Cavalia’s ‘Odysseo’ Offers One-of-a-Kind Experience

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BURBANK, Calif. (KTLA) — If you’ve been to Burbank lately, you may have noticed the skyline a bit different these days.

That’s because the largest big top tent in the world is set up, ready to showcase dozens of horses and artists for Cavallia’s Odysseo.

Horses sprinting free on a gigantic stage.

World renown acrobats flipping practically everywhere.

And if you don’t watch closely, you may miss the these trick riders on horses running nearly 35 mph.

“All our work is the relationship of horses and performers. I like to call this place we do it the playground,” says equestrian trainer Benjamin Ailaud.

In the sand, you’ll see nearly 70 different horses and over 40 international artists, including Elise Verdoncq.

She’s responsible for controlling nine free roaming horses on stage simply with her voice and body language.

“At the beginning when all the horses are circling you it’s a little dizzy and it’s overwhelming, but like anything you get used to it and it’s okay,” Verdoncq says.

The scenery is mind-blowing and majestic, including at one point 80,000 gallons of water creating a lake on stage.

And a real carousel appears out of nowhere.

“Everything is in slow motion. The artists defy gravity. It’s very difficult, almost impossible. It’s really like a dream,” says show creator Normand  Latourelle.

And in the end you’ll want to hold on tight. This ride is sure to take you places.

Lu Parker KTLA News

Odysseo starts tomorrow and runs through March 24th.

For more information:

Cavalia’s Odysseo
Phone: 866-999-8111

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