Tech Update: Eye-Scrolling, $22,000 Cell Phone Bill, Nick Cage Movie Player & Apple Rumors Galore

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

samsung galaxy s iv event

Here’s what I mentioned on KTLA-TV this morning:

A Canadian family is reeling after getting a $22,000 cell phone bill. According to the CBC, they told their 11-year old son to keep his phone on Airplane mode during a recent vacation to Mexico. Well, that didn’t happen and several hours of YouTube streaming later, the roaming charges were racked up. The kid actually only streamed 700 MB of data, which isn’t all that much and would probably cost about $50 normally. The family complained to the provider and eventually had the bill reduced to about $500.

Yahoo’s CEO searched for slackers. Marissa Mayer recently laid down a new edict that will require many work-at-home employees to come into the office. Contributing to her decision? Mayer checked VPN logs of remote employees. This let her see just how long they were connected to the Yahoo corporate network, and presumably actually working. Wow. That’s smart…and hard to argue with.

There are lots of new Apple rumors (as always). iMore says the new iPhone 5S with a better camera and processor will launch in August, while the new iPads will launch as early as next month. The new “full size” iPad will probably have a re-designed body, while the iPad mini will likely get a retina display.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S IV flagship phone will include a feature called Eye-Scrolling, according to the New York Times. The phone would be do things like advance web pages or perhaps flip to the next page of a book, just by watching your eye movement. This isn’t much of a stretch – the current S 3 already includes some eye-tracking features, such as the ability to keep the screen on while you’re looking at it. It works OK, but most of the time while testing that phone I had that feature turned off. Samsung will reveal details about the new phone Thursday, March 14 at an event in NYC. If you haven’t checked out the teaser video watch it here.

A former Apple ad guy told a group of students at the University of Arizona what the iPhone might  have been called: Mobi, TriPod, TelePod or iPad. Apple of course eventually went with iPhone, hard to believe it could have been called anything else at this point. Read more about the reasoning behind the names here.

Here’s a fun weekend project from a marketing guy. Scott Luptowski built a website called that streams a random Nick Cage movie from Netflix. Just be sure you’re logged into your Netflix account, then go to the site and choose from two options: All movies or Action movies. Then sit back and enjoy.

Bonus: Here’s what happens when Reddit users find a picture of President Obama with a light saber.

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