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Man Flashes Students and Touches Himself at LACC

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

lacc-flasherIs there a sexual predator loose on the Los Angeles City College campus?

Some people say yes.

In fact one woman says she has video and pictures to prove it – and tonight sheriff’s deputies are reviewing it.

We saw it too.

Take a good look. Do you know this man?

The woman who recorded this footage on her cell phone, at a parking lot at Los Angeles City College, says she had been taking a nap in her car when when the man approached her driver’s side door and tried to open it.

She says he was fully exposed and touching himself inappropriately.

She is a student at LACC and does not want to be identified.

A colleague of hers writes for the school paper and LA Weekly.

Matthew Mullins reported on the sleazy, criminal activity and also went to campus police.

That unit is under the supervision of the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

Mullins says at that point he learned of yet another sighting of a man matching the description of the one in the video.

The other witness said he was exposed and touching himself inappropriately outside of a daycare center on campus.

Campus police would not go on camera, but did talk to me over the phone.

A sergeant says this was the very first time she was hearing about this case, but that police were trying to locate potential victims and begin a formal investigation.

We learned a short time ago that tonight – deputies were planning to meet with the woman who took that cell phone video.

— Chris Wolfe, KTLA News

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