Tribune Co. Listening to Offers for Newspapers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

From the L.A. Times to the Chicago Tribune, the Orlando Sentinel and the Hartford Courant — these are just a few of the handful of newspapers owned by Tribune, now  up for auction.

Gabriel Kahn, a USC professor and former L.A. bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal, says he’s not surprised.

“I think that when the company emerged from bankruptcy, this was always thought to be the plan,” Kahn says.

Tribune emerged from Chapter 11 protection on December 31st.

Six weeks ago, TV industry veteran Peter Liguouri was hired, and today, news that Tribune is considering the sale of its newspaper unit surfaced.

“Managing a metro newspaper currently is a very difficult road to travel. They’ve been shrinking in profitability or falling in to the red,” Kahn says.

According to a statement released by Tribune spokesman, Gary Weitman, “There is a lot of interest in our newspapers, which we haven’t solicited.”

Potential suitors for the papers include News Corporation and Aaron Kushner, who owns a group of newspapers that include the Orange County Register.

“Newscorp, they are very experienced at managing newspapers,” Khan said.

“They own papers on three continents, and there’s a real benefit a real financial benefit and benefit to the newspaper to be part of that big broader chain.”

Ligouri told the L.A. Times last month that he had not ruled out a sale of the company’s newspaper brands, but added that he wasn’t going into this job with a fire-sale sign.

KTLA is one of 24 stations owned by Tribune, but as of now, there is no indication that Tribune plans to sell any of its television stations.

–Liberte Chan, KTLA News

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  • YankeeDoodleDoggie

    Here's hoping that some right leaning org (in other words one that has always loved
    and appreciated traditional America) latches on to these papers. A couple can be put
    out of their misery and the others can be decoupled from Emperor Obama. For our
    LA Times to continue to wallow in the liberal cesspool, that is on the verge of taking
    America down, is nothing more than leftist, anarchist, treasonous poisoning of the
    pathetic lemmings that don't have a clue = altogether now: "OMG–we LOVE Obama–OMFG"

    • malclave

      I don't care if the owner leans right or left, as long as the organization at least tries to be ethical.

      It would be nice if the media returned to being the Fourth Estate, instead of the Fifth Column it is now.