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High School Kids Get a Lesson in Changing the World

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lu-pkgThousands of local high school students weren’t in the classroom today.

Not playing hooky, they were actually learning ways to change the world.

Pedaling to create power… one of many ways these students got a lesson “outside” the classroom.

“We rode bikes to power the DJ system,” says Owen Galinato from North High School.

“I thought this was going to be a boring conference but it’s actually a really cool one,” says Leslie Ortega from Desert Mirage High.

The expo called a World We Can Change, put on by South Coast Air Quality Management District, gave high school students from four counties an active opportunity to learn.

Teachers stepping up and some students like this one, maybe with too much energy, even falling down.

“I think this is a good start in the right direction and getting kids feeling the energy and working together on something,” says Jim Rizor a teacher at San Jacinto High.

With thousands of students here, many ride the bus and they are learning about a more efficient mode of transportation that runs on all natural gas.

Plus, check out these cars of the future,  a Prius even an electric BMW set to hit the market next year.

The kids are fascinated by it.

From recycling to pledging an environmental act…this day was a way to realize we are all in this together.

“What we do now will affect generations our children and other children and so on,” says Alex Nunez of Lenox Academy.

Lu Parker KTLA News

For more info on saving energy check the following links.

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