Suspect Arrested in Hit-Run That Killed Couple, Baby

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK — A man sought in connection with the hit-and-run crash that killed a Brooklyn couple and their unborn child turned himself in to authorities in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

nyc-couple-suspectJulio Acevedo, 44, was arrested after a friend helped facilitate his surrender in the crowded parking lot of a mini mart in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, said Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne of the New York Police Department.

Police said Acevedo was cooperative and was taken to a Pennsylvania State Police barracks to await extradition proceedings.

He was formally arrested at 5:10 p.m.

Video of the surrender, shot by CNN affiliates WFMZ and WABC and posted on their websites, showed Acevedo in a light blue hooded sweatshirt, his hands uncuffed, being helped out of a gray sedan and put into a silver SUV.

Hamilton helped arrange for Acevedo to speak to reporters by phone Tuesday. During that call, Acevedo said he was trying to get away from someone shooting at him when he crashed, according to WABC.

ny-crash-babyPolice say Acevedo was going about 60 miles per hour early Sunday when the BMW he was driving crashed into the side of a livery cab carrying Nathan and Raizy Glauber, both 21.

Raizy Glauber was pregnant; she and her husband were going to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well, said her cousin, Sarah Gluck.

The couple’s baby boy was delivered by cesarean section from his dead mother’s womb but died the next day, police said.

The driver of the cab survived.

The front of the BMW was smashed but the black Toyota Camry cab was left a mangled wreck. The driver’s side was crushed, the front wheel was hanging off, and pieces of metal were bent in every direction.

Police say Acevedo fled the scene on foot. It wasn’t immediately clear how police identified him as the suspect. Authorities arrested the BMW’s registered owner Monday on insurance fraud charges, Browne said.

The fatal crash brought heartache to the Glaubers’ Hasidic community in Brooklyn, many of whom mourned the couple’s deaths at a funeral service on Sunday.

The young Orthodox Jewish couple were “preparing for the most joyous moment in life, to become parents, ready to build a castle to the future and build a family,” Isaac Abraham, a community leader and neighbor of the couple, told WABC.

Cab driver Pedro Nuñez Delacruz told WABC he didn’t find out what happened to the Glaubers until he got into the ambulance.

“I feel very sorry for that beautiful family,” he said.

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    • Roger

      A fair trial would bring out the facts, and mete out justice.

      I want to know why. And of course, I want to make sure that a fair punishment is given out.

          • WTE

            But it's ok for you to use comments from other sites and bring them to different sites to use out of context. How many of my comments have you brought from web site to web site. Like when I said I said I use briebart to waste time then you use it on another site?

            You also thinks ok to call people names on one site and then attack someone for doing it on another site?

            H Y P O C R I T E

          • Roger

            So, in your typical angry fashion you lash out avoiding the story and proving you're just here to troll, to cause issues and spew hate.

            What I said to someone else on another site? Why is what I said to him an issue here exactly?

        • Roger

          I read the last reports last night. How sad, when infants are that small any small threat to their health can become life threatening. A tragedy for the family grows worse, my thoughts are with them.

          And all the more important for a fair and open trial for someone to face the consequences of the auto accident.

      • WTE

        He thought the baby was alive, he just proved he only stalks men online but he is a troll.. He claimed he read the reports las night but the headline says:
        "Baby Delivered After Parents Killed in Crash Dies"

        So instead of coming here to discuss issues he focused on my comments and went into attack mode

        • Roger

          It proves I followed the story up until now. Late last night the baby was in critical condition but holding it's own. And why is wanting a fair trial attacking you? What would you want to play out?

          I'm curious, why is my posting logical thoughtful comments an attack on you exactly? I don't get it.

          • WTE

            It proves you stalk men online and troll all day. You didn't even read the headline you focused your hatred on me as always. The headline clearly states the poor baby died. You could not even comment on that until you were called on it. You even gave me a TD for saying RIP.

            Quit stalking me creep

          • WTE

            Pretty sure you called a poster d umb on 9/11 website. Do I need to quote you?

            H ypocrite.

            Just quit stalking me

          • Roger

            Pretty sure that's not up for you to decide.
            And it's also not here. Each site has it's own dynamics.

            And does this mean you think you can decide what debate happens at any given site?

          • WTE

            You just said:
            "And just calling people names isn't very mature."

            Youi did not mention that calling people names is not very mature only on this web site. YOU use comments people make and bring them to other web sites.

            H Y P O C R I T E

          • Roger

            WTE, I'm trying to make sense of you bad spelling and grammar.

            On the other site, the growl it's very rough and tumble and it's pretty much expected. that's different than you showing you support jihad by calling for the murder of a church full of Christians.

            Mine called for no violence, used no foul language and matched his tone. Debate takes you all sorts of places, but I do not advocate violence and you haven't shown I do.

          • Roger

            How sad, isn't it. I'm so glad your here to discuss that death instead of just trolling me from site to site.

            Or are you? How much have you actually discussed this tragedy?

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