then SHUT UP!!!! Last time I checked for all you KKK members, the people you call minorities are not the majority and you are the minority….so back to my previous statement….SHUT UP

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Profiling is efficient police work. Your law needs more practice. I have never read anything from an aspiring lawyer that had the word "momma" in it. You cant have it both ways. You cant whine about racism and bitch about the KKK while separating yourself as a "strong black woman". Why didn't you just say, "strong woman"? Because people like you need racism to have something to be pissed off about— something to blame your own shortcomings on. You SHUT UP..

    • One man one voice

      You are exactly why there's so much resentment towards minorities. You are attending law because you were admitted to school based on RACE ONLY, NOT QUALIFICATIONS. Can you say AFFIRMATIVE ACTION?

    • Daisy may

      Ok miss "i think i know it all" don't sound like a lawyer to me , use your friggen words carefully GIRL !!
      Another worthless rant and raving comment , your as bad as roger……both losers ….lol at you big B….

    • Daisy may

      Another big mouth !! Get off and stay off of here unless you have something constructive to say, miss lawyer… … you give a bad name to the profession… dumb…..B ……stupid women !! sick of it !!

  • James

    Another ghetto rat doing what he does best, trying to defy law enforcement and then crying like a baby when he gets put in jail where he belongs.

    • kingrule77

      the white pig cop is the "ghetto rat". mad because he doesn't have the power as a real police officer, but reduced to doing the "mall beat" trying to single out black men to make his department quota in hopes to be a captain one day. The infamous LAPD racial profiling. white cops are mad because a brother basically tells him to F*** off. whitey didn't like that. called for help, because white boy will need help against a brother. scared coward cop, is all the LAPD is. cowards. get one of them in the alley by themselves and they'll piss in their pants. cowards. did I say cowards? yes white pig cowards dressed in blue, with a gun and a badge. dangerous. we hear you MC.

  • MzD

    Could have went a whole lot smoother…it's a fix it ticket..give me a break, people get fix tickets all the time. People are driving around all the time with out invalid registration, insurance, drivers license. Tad over board even if it is a 2 hit wonder rapper. I seem some racial profiling involved, and arrogance on both sides.

  • Robert

    Fools like this Hammer aye-hole are turning areas like Dublin, South SF and Oakland into toilets….

    Oh, no mention as to whether he is broke and living with his parents ???

    • kingrule77

      yes, dublin, south sf and oakland are for the "good white folks". yes, we know. meth addicts. cocaine heads where all of the cop brass and their drunk wives and drop out children reside. we hear you "bob". I mean robert. good white people. LOL!!!! {{{{flushing the toilet and smoking my cigar}}}}.

  • kingrule77

    typical of a white pig racist who thinks "do what you're told" works. it does NOT!!!! there's not a black citizen of the white u.s of a that's going to trust a white cracker racist pig with their life. never! as for the white dog that said "get a rope", go get the rope and we'll get the AK47 and call your mother to let her know that her pig offspring has just been slaughtered. black people are done with whites and their KKK tactics behind the badge. fighting back the white pig. cowards.

  • kingrule77

    mc hammer was a icon in his day, made millions and wasted it. did any of you on this thread even attempt a career? I doubt it. before you point your meth addicted finger at another, try looking in your own tinted windows. white cops are bullies and cowards. without the badge, who are you? cowards.

  • Roy

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  • Desiree Magnano

    Wow! I cannot believe the comments I’ve been reading .. Such hatred . I’ve never experience or exposed to this type of hatred or racism since I moved out here. These have to be West Coasters. How sad… Unexposed to the real deal. I’m from the Bronx.. We are all equal.. Living in Cali now

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