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Tech Updates: BoxBee, Roku 3, Tango on iPad, Wireless Feud & Google Play’s Birthday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Here’s what I mentioned on KTLA this morning:

Tango is now fully optimized for iPad. The popular video chat app is a bit different from FaceTime because it works across all platforms, so you can face-to-face chat with someone on an Android phone even if you have an iPhone or Windows Phone. (Skype will do the same thing) Tango also refreshed it’s mobile apps with a new look. Grab the updated iPad app here.

There’s a new version of the Roku set top box. Roku 3 is faster than the old models and has a neat new feature – a headphone jack on the remote control. That means you can pop in some headphones and watch TV without disturbing a sleeping partner or baby. It’s a brilliant little addition that will probably make people use these little boxes even more. Roku is one of the best streaming devices out there since it gives you access to pretty much all of the top streaming services including Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Netflix and more. The one thing missing is YouTube. Older Roku boxes will get a refreshed interface so watch for that software update coming soon.

A brilliant new startup called BoxBee recently took home the top honors at the Launch Conference in San Francisco. It’s like a never-ending virtual closet for your real stuff. They will ship you boxes, you pack them up and then BoxBee comes to pick them up and stores them securely. When you need something just go online and it will be back at your door within 2 hours. Services start at around $3/month, right now only available in San Francisco.

AT&T and T-Mobile are having a little public spat. Check out AT&T’s newspaper ad and then see what T-Mobile said in response.

Google Play is celebrating it’s 1 year birthday. Remember it used to be called Android Market? Grab some free gifts here.

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